total lunar eclipse in taurus- a crossroads of destiny (11/8/22)

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the total lunar eclipse at 16’00 taurus is exact at 6:02am EST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the partial solar eclipse at 2’00 scorpio on october 25th. this lunar cycle is an eclipse portal aligned with the nodes of destiny and karma – amping up the endings and new beginnings energy tenfold!!! if you have not read my lunar insight on the new moon eclipse you can find that here-

this full moon is conjunct uranus (under 1 degree of orb) and the north node- activating the BIGGEST astrology of 2022. the exact uranus north node conjunction was end of july/early august but an eclipse activating it is a huge trigger of this mid summer energies. uranus is the planet of change and shift- and with the north node of destiny involved there some very big changes coming down the pipeline. if you have not read my blog about this major astrology entitled ‘sudden and unexpected change’ you can find that here-

the new things incoming can be revolutionary, unexpected and set into motion some very big changes. it is interesting that in the USA this occurs on the day of the election- boding for some interesting reversals and shifts politically. with uranus in taurus some of the highest energies we can call in is a return to living in harmony with nature, with our bodies, and with our human experience. when uranus first moved into taurus i wrote a blog about the revolution of embodiment that can unfold! it’s not about going up and out! we need to fully come down and in! if you have not read that blog you can do so here-

what does it mean to ‘be here now’ as ram das always said? it means to be present to life as it is unfolding. this does not mean being passive to the point you never take a stand – but it does mean tuning into the way the wind is blowing and then orienting your sails in the direction of the wind instead of against it. if you feel sad- do you stop what you are doing and give yourself the time to cry? if you are angry do you count to 10 and bring presence to what is happening inside you instead of stuffing anger or acting out in it? when anything happens do you allow yourself to drop into your body- instead of jump up into the mind? the mind is focused on the past and the future- but the body is the anchor to be in the present. taurus is an earth sign connected to the body and a venus’ ruled sign that is about loving being in a body and loving being human. this energy is on offer- but we may also become more aware of where we actually do things to escape the body, escape feelings and emotions, and escape seeing/dealing with the reality as it is.

this can also presence itself in focus on environmental realities. what is going on with Mother Earth is of great significance. we do not have planet B as an option (even if people are trying to colonize mars). as earth is like a Great Ship- if the ship goes down, we all go down with Her. ultimately she can renew herself but there is a point at which for her to do that she needs the parasitical energies gone. humans used to live in harmony with earth, nature, animals and plants. right now we operate from a more parasitical paradigm. it’s time to create a massive value system reset. we need to value life and health over money, power, control and fame. but the other side of this is also honoring death. living forever is not the goal. living fully in the short or long time you have on earth in this body IS the goal.

with the sun conjunct mercury and venus (the mind and the heart) and all of them conjunct the karmic south node- there are key things we need to let go of in order to move forward. this could be literally like people, places, things or it could be mental and emotional things we are holding onto (probably both). scorpio holds onto things and then it turns to poison and resentment. yet the full power of scorpio knows how to let things die, let go and transform! that is on offer if we are willing to face our fears, our shadows and own our stuff (personally and collectively).

all these scorpio opposing taurus planets are T square with saturn- the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. saturn is the planet of Get Real and he can bring turning points where we must make decisions about which direction we are going to move into. are we going to keep on doing the same old, same old? or are we ready to grow and evolve? it’s up to each of us individually but there’s also a collective piece to this. we are on the precipice of something new- it’s up to us to make the leap!

as with the previous lunation (solar eclipse in scorpio) there are a lot of intense aspects to this lunation. tense saturn, tense uranus, so much nodal activation. the old battles the new, the past is at odds with the future, complacency is up against change. with jupiter at 29 pisces- the omega point- something can come full circle and a major ending can precede a new beginning. but with mars retrograde in triple square to neptune we have to make sure we are seeing the Truth- not the facade being projected. questioning things and doing the work of discernment is key.

luckily there are beautiful alignments between venus and jupiter (the two Benefics) and neptune and pluto (the two chthonic deities at the edge of our solar system). the Light of the Benefics is being brought into the shadows and the Unconscious realms. we are being shown more clearly what lies beyond our vision- at the shadow’s edge. as 3 of these planets are in water- pay attention to your dreams, intuitive downloads, psychic insights and emotions. the symbolic, archetypal and dream worlds are TEEMING WITH LIFE. but you have to give yourself downtime and inward focus to receive the messages coming in.

both the libra scale stars of balance show in the chart- zuben elgenubi and zuben elschamali – the stars having to do with social reform (on an election day in the USA!!!). are we ready for positive social reform? or do we need more negative social reform before we are really and truly ready to wake up. they say a country has leaders that reflect their mass consciousness. are we ready for an upgrade on all levels? i don’t get political in my writings but to be clear i think we need to move beyond red and blue, republican and democrat. we need a new political party that is a merging of the best of the two- where meeting ground is able to be found. i envision this as the violet ray party ;) (red and blue make purple). i have no idea what it should be called but i truly believe and feel in the depth of my heart that this is possible. but it does require both sides seeking common ground upon which to meet and being willing to understand other’s positions from a place of empathy and compassion. may it be so and may it come in SOON!

with the south node conjunct alphecca and acrux – the crown and the cross- we can have some big time occult truths brought to light. add to this circe the sorceress and healer is conjunct the north node- and have help and assistance on tap. we just need to make sure we are seeing the motives behind the desire to help. is altruism driving us/others? or are there self serving factors at play? dig deep to get to the Truth!

i leave you with the star sparks degrees for the sun and moon (full text below). it is interesting that both the solar eclipse and this lunar eclipse are right on the degree. you do not round up when you are at a whole degree- so 16’00 taurus is the 16th degree for star sparks or sabian symbols. right on the degree implies a brand new beginning but also a culmination. when we round up for the degrees 1’59 becomes 2, 2’00 is is 2, but 2’01 rounds up to 3. it reminds me of the fool card in the tarot- who can truly belong anywhere. is the fool the beginning? the end? the one who journeys the whole path of the majors? he belongs here, there and everywhere! right on the degree implies a similar energy.

the star spark for the moon degree speaks to restoring our connection to nature and the senses (to be here now, in this body on this earth!). the cross roads of destiny feels apt with an eclipse on the nodes square saturn- what direction will we choose to go in? are we ready to risk it all at this cross roads of destiny where all timelines merge?

the star spark for the sun (on the south node) speaks to charon ferrying the dead across the river stix- how apt for a scorpio south node ruled by pluto the Lord of the Underworld. this speaks to the transition from death to rebirth- the journey into the Underworld but with a guide watching out for us. can we keep our own counsel? can we stay the course knowing we will gain nothing personally, and even be deeply challenged by choosing this path- but we are in for something Greater than ourselves?

i see in these two degrees the gifts of being human (moon degree) and the sacrifices our Spirit makes for us to come into incarnation and re-member who we really are (sun degree). if the body is truly the temple- as so many occult, mystical traditions say- can we honor this temple, be here now, wake up in the body- and bring Spirit all the way down and in? is the sacrifice Spirit makes one of incarnating? or is it the most immense blessing ever to take birth and be in a body? is earth a prison keeping us stuck on the wheel of samsara? or is earth the heaven we seek – the place of most profound liberation. in many modern spiritual traditions imply the journey is up and out- ascend! but what if the journey is actually down and in? we descend to ascend. we come into embodiment and bring the Light all the way in for enlightenment? what if heaven and earth are the same? we just have to remember?

blessed total lunar eclipse to you!


by ellias lonsdale


Taurus 16

A young girl and boy explore a perfume counter

Beginning to feel and experience something which changes our nature, our soul’s path. Before, we went through the motions, taking on roles, trying on for size each and every part in life. Now, we are called into the center of Earth existence, to risk everything on the path of love reclaimed, rediscovered, reinvented.

Finding a sustaining grace in the elements of nature and in the primal innocence of the human soul. A restoring of what seemed lost and forgotten. Yet here it is again, now feeling so much more direct and immediate and breathless and out of our control and open to the winds of destiny.

The point of emerging from ancient, timeless places into foreground celebration of what can be here. Yet there is a perpetual shedding, an immense letting go involved. For the old ones inside remember loss and disillusionment, and so many different voices counsel caution and self-guarding. They say we’ve been this way before. They insist that it always turns out badly.

We have little choice but to entertain every pull-back impulse, and yet to keep on coming through. We know nothing ever works out as we dreamed. We also realize that we never have ventured before, we never have risked it all.

This ultimately represents a crossroads of destiny where every past experience and each future possibility converge. We find in the doubts and fears our food for refusing to take on the next cycle of self-abandonment. We find in our resilient faith and trust in life’s graces, a spark that can ignite the world.

We must, in this degree, make room for every polaric extreme to play itself out as it needs to. We pull this way and we push that way. But in the deepest sense, we are simply responsive to the heart’s inner call.


Scorpio 16

Charon ferries the dead across the river Styx

Being granted a task, a special assignment. Living for purpose and fruition to this highly specific endeavor. Faced with an especially extreme trial. Yet as well escorted, accompanied, watched over exceedingly closely and supported in fulfilling what has been begun.

The requirement is that the soul stay within itself and keep its own counsel, saying very little and showing only what fits the objective situation. This allows complete concentration upon living inside the threshold, closer to death than life, and not making this an issue with those who cling to life and seek a world un-shadowed by death.

The trial is that the personal soul gains nothing, goes nowhere, has no rewards to show for its arduous efforts. And usually the personal soul will rebel, will run riot, will protest and call attention to the unfairness, the heaviness, the grim necessity way of life as not to be endured.

Along this projectile of intent, to be joyously doing as the self pleases is a sham, not even appealing. All the dramatics are after the fact. Everything has been agreed to, the contrast is signed, the consequences are a given.

The impersonal soul is entirely committed to living with other worlds in spirit guidance with very little outer identification with the basic human stuff. The task at hand is crucial in a larger sense. It involves bringing worlds together inside. So many pivotal inner planes tasks can be taken up here. Perhaps the outer-conscious self will hardly know what is happening. But it is obvious to those who see. There is this enigmatic gaze of one whose focus lies elsewhere and who knows the mysteries as the real pulse of Earth life.

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