Wednesday January 26th 2022

solar eclipse in pisces- 2/26/17

The last of the virgo/pisces eclipses that began in march of 2015 occurs on Sunday February 26th at 6:58am PST when the new moon/Solar Eclipse at 8’12 pisces is exact.  Since early 2015 we have been gifted with lessons and opportunities to bridge the mundane and the sacred, the material and the spiritual.  Virgo is focused on reality, discernment and doing one’s inner and outer work- while pisces is focused on surrender, trust, faith and oneness.  The journey in the last couple of years has been to find where we overdo one focus as the expense of the other so we can find the middle path.  Too much detail oriented (like virgo) and we miss seeing the Bigger Picture (which is pisces).  Too much idealism and ungrounded fantasy and we float off the earth (very pisces) and are disconnected from our bodies and being here now (virgo).  Looking over the last 2 years and seeing how these lessons played out for you and how you navigate your path of learning and growing through these lessons can be insightful right now.

Solar eclipses are amplified new moons- which typically speak to new directions, seeds planted or new things coming in.  but this new moon is on the karmic south node- the point of the past where we get stuck, stay too long, play out karmic patterns and avoid our growth and evolution.  With the karmic south node in its last hurrah in pisces (it will shift into aquarius in may 2017) we have our last bit of focus on where we overdo the pisces energy:  live in denial, delusion, believe or perpetrate illusions, bury our heads in the sand to avoid the shadow within or without, turn to addictions to numb out, play the victim or the martyr, play out codependent dynamic with others, spiritually by pass, disassociate, try to save everyone else but ourselves and more.  This is personal but also collective- looking at the smoke and mirrors going on in the world right now.  What is the truth?  What is a lie?  Where are we being deceived?  Where are we deceiving ourselves?  Where are we living a lie?  This eclipse on the south node brings a new beginning to relating to our own Unconscious.  Where previously we let it run us, now we are challenged to step up, relate to it directly, see the shadow dynamics playing out rather than paint them in Love and Light to avoid the darkness going on behind the scenes.  Many of us have been living comfortably numb- sucked into our iphones, computers, dining out, shopping, living a privileged western life.  But guess what- now the collective shadow is out in the open.  We are starting to see other’s but also our own prejudices, darkness, hidden secrets.  It’s all coming out in the open- we are living in a time of transparency where what is behind the screen comes out into the Light.

We can use this solar eclipse energy to be willing, able and proactive about facing this shadow within and without.  With Neptune on the eclipse- the illusions and seductive fantasies of what could have been, should have been, would have been just keep us stuck in the past and in cycles of repetition and karma.  We have to BE HERE NOW and see what IS right now- in ourselves, in others, and in the world around us.  Only then are we truly empowered to change things and make them into what they can be.

A key signature of this eclipse is the mars/Uranus/eris conjunction opposite Jupiter- mars triggers all 3 bodies from Wednesday February 22nd through the 27th with the 2nd of 3 jupiter/Uranus oppositions on march 2nd.  This is some radical, revolutionary energy that can play out as activism, taking a stand, making huge waves that instigate change!  It can also express as a lot of anger and rage.  we need to remember Jupiter is in libra teaching us that to truly win we cannot have winners and losers.  We all share this planet, we all are connected.  If one person/country/political party benefits but another loses we stay stuck in the same game no matter what side we are on.  The days leading up to and following this eclipse can be particularly intense.  Using mars in aries energy to take conscious action and deal with things head on while mitigating his tendency to aggression, reactivity, impulsivity, selfishness and even violence is key.  Mars/Uranus/eris can wake us up in good ways or not so good ways.  Consciousness is key!

I love Ellias Lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the degree of the New moon eclipse.  His title for this degree is “A vampire awakens”.  He speaks to the hidden darkness and Shadow essence we each have within.  He speaks to this often forsaken part of the self as the key to “reclaiming what has been forgotten, what needs to be restored”.  And he reminds us that the shadow is here to keep us honest and real.  To keep us humble, and in a state of surrender.  To not let the ego run us thinking we are on top of the world and in control of it all- but to remember the underbelly of the world that we very much belong to.  And he reminds us that the way out of shadow is to move through it.  “we will not get out of these places until we have honored their deep message.”

I am a huge proponent of shadow work and inner work.  I think we are only at the tip of the iceberg right now with a lot of people only just now waking up to the shadow playing out in the world and also within themselves.  Those who are actively doing this work on themselves will be the Light bearers for others.  Ironic isn’t it- those who have danced most deeply with the shadow are the ones who can hold the most Light.  And that is the secret.  The shadow is not something to be feared, denied, projected, ignored.  If you truly want to be empowered, whole, healed and luminescent you MUST go into your personal underworld.  As within, so without.  The more of us that go down- the more there are on line to help raise the world up.  But we must go down and in first.  We must face the vampire that awakens.  And this eclipse can help you do just that!

Eclipse blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony


STAR SPARKS by ellias Lonsdale

Pisces 9  Dusk. A vampire awakens


Darkness hides all the parts of self which are not ready to live in the light. Each one of these knows it’s way around the darkness, is able to navigate fluently on the inside of life, underneath all appearances. And they enjoy the existence which for others might seem almost macabre in it’s reversal of the ways of the day.

When you are accustomed to the hidden depths, they do become all of life. And then you give yourself over to dream, inner work, other parts of existence. You still perhaps devote the outer side to outer pursuits. Yet what stirs and quickens your blood is entirely hidden away from sight, only known to those who can penetrate there.

We each bear a Shadow Essence. It’s favorite places are those of twilight, tending into darkness. There the Shadow Essence can discover everything that our egoic self suppresses and denies. And it is the one way that we can get entirely under the surface of earth existence, to reclaim what has been forgotten, what needs to be restored.

This is about keeping us honest and real. It is the humbling, the surrender, the realization that we are not on top of the world. And it is the access point for influences and suggestibility’s of every kind.

Everything here depends upon our motivation. If we tap this place as a dark sanctuary for forgotten sides of life, it bears abundant fruit. If we seep too heavily under it, we become taken over by it’s drama and enchantments, and this is always dangerous, to say the least.

We must have open places for shadow to indwell. They truly are revitalization spark points when skillfully worked with. And they are just as treacherous as their reputation would suggest. The heart decides. But we will not get out of these places until we have honored their deep message.

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