Sunday May 16th 2021

the total solar eclipse/new moon at 10’38 cancer is exact on tuesday july 2nd 2019 at 12:16pm PDT- initiating us into the eclipse portal that runs throughout july! eclipse portals are powerful times of transition and change. the Universe very quickly moves us from point A to point B on the path of life- with massive endings and brand new beginnings unfolding. the degree to which we are open or resistant to change is what determines if we find eclipse portal times fun or not so fun ;)

this is a TOTAL solar eclipse meaning the sun’s light will be fully blocked from view (visible in south america). a total solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the earth and the sun- and the moon blocks the light of the sun completely. the sun represents consciousness, the Spirit and that which is visible. the moon represents the Unconscious, the Soul and that which is invisible. when the moon covers the sun- we have the Unconscious overtaking the conscious self. this is a powerful time for shadow work, dreams, tuning into our intuition and seeing what is going on behind the scenes.

this is also a north node eclipse- with the north node at 18 cancer (both mean and true round up to 18 cancer). north node eclipses have a destined, fated quality. a whole new path is opening for us in a VERY HUGE WAY but first we have to see what needs to be left behind in order to move forward. with saturn on the karmic south node opposite the eclipses- and a defining feature of the summer of 2019- there is some big karmic completion happening right now. out with the old, in with the new! we are moving through the turnstile of life and this eclipse portal takes us into liminal space. we are neither here nor there. we are not in the past but we are not yet fully moved into our future.

this is a time to get very clear on what from the past needs resolution, transformation, completion or endings. the thing with the north node is it’s not the easy path as it’s the path of growth and evolution. it challenges us to get out of our comfort zone- similar to jumping out of a plane when you are skydiving. there’s no going back once you jump out of that plane! so often with the north node we sit there asking ourselves ‘do i really want to do it?’ then the Universe comes along and pushes us out of the plane and there’s no looking back!

the ONLY aspects the new moon eclipse makes is a conjunction to the north node and opposition to saturn on the south node. the past and the future, endings and new beginnings are in strong focus. saturn is the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and his position on the karmic south node is very powerful. this is a summer of karmic completion. it is a time to see what is stuck, stagnant, toxic and karmic in our lives- our beliefs, attitudes, relationships and more- and do the work to release them. this is work that is not for the faint of heart- as it is confrontative. we are being asked to take responsibility for our part in what came before- and in doing so we determine our capacity to choose the future we move into more consciously. of course not everyone will use this time to complete karma and rise in self mastery and integrity. for those that do not- they will embroil themselves in more karma and keep on cycling on through the hamster wheel. but for those who are really truly ready to do the work to get off it- this is very possible during this portal of time.

its interesting to note that the partial lunar eclipse on july 16th is conjunct pluto. so we have saturn opposite the new moon eclipse and pluto conjunct the full moon eclipse. the capricorn confluence is in focus- the biggest astrology of 2019! death, endings, completion to an old order is present. capricorn is the sign of patriarchy as well- which is in the midst of major shift. people are awakening to the fact that the way we have always done things is no longer working. somethings gotta give and change is necessary.

other aspects to take note of in the eclipse chart are mars who just moved into leo the day before the eclipse and venus at 28 gemini who is about to move into cancer 7/3. with the Divine Lovers in a state of shift there can be big things going in relationship right now. completions (venus at the last degrees of gemini) but also new beginnings (mars into a new sign). both venus and mars are heading to align with uranus and chiron- bringing shift, change and awakening as well as potential for healing.

and let’s not forget that powerful mercury retrograde that comment 7/7 with mercury stationing on mars. communication this eclipse portal month can be powerful and also possibly intense. there’s fire present and we want to wield it wisely! speaking up, expressing Truth and taking action need to be balanced by awareness of others and awareness of where our ego and self-righteous personal perspective may be out of hand.

there are some fixed stars that are important to note in the solar eclipse chart. venus is conjunct betelgeuse and polaris. betelgeuse is in the orion constellation and harkens back to ancient egypt. polaris is the pole star and has an energy of pointing out the direction to move into- helping to illuminate the way. saturn is conjunct rukbat- meaning steadiness and strength. the issue with this is that he is on the karmic south node. it can be easy to default to steady past life karmic patterns. they are familiar, known, predictable. and yet this solar eclipse is massively calling us forward towards a new path. we have to be willing to let go of the life we have been living in order to live the life that is meant for us. this is not easy and takes courage, faith and trust- in ourselves and in the Universe!

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for the degree of the new moon/total solar eclipse. ellias talks about how this is a degree that activates the shadow parts left behind and how they claim us unconsciously until we no longer stand in flight from any shadow anywhere. he speaks to ‘the tracker’ who is the one who’s getting us free. this is the north node- our destined, fated path of growth and evolution. this is our Highest Self that is there guiding us through the shadows so we can face and embrace them back into our light (our conscious sense of ourselves).

and i love how he ends the meditation ‘and yet the serpent shall wing us homeward’. the nodes are often conceived of as a dragon which often was interchangeable with the serpent in many mythologies. both the dragon and the serpent are seen as ancient Goddess symbols and are deeply connected to the Great Mother. the north node is the head of the dragon, the south node the tail. the nodes of destiny and fate, future and past, dharma and karma wind us through the spiral dance of life. the serpent shall wing us homeword. and this eclipse surely can take you further towards that destiny. the key is cutting the ties that bind your wings and keep you from flying homeword!


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 11 Monstrosities in a glass jar at a sideshow

We know we’ve been through there before. We know we have to go through it again. Something about it still grabs us, even after all we’ve been through. Something very old and familiar still somehow means more than everything else.
We present quite a spectacle to ourselves. We feel over and done with all this, yet that is not really true. For there are so many parts we left behind. And all of them claim every bit of us until we no longer stand in flight from any shadow anywhere.
We just can’t explain it to ourselves. How could we be this stubborn and this attached when we aren’t really at all? What is that place that sings the soul? What are we meant to do with being so human, so unrestrictedly endlessly human?
Well, yes, there is something. Beyond the middle there is this tracker. As confounding and confusing as the mind can be, the tracker knows this way. And they need to blow it up to look endless and inescapable so the trance won’t thicken, so the soul will remember on time.
Yes, there is a way to accord with the tracker, to give them free rein, to not play so obtuse any longer. The one who’s getting us free needs to be imagined ahead of time as on the job, doing just what they need to do and bringing us there even as we balk and say No Way.
We will outlast the toughest, tightest syndromes. We will get all the mileage we can out of them. We will live from so many levels and hardly know what we’re doing really. And yet the serpent shall wing us homeward.

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