Solstice Full Moon in Capricorn ~ See beyond the veil (6/21/24)

by | Jun 16, 2024 | Lunar Insight

The Full Moon at 1’08 Capricorn is exact on Friday June 21st at 9:08pm EDT- marking the midway point of the current Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus and square Saturn on June 6th. That New Moon had a strong Saturn energy and so does this Full Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn- reminding us that grounding, mastery and integrity are demanded right now. This Full Moon is the first of two Capricorn Full Moons- the next one on July 21st at the last degree of Capricorn is an Astrological Blue Moon. We all will be getting a double dose of Full Moon energy in the Capricorn part of our charts- so I recommend paying attention to where greater mastery, hard work and responsibility are calling you forward.

This Full Moon is opposite the Sun and Venus who are separating from their June 4th conjunction and are now in the early degrees of Cancer. The Capricorn/Cancer axis is one of Father and Mother, career and home/family, how one is seen in the world publicly and how one is in their private life. This axis is being activated so we can see what is out of balance and what perhaps needs healing or tending to. Emotions can be high at the time of the Full Moon- but Capricorn prefers to repress emotions, compartmentalize and/or control them. Being willing to process and really be with our emotions is key right now.

The Full Moon is tightly square Neptune in Pisces. The lead up to this Full Moon included multiple squares to Neptune at 29 Pisces- the last degree of Pisces but also the last degree of the entire Tropical Zodiac! From Venus to Mercury to the Sun and now the Full Moon- they have all squared Neptune. There is strong mystical energy present but also perhaps some strong escapist energy as well. Tense Neptune aspects make it easy to be deluded or deceived (or do the deluding and deceiving). They can amplify illusion, confusion, fear or fantasy which can block us from being grounded and connected to reality in this now moment. Feet on ground and being here now is good medicine during this highly Neptunian time.

On July 2nd Neptune will station Retrograde at 29’55 Pisces- just 5 minutes from crossing into the Aries Point of 0 Aries! Planets at standstill magnify their energies and Neptune rules Pisces and if there was one degree in the entire Zodiac that would be extra Neptunian/Piscean it would be the Omega Point of 29 (or rounding up 30) Pisces. All things Neptunian are AMPLIFIED MASSIVELY. From amplified intuition, dreams, and mystical awareness to amplified escapism, deception, manipulation and addiction- both the Light and Shadow of Neptune are strong right now. Be aware and navigate with care.

The Moon is out of bounds at 28’21 degrees South while the Sun just entered into Cancer the day before (marking the Solstice) and for those in the Northern Hemisphere the point of the Highest reach of the Sun. As the Full Moon is opposite the Sun- we have a very low moon opposing the Summer Solstice Sun. At certain places very North in Latitude we can see the Moon Walk the Land- meaning it will just rise above the horizon slightly and appear to walk across the land, not going any further higher because the Moon is so far out of bounds and at a very southern declination that it does not go higher (in some places super North the Moon will not rise at all!). This happens once every 18-19 years and is called the Major Lunar Standstill. It occurs this Summer and next Summer and is incredibly powerful.

By declination Ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess is at the same declination of the Moon- a conjunction by declination and an energizing of the Great Mother principle returning to Earth to walk the land and infuse it with her power and presence. Ceres is in quite an interesting journey right now as she is currently retrograde and is being square by Chiron 3 times- with the Total Solar Eclipse from April 8th triggering her descent into the Underworld. Ceres in Capricorn is an interesting placement- the Mother in the sign of the Father. This can be the Mother who carries all on her back like Atlas shrugged. The Mother who is the source and support of all and yet who supports her? These are good questions to ask about how we relate to the Great Mother particularly in her manifestation as Mother Earth. Many humans live on this planet and just take and take- not really aware that if we don’t support our planet’s well being as well as our own well being we will find ourselves arriving at a collective crossroads we won’t be able to turn back from.

Neptune is conjunct the fixed star Scheat- from the Pegasus Constellation but anciently was part of the Primordial Field of the Sumerians, the Great Square of the Egyptians and the Well Bucket of the Arabians. Scheat means the one who goes and returns. This is the area of the sky that relates to the Primordial Waters of Creation (the Source). What does it mean to go and return from the Source? This point in Tropical Astrology is the very end of Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) and correlates with the dissolution and ending of a previous astrological year- with the New Tropical Astrological Year commencing with the Sun’s ingress into Aries. Towards the end of the Age of Aries we fixed Aries as the starting point- but previously each constellation age would take turns leading. From a Tropical standtpoint 29 Pisces is the Omega point and the end- but from a living sky standpoint and its correspondence with the Great Square and Waters of Creation it could be seen as the beginning. Perhaps this is what it means to go and return from the Source?

Both Saturn and Neptune are going to station Retrograde in Pisces in the next 7-10 days (after the Full Moon)- so prepare for a big descent incoming in the Pisces part of your chart. Do you need to bring form and boundaries to your dreams and intuition? Do you need to open up mystically and spiritually and let go of rigidity? Each of us have different Pisces lessons- honest self-checkins are key.

I leave you with the Sabian Symbol and Star Sparks degree for this Full Moon. The Sabian Symbol speaks of the violent use of collective power that leads to the inevitable destruction of values ensuring group-integration. It speaks of the consequences of the too-impulsive use of power for violence. This seems on point for the wars happening on the planet right now.

The Star Sparks degree speaks to a foundational breakdown that forces us to face things. It speaks of a karmic heaviness and the necessity to be truth vessels who are humble and willing to surrender to what is needing to be faced.

And I also leave you with the Star Sparks degree for 30 Pisces- where Neptune is and will be stationing in early July. It speaks to a New Earth coming alive while an Old Earth is being cast off like a corpse. It speaks to inspiration and finding Center and merging with the destiny that is leading us onward.

Blessed Solstice, Full Moon and Major Lunar Standstill to you!



translation by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

It seems obvious that the interpretation of this symbol should refer to the disruptive consequences of war. The “chief” who claimed power from his tribe in order to lead or save it must reckon with the consequences of a too-impulsive use of this power in terms of violence. The integration he seeks to maintain or enhance may be partially destroyed if in his ambition he yearns to be the victorious war leader glorified by his people. A “rose window” is not absolutely essential to a cathedral, yet it symbolizes that through which the “light of the Spirit” enters into the edifice. Man’s soul is said to be three-fold. Which part of man’s inner trinity of principles tends to be destroyed by the use of violence? Evidently the principle of love and compassion.

This second stage symbol is in contrast to the preceding one because it opposes the power to destroy to the power to build. The “capital” of group-energies is partially squandered in armaments and death. WASTE is the opposite of group-integration.


by Ellias Lonsdale

Capricorn 2
A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.

The separation we intensively experience when we are yanked clear of what we have known and assumed, and we are deposited in a space infinitely familiar and resonant, absolutely strange and away from what was previously built up and made to seem massively important. The endless, tortuous, fascinating journey of being brought further and further away from cozy certainties and easy categories and plunged into that which seems to be the last place we’d ever want to go.

The inward necessity to face something we never would deal with if we held our structures intact. It is only when there is a foundational breakdown, a fissure in the rock that we suddenly are brought to a new kind of attention. Otherwise, we might dream onward in the collective trance indefinitely.

The abrupt, staggering, agonizing, too-much-to-bear stumbling upon another world inside the world. The resistant, reluctant stages of going forever deeper with what is deemed to be outrageous, unfair, filled with demands and dilemmas we would be better off without.

Because the little self is here reactionary and retrogressive, we can draw to ourselves tough, hard, extended lessons in cutting through any variant of the attitude or stance of arbitrary power. We need to be truth vessels, stripped austerely of any trappings leading toward taking the power upon ourselves.

There is a karmic heaviness underlying this frequency. So much is being brought before us on so many levels at once. Will we surrender into what we have agreed to make our own? Will our pride yield to the so very humble nature of learning time and again that we have no business turning this world into our own old tired story?


by Ellias Lonsdale

Pisces 30
A large halo in ring formation around the moon.

Signs in the Heavens, Earth rumbling below. A New Earth coming alive, an Old Earth being cast off like a corpse. Portents, prophecies, a new world to find. So much to let go of, so many memories that bind.

There is a pageantry, a greater symbolism, an intonation of Divinity in the aura and ethers of the Earth. This interior resonance is so vast that it dwarfs a human life. How can we rise to meet the dimensions the Cosmos invokes here?

We get there by small measures. We sink down below into the most inescapable depth spaces we can ever navigate. We lose ourselves in the depths. We plod onward along the surface. And then something gives.

For we are called here to become at one with the Earth’s free becoming. We are meant to merge ourselves within the central pulse of what is moving here. Our little self is as lost as can be in these depths. Our greater self is quickened to at last find her stride, all around the life current.

If we lose our way along this trajectory, we fall hard and fast. Soon, we discover that we are dreaming, we are living on inner planes, we never have been here before in this world, going through these kind of changes. We develop compassion for the one in us who feels so alien, so entirely other. It just may turn out that her story is true.

Many ways to get lost. Many windings to return upon the spiral. Poignant depths of loss, collective and personal. Magnificent heights of recovery to bring a new energy to bear.

We need inspiration. We must be at the Center. All is written there. Inevitability is just obvious. The only thing we can do is to merge with this destiny that stretches beyond us.