Sunday September 19th 2021

the new moon/total solar eclipse at 23’08 sagittarius is exact on monday december 14th 2020 at 8:17am PST (the exact midpoint of the eclipse is at 8:15am), kicking off a MASSIVE lunation that will take us out of 2020 and into 2021.

this is a south node eclipse magnifying karma, it is a total eclipse so it’s extra potent, and the precise midpoint of the eclipse is 2 minutes before the exact new moon- which makes for an incredibly tight new moon/total eclipse alignment yet we must notice that the precise midpoint of the eclipse takes place in the last 2 minutes of the dark moon.

a total solar eclipse is an eclipse of the sun by the moon coming in between the earth and the sun. symbolically this can represent an eclipse of consciousness by the Unconscious and shadows. it’s the dark side of the moon that will be facing us (as is always the case at the new moon) and then the sun will become dark as well. as anyone who loves the night sky knows- when it is darkest you can see more stars. when things go dark our fears arise but we also have deeper access to the unconscious and we have the capacity for things we did not notice when we were blinded by the Light to come into focus.

a south node eclipse is magnifying the karma- all that is of the old paradigm and keeps us stuck in the past. what is fascinating about the nodes right now is they are heading into a powerful T square with neptune in january (1/5 and 1/26 with mean and true nodes respectively). neptune square the nodes requires that we take off the rose colored glasses and see through illusion, delusion, deception and denial. we need to see where we are escaping, checking out, turning to addictions to numb out. we also need to see where others or the media at large may be pulling the wool over our eyes.

the south node in sagittarius is connected to beliefs- spiritual, political, intellectual and otherwise. this year of 2020 has been one of so much division! i am right you are wrong. my religion/sex/political stance is the RIGHT ONE and you need to listen to me. no one wants to listen but everyone wants to be heard. WOW!

with neptune square the nodes part of pulling back the veil is being willing to see our own unconscious motivations, unconscious bias and unconscious wounding that informs our beliefs and perspectives. anyone who thinks they see and completely understand the Ultimate Truth is full of BS in my opinion. there are so many perspectives and viewpoints. there are so many shoes to walk in and until we have we cannot know where another person is coming from or why they believe what they believe. in self righteousness we dehumanize others- making them wrong and us right. yes there are basic truths and basic rights- life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. but we cannot assume to know where another is coming from particularly if they come from a very different viewpoint/background/religion/political perspective than us.

the north node in gemini reminds us that our growth and evolution comes through our willingness to be CURIOUS and OPEN. to not think we know it all and have it figured out but to genuinely wonder about someone else’s perspective, someone else’s life experience. gemini is not judgmental and not dogmatic. gemini is mutable and able to move between perspectives. gemini is ruled by mercury the psychopomp who can guide the Souls and mediate between the worlds. what we need right now is a MEDIATOR CONSCIOUSNESS. where we can see both sides and find common ground. where we can see black and white and see the shades of grey in between. the gemini north node is trying to invite us into the questions and not get so stuck on the answers. the gemini north node invites us into beginner’s mind- the place that spiritual traditions say is required for true enlightenment.

in the new moon chart the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with mercury and the south node and they are all trine mars approaching eris. we have some fire on tap but we want to use it wisely. we want to be discerning about what is running us from behind the scenes- a la the wizard of oz we all have someone pulling the strings behind the curtains- and this also goes for the world and those in power. this is NOT conspiracy theory- this is psychological truth. we start with ourselves because until we can see what is hidden within we will not be able to see what is hidden without OR we will twist it into our own projection of what we have disconnected from. so using the fire trine to bring Light to the shadow and see what needs to be seen, say what needs to be said and take necessary action for TRUE freedom and liberation (not just more of the same but repackaged to look new) is key.

this new moon eclipse is conjunct a fixed star called Ras Alhague- in the head of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer. when you look at an image of the constellation with the drawing overlaid the star looks like it is located at the pineal gland point of the head of ophiuchus. descartes felt that the pineal gland was the seat of the Soul. solar fire gives the key phase ‘the desire to heal a wound’ for this fixed star- and this total solar eclipse on the karmic south node can bring us face to face with some of our biggest wounding that really needs to be dealt with in order to move forward in life (personally and collectively)

the ruler of this lunation is jupiter who is at the last degrees of capricorn and is about to move into aquarius for good on 12/19 and then head to a significant conjunction with saturn on 12/21 on the winter solstice (summer for those in the southern hemisphere). this is a VERY SIGNIFICANT winter solstice. it’s not just a start of a new yearly cycle, it’s the start of new 20 year jupiter/saturn cycle, the start of a new 200 year cycle of jupiter/saturn conjunctions in the element of air, the first time in 800 years that jupiter and saturn will be seen so close together they can appear to look like one single bright star, and the start of a new age (the age of aquarius) in a 26,000 year cycle. seriously this winter solstice is HUGE. (i hope you will join an online winter solstice retreat to celebrate the magnitude of this solar gateway on 12/19-12/21- for more information click here-

within a week of this eclipse and just after the winter solstice we have mars in aries triggering the pluto/eris square for the 3rd and final time- which is really activating, intense and revealing of underlying dynamics. eris is an activist but she is also the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. her finger print is ALL OVER the year 2020 (in truth i think we would not have had a year like we did if eris was not involved). keep in mind she does not create chaos was much as she reveals it. she incites disruption that then pulls back the veil and lets you see what was going on behind the smoke screen!!!

to me a big part of this shift of jupiter and saturn out of capricorn and into aquarius is going to be a call for new leadership. we need leaders who are servants and who honor and take care of the earth. the young new progressives are ready to step in and support the evolution of the old and past that we are stuck in. i also feel a big part of this shift requires more women in positions of leadership- leading from the heart, from a cohesive community oriented perspective. not women who do the patriarchal program. women who bring the frequency only they can bring and that is needed to balance out this very imbalanced world we live in. (also men who honor the feminine)

another fixed star that this new moon is conjunct is sinistra- sounds sinister doesn’t it? well it’s the left hand of ophiuchus. the left side of the body is the feminine side of the body. why is the left considered sinister? why have we demonized the feminine and oppressed powerful women. look at the myths- dig deeper than the current telling- so many female mythological figures and Goddesses had their stories changed to make them weak or nasty but if you go back 5000 years you find a different myth, a different story that was told. the thing is myths are a product of the prevailing consciousness at the time. the moment the patriarchal consciousness divorced from a balance with the feminine took hold- many of the stories of empowered female Goddesses were changed to disempower them, make them evil or bury them so they were forgotten. look into nephthys, kassandra, medusa, lilith and more to get a heads up on this. with this new moon conjunct sinisitra we have to look at what splitting off from the feminine has DONE TO US. we are divided, not whole. we are polarized within and without. we stuck in a BATTLE between good and evil, right and wrong, us and them.

in the new moon chart chiron is at a standstill set to go direct 1.2 days after the new moon eclipse. this eclipse conjunct ras al hauge and sinistra incites a desire to heal the wound of the split between the masculine and feminine. chiron is in aries- the sign of the masculine. the Wounded Masculine needs healing. the Wounded Feminine does too. but we are coming at this healing from different perspectives. the feminine is awakening to her full power and rightful place in the balance of life. pushing through centuries and millennia of beliefs of women being bad, lesser than, inferior, called names like witch bitch hag and whore. the masculine on the other hand is needing to awaken to his abuse of power and understand why a culture that calls a powerful man a leader but calls a powerful women a bitch is not okay and needs to change.

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this eclipse. how on point is this degree!?! i wrote the whole blog above before even reading the star sparks degree. we need to ‘revere an essence of the Divine Mother which we can restore to life’. we need the Divine Mother- like a child needs it’s mother to form in the womb and to live outside of the womb in the first years of life (and really the whole of the child’s life). She is here- She is present. but not all acknowledge Her or feel Her. so much of our religion, politics, science and more are based on a patriarchal template that denies the validity and necessity of the feminine.

“She wants to be the sacred ingredient which turns each situation from mundane to inwardly alive. She needs vessels for this, who have an instinct, a feeling, a wise remembrance. If we take her with us, she will take us all the way through.” (star sparks)

we are her vessels! hold on to Her and she will take you and us all the way through this birth portal and into the new age <3

~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

Sagittarius 24 A statue of Isis covered by a transparent veil

We revere an essence of the Divine Mother which we can restore to life as we unite within it’s sacred precincts. This is facilitated greatly by our enthusiasm for, our vision of, our alignment with that Divine Mother essence within us. Only as we uncover Her in our midst do we realize why we are here and how we can tap the mystery and the magic of this earthly existence in great abundance and generosity.

We are poised here on the edge between the contemplative and the active worlds. First we are drawn within, to become able to honor what the culture has forgotten and what we ourselves have virtually done away with. A journey, a process, a steep arduous passage is usually involved. We have lost and forgotten so much and we have turned ourselves into ones almost numb to the very treasures we bear within. Just to become at home inside with the Mother in all her cells and tributaries is a very big chunk of what we take on here.

If we ever do merge within the Mother’s light and breath, we will perhaps feel called out with even a greater fervor and passion to the quest. For this is the kind of sacred mystery that wants to become common, open, free, spilled out everywhere. Only as we can be spontaneous and natural in letting the Mother through us will we feel the full circle change of what it means to be at the source right on the strut, in the thick of the marketplace.

This is all about becoming flowing and flexible and fluent in the Mysteries in the midst of life. Yet this requires immersion and deep contemplative responsiveness to the lost chord. Then it demands vibrant expressiveness of it’s soul essence in every dealing on every hand.

She wants to be the sacred ingredient which turns each situation from mundane to inwardly alive. She needs vessels for this, who have an instinct, a feeling, a wise remembrance. If we take her with us, she will take us all the way through.

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