solar eclipse/new moon in scorpio- in the teeth of the whirlwind (10/25/22)

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the partial solar eclipse at 2’00 scorpio is exact on tuesday october 25th at 6:48am EDT, marking lunar samhain and a new lunar cycle focused on death, transformation and facing the shadow. samhain is the dark of the sun and the gate of death and descent (more on that in the solar gate call up a few days before solar samhain on 11/7). it is at this time in the northern hemisphere that we head into the darkest part of the solar cycle as the solar cycle itself heads into its last phase. in nature’s cycles this is a time to send our energy inward- to consciously choose to descend- and the call to do this is amplified by the eclipse cycle we are heading into.

this eclipse cycle is VERY POWERFUL as it occurs just days after the sun/venus conjunction at 29 libra and is conjunct venus in scorpio in the eclipse chart. normally new moons are about new beginnings but this is a karmic south node eclipse activating the karmic completion degree of sun/venus- so this eclipse is about major endings that have to happen before anything new can truly begin.

the next eclipse on 11/8 is a total lunar eclipse conjunct uranus and the north node! the winds of change are blowing (blog about uranus/NN is linked below) and it’s time to let go of dead weight in the form of relationships that are not growth producing, beliefs that are not life affirming, habits and ways we keep ourselves small. a new value system is being born as an old one dies (for all of us individually but also collectively) and it will require we let go of holding onto certain things that actually keep us deeply stuck in an old paradigm.

this eclipse is conjunct the shapley attractor (shapley 8)- which is the steering mechanism behind all the galactic points (galactic center, super galactic center, great attractor). it directs the course of our solar system along with everything else. its gravity bends light- we can see around it but not through it. it is the most massive, gravitationally significant body known!!! it is located at 2’37 scorpio and is conjunct this eclipse as well as very tightly conjunct venus at 2’40 scorpio.

the last new moon in libra on september 25th was conjunct the super galactic center, this new moon eclipse is conjunct the shapley attractor and mars who is about to go retrograde will be triggering the galactic center and the great attractor. galactic points carry weight- they are Source points/steering mechanisms for areas of the cosmos so vast and infinite it can be hard to wrap your head around. to have so many triggered in such a short time by eclipses, lunation and retrograde cycles is potent.

the way i see the galactic points is that the galactic center (center of our milky way galaxy) is the Mother of our galaxy, the super galactic center is the Grand Mother, the great attractor is the Great Grand Mother and shapley is the Source, Void, Primordial Creatrix of All. i have this theory that in our many many lifetimes there are a series of lifetimes that i call ‘the eye of the needle lifetimes’. in these lifetimes we are given immense power, wealth, fame OR we are given none at all. can we stay centered and not give into hubris and self inflation on the one hand but also not give into collapse, loss of hope and victimization on the other hand?

shapley 8 is the one galactic point that is in tropical scorpio (the great attractor is in sidereal scorpio/tropical sagittarius)- and has the most ‘eye of the needle’ energy in my opinion. with this being a south node solar eclipse – the karma can feel thick almost like you can cut it. but the capacity to stop getting stuck and move through the eye of the needle is very much present right now- IF WE ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK!

some of the major aspects in this eclipse chart involve the conjunction to venus- which is striking as we have the superior conjunction of sun and venus at 29 libra on 10/22. from 10/22-25 we see the sun and venus align, then they both shift into scorpio and they both quincunx jupiter at the Aries Point (1st degree of aries). in this symbolism i sense some VERY BIG completions that need to happen and jupiter comes along to put the fire under our butts to force our hands. the aries point coincides with world events- and jupiter is in the sign of mars so his passion and power, as well as anger and reactivity- can be strong. we want to temper our egos and wills so that they are the servants, not the masters.

the south node is at 14 scorpio (you always round up to the nearest whole degree)- with both the mean node at 13’47 and the true node at 13’22. usually for lunar insights i look at the star sparks and/or sabian symbols for the new moon/full moon but i thought to look at the degree for the karmic south node as this is a south node eclipse and the star sparks meditation is powerful and intense (read full text below). the south node in scorpio has some very dark shadows- and we have to face them in order to move beyond them. our obsessions with or fears of money, power, control, black magic, and nuclear power need to be faced with the south node in scorpio.

i am not supposed to have favorite signs but healthy integrated scorpio is definitely at the top of my list. the capacity for depth, transformation and staying power is epic with healthy scorpio- but shadow scorpio is equally immense. shadow scorpio devolves into power plays, playing on people’s fears to control. scorpio rules black magic and sociopaths- some of the people running our world are connected to both. when we collapse into the black hole void from a space of ego our ego gets inflated to mass proportions. we can only collapse into the black hold void from the space of the heart- all other roads to the void will devour you. it’s only from the heart space that the heart has the power to devour and transform everything else. a good thing to keep in mind with the shapley 8 activation.

when i look at the chart i see pluto tensely aspects all 5 personal planets, and jupiter in aries (the sign of mars) tensely aspects 4 of the personal planets. there is no way around this- this eclipse chart is intense. in light of escalating tensions about nuclear war- i do not feel settled looking at this chart. and i do believe the more of us that use these energies in transformative, empowering ways the better.

looking at planetary stations we see that mars goes retrograde 5 days after this eclipse- right smack in the eclipse portal (10/30)- and saturn just stationed 2 days before this eclipse. the two malefics are at standstill- making them extra powerful. with mars we need to reign in our egos and question our thoughts (read my mars retrograde blog linked below) and with saturn we have to slow down enough so that we can see the trajectory we are on and where actions taken now will utilmateiy lead us.

i leave you with the star sparks degrees for the new moon eclipse and the karmic south node. keep in mind our next lunation is the full moon Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct uranus and the north node. this is one very powerful and intense eclipse cycle! if we use it to face the shadow, embrace change, and come into our bodies more (which means not checking out, but checking in) we will use the potent astrology in the best way possible. the more of us doing this, the better!

may all of humanity awaken
may all heart chakras on earth open
may all beings be healthy, happy and free!

so mote it be…


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by elias lonsdale


A large stately bronze horse

She has two phases. In the overt intention, she wishes to stick with her fundamental notion that she is looking good, she is putting her world firmly together, she is casting all those infinite variables into a form that can be worked with and lived out successfully. She is so good at this part, so straight and narrow, so firm and proud that it often does seem she can pull it off and keep the wolves at bay one more day.

In the underlying conviction, masked as perhaps unconscious or often arising through outer circumstances or somehow not quite owned and claimed, she knows that it is her bedrock old self and its super-persistent ways which must be overcome and cannot prevail a moment longer. However, to bring this depth power forward through the brittle outer layers efficiently is an immense task.

She is working so hard against herself. She must subvert her own ego structure, yet the old one is dead-set on perpetuating these as blindly and straight-ahead as possible. Can she find both poles within herself or must she keep projecting this everywhere but here?

To touch herself down and get herself to be honest and real in any consistent basis is a huge undertaking. Yet this is her own hope, dream, vision, possibility. Any part of self which keeps on power-tripping, living self-importantly, or posing for photographs is a gimmick. And the toughest part is; it doesn’t know that.

She is in an evolutionary business of outlasting her own egoic structures in an exceedingly resistant fashion, yet doing it any way. Sometimes we need to be hard up against our own edge to get anywhere.

For she is being given a chance to collaborate in the overturning of her own self-righteousness under every disguise. And she really does know how to do it.


Women dressed in black. They are wailing and mourning

Facing what has happened. Not being able to get away from the stark surreal signs that everything has changed, life is not the same.

Tragedy, downfall, ruin. Untimely deaths and strange turnarounds. And adverse fate seems to be at work here. We are in it, under it, at its mercy.

Yet also something else is at work. This other layer may hide behind the veil of outer events and wait until the time is right. It is this other layer that is most decisive of all. It can be missed, suppressed, denied. It can easily be discounted and run away from. However, if the magnitude of the loss shattered our self-structures sufficiently, we may be ready for some news from afar which shifts the balance of our lives in a whole different direction.

The spirit of our times seeks open vessels for radical change. This comes to us in the night. It seeks to enter us when we are most receptive and vulnerable. And what if offers is the counterweight to the original weight of the tragedy itself.

If we can survive our own worst fears coming true, and if we can bear ourselves through the ragged transition this tends to make inevitable, then a tremendous spirit reward seeks us out. We have become ready for a whole new sense of what spirit means in our lives.

The whole pattern turns around. We find ourselves in the midst of a self-recreation. What never worked before is right before us now as living prospect. All we need to do is to drop all claims against ourselves based on the past. Then the reversal of the reversal restores what is most essential and keeps us stripped where this is needed. Spirit brings full-circle karmic cycles to those who carry through in the teeth of the whirlwind.