August 2022

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***the HELIACAL RISE OF SIRIUS is sometime this month pending your location on the planet (it can range by weeks!)
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8/1- mars cojoins the mean and true north node at 18’17 taurus, aligning the planet of will and drive with the node of destiny and evolution! throughout the day mars triggers the uranus/north node conjunction- arguably the biggest astrology of 2022! when major outer planetary configurations happen it is often not until mars or a lunation (full moon/new moon/eclipse) triggers the alignment that we really see the full power of the transit activated. today mars triggers the uranus/north node conjunction and on august 11th the fixed grand cross full moon does- so the first 2 weeks of this month are HUGE. add to this the fact that mars parallels uranus and the north node on august 9th and uranus parallels the north node on august 14th- and we have SUPER ASPECTS being formed by the God of War, the planet of Rebellion and Revolution and the node of destiny. it will be interesting to see what transpires personally and collectively in this much anticipated month of august. with mars on the north node pay attention to where you are being directed on your path of growth and evolution. signs, portents, connections and opportunities incoming can be profound! just watch out for excess aggression, impulsivity or reactivity. the mars/uranus combination is a recipe for acting before thinking and can be accident prone. if, on the other hand, you tend to sit on the sidelines waiting way too long – NOW IS THE TIME!!! it is a great time to read or re-read my blog about this powerful conjunction here-

mercury in leo trines retrograde eris in aries, aligning the mind and intellect with the fiery Goddess of discord and revelation! this is great astrology for pulling back the veil of delusion to get to the heart and Truth of matters. eris only wants Truth and she wants it at any cost. luckily this is a harmonious aspect so it supports us in seeing Truth, calling it out and aligning with it in masterful and evolutionary ways! speak the Truth, hear the Truth and stay closely aligned with your self esteem and self Love so that communications come from the heart today.

mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension and friction between the linear logical mind and the irrational, intuitive, cosmic self. mercury/neptune can be great for intuition, imagination, psychic perception and dreams! yet the tense aspect can make it harder to discern Truth from fantasy, fact from fiction. being able to question what we think we know and perceive is just as important as trusting our intuition and perceptions. if we overdo shadow leo we think we know it all and if we overdo shadow pisces we get lost and confused. taking time to meditate, reflect and introspect is key right now. rather than make definitive decisions take time to drop in and wait till this astrology passes- the fog will pass and the Truth will become clear!

mars cojoins uranus at 18’42 taurus, linking the will and drive with the Rebel and Revolutionary! mars/uranus is a powerful aspect. if the will and ego is serving change and evolution this can be absolutely amazing. the key is we have to make sure we are not coming from ego, reactivity and impulsivity as actions taken/words said in haste can cost us. uranus just cojoined the north node (mean 7/26, true 7/31) so mars is activating this most significant transit of 2022- bringing a destined and fated energy and forward movement to the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. the Highest expression of this energy is to open up to greater resource and take action that supports self worth and self Love. this can also be great for innovative new things regarding the earth and environment. yet it can also speak to sudden or unexpected earth changes and destabilizing or chaotic events. use this energy wisely- be willing to embrace change and better yet bet the agent of it!

venus in cancer sextiles the mean north node in taurus, linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the node of destiny in the sign of venus! pay attention to destiny today- people you meet, doors that open, pathways that open- can be beneficial, beautiful and positive! it may require that you close an old door and/or say goodbye to something to create space for the new.


8/2- venus in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus, linking the lower heart with the Higher Mind! venus/uranus is amazing for positive shifts and change in relationships, self-Love and self-worth. with both bodies in deeply yin signs that are uber feminine the shift comes when we embody more and allow our emotions and desires to express in healthy ways. this is a lovely time to do something different and open to the new!

mercury in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the positive thinking mind and intellect and the Lord of the Underworld who likes to see and at times over focus on the shadow. mercury/pluto can be great for penetrating communication and getting to the Truth- but it can also unfold as power/control dynamics and behind the scenes manipulation. steer clear of these shadow expressions and disconnect from others who may be playing them out. instead focus on being wiling to see what is hidden- in yourself, others and the world around you. when able to see yourself/others/the world from a place of reality you are then empowered to change things!

venus in cancer sextiles mars in taurus, linking the Divine Lovers in expansive, positive ways! venus in cancer values intimacy, closeness and emotional connection. mars in taurus values physical connection, sensuality and stability. the two together can bode well for relationships that are based on shared values and closeness! this is great for passion and romance- as well as creativity and slowing down to enjoy life.


8/4- mercury moves out of leo and into virgo- shifting the planet of communication and thinking from fire to earth, yang to yin, self focus to service focus. mercury rules virgo so is well placed here. the gifts of this transit are discernment, clarity, integrity in word and deed and desire to communicate honesty and directly. mercury aligns with regulus the royal fixed star of leadership and the heart of the lion (that precessed into virgo in 2012- to read my article on this click here- pay attention to where you are being called to step up and lead from the heart and from a place committed to being of service today. the greatest leaders are servants of the people. watch what people do- not just what they say.

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8/5- venus in cancer quincunxes retrograde saturn in aquarius, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus/saturn can be great for being serious, focused, committed and grounded when it comes to relationships, finances and more. but this is a tense aspect so it can also be experienced as heavy, limiting, restricting, depressing and/or lonely. venus in cancer is emotional, sensitive and attached- while saturn in aquarius is stoic, thick skinned and detached. finding balance between the two for healthy expression is key. there may be some reality checks in home/family, relationships or finances incoming today- asking us to deal with reality.


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today we also have the SOLAR GATE of LUGHNASADH exact at 8:29am EDT. this is one of the 8 holy gates of the sun (solstices, equinoxes, cross quarter days). it is the Gate of Sacrifice and the first Harvest. the solar mysteries are amazing teachings to tune into as you journey through the wheel of the year. the solar gate call will be up a few days before the precise solar gate and you can tune into here-

venus in cancer squares retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Goddess of discord and chaos! venus/eris can bring shocking and unexpected energies into home/family dynamics. being open to seeing what is going on beneath the surface so we can get to the root and Truth of matters is necessary right now. if we are holding onto the past or stuffing anger or passively aggressively expressing it- we can find this time extra intense and uncomfortable! tapping into eris’ energy and being willing to let go of what we hold onto that holds us back is recommended right now!

venus in cancer trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the lower heart and Higher Heart in amazing ways! this is amazing astrology for romance, creativity, spirituality, mysticism, intuition and empathy. when we elevate our lower desires to a Higher Plane we can find deep and lasting fulfillment on many levels. there can be beautiful things happening in relationship right now- to others, to our own feminine/Soul within and in regards to our relationship to the Universe. enjoy!

mars in taurus squares retrograde saturn in aquarius, creating tension between the lesser and Greater Malefics! the ancients called mars and saturn the malefics- connected to the word malevolent- as they had great potential for destructive energy. everything has a shadow and Light though- so we can use these two together to harness our wills and egos and use power righteously if we choose. yet the shadow of these two going head to head can manifest as power/control dynamics, authoritarianism, dogma and power plays. mars in taurus is digging his heels in resisting change and saturn in aquarius can compound the resistance. self mastery is worth its weight in gold right now!!!


8/8- today LION’S GATE! hopefully you were part of my FREE Masterclass on Lion’s Gate that happened yesterday. if you missed it you can still sign up and get it sent as a replay which will be up until monday august 15th. you can sign up here-

the sun in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron is amazing for healing around our fire, desires, masculine energy, will and drive. learning right use of power, fire and will is key with chiron in aries. healing around our sense of self, identity and self esteem is also possible right now.


8/9- venus in cancer opposes retrograde pluto in capricorn, creating tension and friction between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. from 8/7 until today venus has been triggering the separating pluto/eris square- which can bring up some big time shadow dynamics in relationships situations. jealousy, possessiveness, obsession and the desire for power and control can be super strong right now. because of the cancer/capricorn opposition this can be playing out in home/family situations, with children and regarding our own childhood as well. being willing to see into the shadows- our own but also that of others- is key.

mars parallels uranus and the mean north node today energizing the conjunction between these three that happened august 1st. from then until today we have had a SUPER APSECT between the God of War, the God of Revolution and the node of destiny! activation, change, reversals and sudden events are possible! some may be freeing and liberating, others could feel chaotic and unexpected. either way the winds of change are blowing!!!

mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde jupiter in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. mercury in virgo is detail oriented but also critical and jupiter can exacerbate those tendencies. add in jupiter’s transit through aries and we want to be aware of communication right now as it can get extra combative or aggressive. speaking up with compassion not reactivity is key!


8/10- the sun in leo squares the mean nodes of the moon, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the nodes of destiny and karma. from today through tomorrow the sun triggers the uranus/north node conjunction from end of july and builds to the fixed grand cross full moon square uranus and the nodes that happens tomorrow! we are building to a very powerful lunation !!!! when a planet is square the nodal axis we are at a crossroads. we can keep doing the same old karmic patterns or we can let go and grow in new directions. choose wisely as the fixed nature of these signs can really dig in their heels and what you set into motion right now can be very hard to reroute!


8/11- the sun in leo squares uranus in taurus, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. sun/uranus is a wake up shake up aspect- wherever things are stuck or stagnant we can be shaken up today! we do need to be aware of where we are overdoing the radical, revolutionary energy and where we are staying stuck in rigidity and resistance to change. this leads us to a potent full moon in aquarius square uranus tomorrow! prepare for wake up/shake up energies and stay open to change!!!

venus moves out of cancer and into leo, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from water to fire, yin to yang, inward focus to outward focus. venus in leo is passionate, fiery, self expressive and loves to have fun! the coming weeks of venus’ transit through leo is a time to get in touch with the child within, create, play and enjoy life. just watch out for being overly self focused, narcissistic and proud ;)

mars in taurus sextiles retrograde neptune in pisces, linking the will and drive with the planet of spirituality and mysticism. this is great for taking our energy and channeling it into creative expression, selfless service and spiritual missions. mars is deeply embodied in taurus and in harmonious alignment with neptune in watery ethereal pisces we can truly bridge body with Spirit and Soul right now.

the full moon at 19’22 aquarius is exact at 9:36pm EDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in leo trine a standstill jupiter on july 28th! that new moon was all about new beginnings creatively, romantically and expressively! it was about living from the Truth of our hearts! this full moon is a check point about where we are doing that and where we are NOT. the full moon is conjunct saturn which can bring heavy, get real moments that demand we see and deal with reality. the sun/moon/saturn opposition squares the nodal axis with uranus on the north node- so this is a MAJOR activation of the biggest astrology of the year (the uranus/north node conjunction). as this is a fixed cross lunation we can feel the pressure closing in- showing us the aspects/paths of life that are open, expansive, evolutionary versus the ones that are stagnant, stuck, patriarchal or old paradigm. letting go to grow is key- but discerning the baby from the bathwater is required. this is lunar lughnasadh. to learn more about lughnasadh tune into my solar gate call here-


8/14- uranus parallels the mean north node, energizing the conjunction of these two from july 26th-31st (mean and true nodes) in powerful ways. when we have an aspect by degree and declination we call it a SUPER ASPECT. having this just a couple weeks after the aspect by degree makes this already powerful transit pack a punch even more. this is a transit of BIG CHANGE. but it is also confronting us with all that we are holding onto out of safety, security and playing it small. these first two weeks of august have been powerful. take stock of where you are with the changes being asked of you- and then do the work to get on board and open up to the new! now is a great time to read or reread my blog about uranus conjunct the north here-

the sun in leo opposes retrograde saturn in aquarius, energizing the full moon/saturn conjunction that was exact on august 11th. sun/saturn brings get real moments and karmic situation to a head. saturn brings limitations, restrictions and obstacles we must overcome! if in the last few days you have run into blockages- know that this, too, shall pass. with leo and aquarius involved the issues can play out in romantic relationships, with children, friends or social connections. saturn will reveal what has a good foundation to build on and what does not. the Great Pruning Shears of saturn will show us where/when/who it is time to cut losses with. pay attention.

mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde chiron in aries, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the Wounded Healer planetoid. mercury/chiron can bring us face to face with old wounds and pain around communication, seeing/dealing with reality and how we deal with our anger and rage. the masculine is in the midst of major healing and upgrade but first all the shadow around masculine energy within and without needs to come to Light. luckily mercury is also about to trine uranus and the north node- just as all the virgo planets will be doing. wounds and pain coming to Light can be transformed and broken free from if we are willing to do the work. the key is to face what is arising right now- so don’t stuff things!

mars in taurus ALGOL trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, linking the lower will with the Higher Will for ultimate transformation and regeneration capacity! stay focused on the end goal and be willing to take one step at a time. think long term reward not short term gratification. both bodies are in earth signs so there can be great strides taken in terms of career/life purpose and abundance generated via work. this is an aspect that can move mountains- use it wisely!


8/15- mercury in virgo trines the mean north node in taurus and sextiles the mean south node, aligning the planet of communication and thinking with the nodes of destiny and evolution. important conversations, communications or information arising today can be very revealing – both about the past and what needs to be dealt with and the future and where we are heading. mercury in virgo is discerning and able to see the Truth of matters – so tune in at that level for best results. today through tomorrow mercury triggers the uranus/north node conjunction- so what comes in right now can be radical, inventive, revolutionary and freeing! stay open minded!


8/16- mercury in virgo trines uranus in taurus, aligning the lower mind with the Higher Mind in expansive and profound ways. pay attention to insights, aha moments, and bolt out of the blue awarenesses incoming. sudden and unexpected information, communications and connections are possible. with both bodies in earth signs the focus can be on work, career and money- but it can also be on your health, vitality and well being in the world.


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the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet that dissolves the ego. sun/neptune can be mystical, spiritual, intuitive and creative. yet the tense nature of the aspect can create disparity between the overblown ego and the self-deprecating ego. some of us need better boundaries and need to access a healthier ego and others of us need to let our egos calm down and not take everything personally. with neptune involved it can be easy to see what we want to see or be in denial about things- so be sure to double check your fears and fantasies and just don’t assume they are intuition.

the sun in leo trines retrograde eris in aries, aligning the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. luckily the link is harmonious, helping us to get in touch with our fire and passion. sun/eris is great for getting clear on what actions need to be taken and then take them all the while being centered in the heart.


8/18- venus in leo trines retrograde jupiter in aries, creating a harmonious alignment between the two Benefic planets. both venus and jupiter are seen as highly beneficial- opening doors, bringing opportunities and generating abundance. venus/jupiter is amazing for passion, creativity, self expression and GOING FOR IT! the power of fire is expansive right now- so harness it and let it work for you! it’s a great day to have some fun- be social, creative, and open to new experiences!

mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde saturn in aquarius, bringing a heavy and perhaps karmic energy into communication, thinking and perception. mercury/saturn is great for getting real and seeing what is- but the two of these in tense aspect can magnify what is wrong and make it hard to see what is right. is the glass half empty? half full? cracked and leaking? have serious talks right now- but if there is a block to communication you may want to wait until things open up for a better chance at being heard (and being able to hear!).


8/19- the sun in leo quincunxes retrograde pluto in capricorn, amplifying the new moon/pluto quincunx that occurred earlier in the day/ sun/pluto is great for transformation and evolution that comes by way of detoxing, releasing, letting go, dying to the old so we can rebirth ourselves. yet the shadow with sun/pluto is we can have power struggles that result in power/over power/under dynamics in our relationships or perhaps simply with ourselves. it’s important to not hold onto the past but it’s equally important to not run away from being responsible for the past. balance is key.


8/20- mars moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the will, warrior and drive from earth to air, body to mind, stability to movement. mars in gemini is a great time to communicate, pursue ideas, learn, travel, teach and explore! we just need to be aware that very yang mars can rev up the mind a bit too much and cause ungroundedness and impulsivity. going after things and sticking with them to see them through is not mars in gemini’s forte ;) mars in gemini energy used unconsciously can erupt into arguments with others or accidents- which typically occur when we are not being present. mars usually spends 8-10 weeks in a sign but due to his upcoming retrograde end of october we will have him in this sign for 6 months! pay attention to what is coming in right now as he ingresses into gemini as the lessons and karmic situations that need addressing can be presenting themselves. the Universe is giving us a head’s up!


8/21- mercury in virgo opposes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of mysticism, romance, illusion and delusion. we are heading into virgo season where the virgo planets will oppose neptune, not to mention mars’ upcoming retrograde which will have a triple square to neptune. this is an excellent time to make sure we are willing and able to see/face the Truth. the virgo planets demand discernment- but neptune in pisces wants to see things through rose colored glasses (or sometimes beer goggles or with our head in the sand!). make sure you are being honest and above board today and ensure others are as well. nebulous communications and fear/fantasy based thinking need to be seen through.

mercury in virgo quincunxes retrograde eris in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. communications can get intense and revealing today! steer clear of power struggles but do stand in your power. speak your Truth, hear the Truth- be able to see the Truth in actions when it is not being said in words. discernment is key.


8/22- mercury in virgo trines retrograde pluto in capricorn, aligning the planet of communication and thinking with the planet of transformation and empowerment. mercury is one of the few deities in greek mythology who could move between the upper world and Underworld. in his role as psychopomp he was guide to the Souls. with this lovely mercury/pluto aspect we are supported in getting deep in our thinking and communicating. therapy, shadow work, research and investigation are all supported right now. with the signs of work and career in focus any new ideas or connections made right now can be very good for abundance and success!

sun moves out of leo and into virgo- shifting the conscious self and ego from fire to earth, yang to yin, masculine to feminine. the sun’s journey through virgo is a time to get organized, efficient and healthy. focusing on the details and getting our ducks in a row is great right now! the virgo qualities of discernment and clarity are supported- just watch out for the shadow of too much virgo: being judgmental, perfectionist and overly critical of self and others! the sun aligns with regulus in virgo as well- a great time to tune into my MASTERCLASS on regulus which you can find here-


8/24- uranus stations retrograde 18’55 taurus, making the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener the most powerful planet in the sky! with uranus stationary we can only expect the unexpected. uranus’ sole purpose is to upset the old order and instigate change. with uranus in taurus change is coming into the stable, secure but also stagnant and stuck areas of life. taurus likes constancy and uranus is about anything but constancy! our finances, the financial world, our values and self-worth and self-Love are due for some activation! being willing to let go of that which we hold onto that holds us back is key- be it things, attitudes, relationships and more. when you find yourself grasping- unclutch! uranus in the venus-ruled sign of taurus is also about a revolution of embodiment, an awakening of the Divine Feminine on the planet (not just in women but the feminine in men as well) and HUGE changes happening in our value systems and the way we inhabit mother earth and our bodies.

we also have uranus at standstill energizing the uranus north node conjunction that was exact end of july. the winds of change are blowing and old traditions are tumbling and falling apart. move in the direction of change not against it for best results!

if you have not seen the blog i wrote about uranus in taurus you can find that here-

the blog on uranus conjunct the north node is here-

venus in leo trines retrograde chiron in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer planetoid. venus/chiron is an aspect of the Heart Healer. venus is the lower heart and when she links with the Wounded Healer there is deep potential for healing in relationship, in self-love and self-worth and in connection with our own inner feminine. with both bodies in fire signs connecting to our passion, fire, creativity and self-expression is key! the healing around our masculine and feminine within is key to healthy, whole relationships without- and today we have support in furthering that healing journey within ourselves, in relationships in our lives and with our clients (if we are healers).


8/25- venus in leo squares the mean nodes of the moon, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the nodes of destiny and karma. from today through 8/27 we have venus triggering the uranus/north node conjunction with uranus at standstill- magnifying his power! venus rules the sign both the north node and uranus are in- bringing extra focus to matters pertaining to relationships, finances, values, self worth and self Love. venus square the nodes brings us to a cross roads where we have to make decisions. are we going to keep staying stuck in the past or are we going to let go and grow into the new, unknown future? choose wisely!

mercury moves out of virgo and into libra, shifting the mind and intellect from earth to air, from work focus to relationship focus. mercury in libra cares about relationship, collaboration and compromise. there is a desire to seek common ground and have peaceful communications in relationships with others. yet if we overdo the shadow of libra- keeping the peace at any cost and sweeping things under the carpet so as to avoid the messes in our lives- then we may find things coming up that need addressing. willingness to go beyond the surface is key! dive deep!


8/27- venus in leo squares standstill uranus in taurus 18’55, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener! wake up/shake up energy can play out in relationships, finances and our values. uranus is seeking to free us of attachments to things/people/situations/energies that don’t serve our evolution. being willing to think outside the box and do things radically different is key right now. uranus is in the sign of venus and this speaks to the radical and revolutionary awakening happening in the Divine Feminine, women, the body and our beloved Mother Earth. venus/uranus can also be about changes of heart- we may find ourselves opening our hearts more but we may also find ourselves ending relationships/patterns/situations that are not serving our hearts. separating wheat from chaff is key.

the sun in virgo squares mars in gemini, creating tension between the two yang masculine planets that relate to ego, will and drive. sun square mars can be extra argumentative, aggressive and conflict oriented. with both of them in the sign of mercury communication can be extra combative now so be aware and navigate with care! this energy carries over into the next new moon that is just 3 hours later. as this occurs in the early morning hours the night before is when these energies can come to a head in your waking life- but you may see the manifestation of this transit in your dreams so pay attention to them upon waking.

the new moon at 4’04 virgo is exact at 4:17am EDT- commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on work, health, discernment and clarity of mind. the only major aspect this new moon makes is a very tight square to mars that is exact by 3 minutes. this whole lunar cycle can be extra intense for arguments, conflict of opinion and combative communication so be aware and navigate with care!!! words are like weapons- they can create or destroy, they can raise people up or cut them down. we want to be SUPER conscious in the coming lunar cycle in how we wield our thoughts and our words. finding balance between speaking the Truth AND listening to others so we can find common ground is key. for more info on this potent new moon check the lunar insight, lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes posted a few days before the lunation (horoscopes will be up the day of the new moon).


8/28- venus in leo opposes retrograde saturn in aquarius, creating a heavy energy between the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Pleasure and the Lord of Karma and planet of reality. venus/saturn can be heavy and depressing but it can also be grounded and discerning when it comes to Love, money, values and self worth. saturn tells us like it is and we need to be willing to see things as they are before we are fully empower to change them or transform them. commitments are taken seriously right now or they are cut and released- no in between nor grey areas possible. venus is about to trigger the saturn/uranus square- so prepare for some wake up/shake up energies in relationships, finances and more incoming!


8/30- the sun in virgo quincunxes retrograde jupiter in aries, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of expansion and excess. sun/jupiter can be great for taking risks and going for it- but the tense nature of the aspect combined with jupiter being in the sign of mars- the God of War- can make things extra aggressive, reactive or intense today. we are in an intense lunar cycle with the new moon tightly square mars- so make sure you breathe and count to 10 before you react so you can instead respond. positively this can be a great time to move beyond preconceived limitations!


8/31- venus in leo quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces, creating tension between the lower heart and the Higher Heart. venus/neptune can be uber romantic, idealistic and compassionate but can also create issues with boundaries, seeing reality and making healthy decisions in Love and money situations. venus in leo wants passion and romance! while neptune in pisces surrenders the ego and moves towards Higher Love. what does Higher Love mean? contemplating this and not making it about anything or anyone external can be a deep inquiry today. (hint: Higher Love for the self from the Self)

venus in leo trines retrograde eris in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the fierce Dark Goddess of chaos and discord. venus/eris is a potent combo of solar fire feminine bodies. passion, creativity and self expression are powerful forces right now! so too is anger, rage and a need to shine the Light on the shadow! finding balance between our Light feminine (venus in leo) and our Dark Feminine (eris in aries) is key right now.


have a beautiful month ahead…

~divine harmony

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