Friday May 24th 2019

the total lunar eclipse at 4’44 aquarius is exact on friday july 27th at 1:20pm PDT. this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the partial solar eclipse in cancer on july 12th. we are in the middle of the summer eclipse portal and this one has 3 eclipses- not 2- which is rare and amps up the eclipse energies of transformation and change. the most potent eclipse of them all is this lunar eclipse as it is total (so the full light of the moon will be blocked out), it is the longest lunar eclipse in the 21st century and it is conjunct retrograde mars who is closest to earth (and brightest in the sky) than he has been since 2003. this total lunar eclipse is most certainly one for the books!!!

eclipses portals are times of transformation and change. when the Universe wants to get you from point A to point B in your life very quickly- it uses eclipse energies to do so. of course this is most potent when the eclipse is activating something in your chart of when the eclipses are in your sun sign or rising or the sign opposite yours. yet we all have this eclipse land somewhere in our charts- and this eclipse becomes a harbinger of change for this area of your chart (be sure to listen to weekly horoscopes). if you have anything around 4-5 leo, aquarius, taurus or scorpio this eclipse has this part of your chart in the spotlight!

lunar eclipses are amped up full moons- which usually are about culmination, climax, fruition, completion and Unconscious activation. a lunar eclipse occurs when the earth comes between the sun and moon and blocks the light of the sun hitting the moon. so we end up seeing the face of the moon that typically is lit up by the sun’s light as blacked out so-to-speak. this is symbolic of the shadow coming into consciousness and total lunar eclipses are definitely know for stirring the shadow pot and bringing things to our awareness we have not seen before, have not wanted to see or have purposely been ignoring!

this eclipse activates the leo/aquarius axis- where the nodes of the moon have been for almost a year and a half. the north node is in leo- which speaks to where our evolution and growth is, while the south node is in aquarius- which speaks to our karmic tendencies and things we need to deal with or address. this lunar eclipse is a south node eclipse- so it is major activating the karmic patterns and tendencies we have personally and collectively. all signs have their Light and shadow sides but the shadow of aquarius can be up big time right now and is a good thing to check in to see where we are acting out of this shadow and/or not owning some aspect of this shadow within ourselves. the shadow of aquarius expresses when we are emotionally cold and distant, missing empathy, coming from the head and disconnected from the heart, we have no compassion, we are overly addicted to the mind/technology and cannot unplug, when we neglect our bodies and well being and treat our body not as a temple but as a machine, when we are ungrounded, chaotic and not reliable, when we get bored easily and need lots of things, food, substances, people or experiences to stimulate us, when we are non-committal as a means to avoid responsibility, avoid deep intimacy and deep vulnerability, and when we are mentally unstable. an honest self check in to see where we can do any of the above can be useful at the time of this eclipse.

of course one of the biggest aspects this eclipse makes is a conjunct to retrograde mars on the karmic south node- which is a doozy of an aspect. if you have not seen my mars retrograde video blog please check it out on my website (under cosmic insight and then video blog). mars retrograde is a time when our will, anger, drive and ego are being reigned in. this is NOT a time to act/react/start new things. it’s a time to deal with the past and cultivate the capacity to pause, breathe, count to 10 and respond rather than react. because this is mars we are talking about doing all of the above is not easy. when you add the karmic south node in the difficulty is amplified tenfold!

so this lunar eclipse is really illuminating the karma we have with both mars and aquarius in a very big way. some of us repress our mars- we don’t assert ourselves, we don’t express our anger, we internalize our frustrations and it comes out in depression and dis-ease. others of us react in our mars energy and we are combative, argumentative, violent, abusive and selfish. the same can be said for aquarius- some of us are addicted to the mind, to technology, to checking out from our bodies and being stuck in the head. others of us are need to work on our intelligence, our perception, our insight and capacity to be aware of ourselves and our surroundings. for each of us the lesson will be unique to our experience. and this lunar eclipse will most certainly bring up whatever needs to be looked at! the key is to work with what arises- as if we stuff it or use things/people/substances to numb ourselves out not only will we miss out- but we will reap more karma. the shadow of mars retrograde expresses when instead of dealing with past karma we create more karma by taking actions and initiating when we should not be.

this eclipse is square to uranus- the ruler of the lunar eclipse- activating the mars/uranus square as well as the approaching uranus/nodal T-square. when mars and uranus combine we can get bolt out of the blue insights and intuitive hits but we can also experience chaos, unexpected events and crazy-making energy. because uranus rules the south node the wisdom right now is to STOP, breathe, count to 10 and think with your head AND heart before you take any action or react to anything. when planets square the nodes we are at a pivotal point of shift. we can either keep on doing the same old same old or we can grow in a new direction. with uranus square the nodes there’s some very big collective implications here. are we going to keep going down the path of mind divorced from heart? intellect without compassion? a lot of the technologies we use today are good for the few but not for the planet and not for the many. things like cloud seeding- the intellect says in our global warming situation we need more rain. but it’s not taking into account that there are chemicals and heavy metals being released to create this fake rain and that is coming into our food, water supply and air supply. we have to have a holistic view when making choices right now. if we we choose to do something because it is good for us or good for one area of life but it is in fact bad for others or the earth around us then it is not a dharmic choice and we will be seeding karma.

the north node in leo calls us into our hearts. leo is the sign of the lion and regulus- one of the most benevolent fixed stars- is the heart of the lion. we are being called to open our hearts, be more compassionate, loving and kind. we are also being called into leadership that is based on service. a true king or queen is one who serves their people. for those who enter into positions of power for prestige, power or money- the north node in leo is calling for a course correct. the leo north node is also calling us into our self-confidence, our self-expression, our self-Love and self-esteem. healthy self-relating is key right now. a little healthy selfishness (meaning self-focus, self-care, self-awareness) can go a long way!

it is interesting that mercury stations retrograde in leo just 1.6 days before this eclipse- showing us that big time of rethinking, reviewing and revising the leo archetype (and the leo area of our charts) is incoming. how do we relate to ego? are we egotistical and narcissistic? do we have no healthy ego and are we self-deprecating? where do we need the spotlight to always be on us? or where are we afraid of the spotlight? do we have creativity or originality being expressed? or do we need to unleash it?

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 5 aquarius- the degree of the full moon/lunar eclipse (we always round up to nearest whole degree). this degree reminds us to remember the earth, remember our bodies. the shadow of aquarius is when we live from the head up. when our technology is out of balance with our humanity and our compassion. this degree reminds us what the path of karma is and where our path of dharma lies. those who are ready to change the paradigm- please rise up and lead us!

lunar eclipse blessings sent your way!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 5 Humans worshipping an obese nature goddess

She is in the earth, she is of the earth, she is that which could only be formed from within this earth in her feminine soul. And she shows us what it is about earth which we always miss and pass right over. If we do attune to her consummately, she shall correct that flaw and let us in on the fertile truth of earth-life, the one our minds could never grasp.
Her force of example is really tremendous. She carries this (grace) which pulls us right out of our heads and into the womb wisdom which bears new worlds intact. Just to be with her is to get down under and hearken toward mysteries which turn us inside out and upside down and never stop correcting for the missing pieces in the modern consciousness of the masculine dominant mind-set.
In once sense, all we can do with her is to look back to that ancient timeless place and touch in there and never lose that substantive feeling for life. In another sense, we are meant to take it further if we are ready.
This deep feminine earthly force also comes to meet us from worlds still unborn. There she is metamorphosed into myriad forms and guises. All of these say; the core nature remains to be tapped, it never has been lived in a true sense.
For she guards the mysteries of She of Earth, the Awakening One in our midst. She is more relevant than ever. Only as we get full and rounded and whole in our deep rooted earthiness can we provide a sufficiently hardy vessel for this wild future we face to stream through us and become that future we have always looked toward.
In the now, she comes in any and all forms and she promises a way of being which will bring us to our senses in a very profound union between cosmic core and earthy substance. That synthesis commands our best to conceive of what can be as new earth.

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