solar eclipse/new moon in gemini- seeing beyond the veil (6/10/21)

by | May 26, 2021 | Lunar Insight

the solar eclipse/new moon at 19’47 gemini is exact at 3:52am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on communicating, thinking, perception, being open minded and curious. as of the last full moon on may 26th we have been in the eclipse portal which is a time of transformation and change. letting go of that which non longer serves and opening to the new is key. with this being a north node eclipse there are new directions and openings coming in in regards to our path of growth, evolution and destiny.

interestingly this eclipse is conjunct the ruler of the eclipse- mercury who is retrograde and at the midpoint of his Underworld journey exact at the time of the eclipse. essentially the sun/mercury conjunction is getting a massive activation by this eclipse- really bringing into awareness our thoughts, ideas and perceptions of reality.

normally such a strong mercury/gemini eclipse would be amazing for clarity, discernment and communication- but all the gemini bodies are square to neptune- so not all is as it seems. there is an energy of nebulousness, confusion, illusion, deception and/or purposeful burying of heads in the sand happening right now. it takes a lot of focus to be grounded, discerning and willing to see clearly right now- personally and collectively.

in truth if i had to choose one planet to consider the ruler of 2021- it would be neptune! we kicked of the year with neptune square the nodes- which we can see playing out on the world stage as everyone thinking they are right and that they know the Truth and very few people being willing to be wrong, listen to others and challenge their own belief systems (the karmic south node in sagittarius is REALLY magnifying hubris and self righteousness).

we also have juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage conjunct the south node three times this year (from february to august) and square neptune three times (from may to october)- so she is energizing that square from january. are we more committed to being right than we are to the truth? are we more committed to illusion than we are to the shocking revelations that would set us free? the north node in gemini reminds us that our evolution and growth is tied to our capacity to be open minded, curious, teachable and willing to see through another’s or other lenses.

we also have pallas athena journeying with neptune three times (may 2021 through january 2022) with her square to the nodes only happening once in april. and we have the current mercury retrograde journey squaring neptune three times! so essentially from january 2021 through january 2022 neptune is dominating the scenes but in true neptunian fashion he does so from behind the veil- so it’s hard to see, hard to discern and hard to get a grasp on.

this new moon eclipse triggers neptune and the next new moon eclipse in december does as well. these are the last two eclipses in gemini and sagittarius respectively as we will move into new eclipse energies starting with the taurus lunar eclipse in november. so the last hurrah of gemini/sagittarius nodal energies are really magnified from now until december.

we would all do well to be willing to question what we think we know. is our viewpoint, narrative, perspective and/or perception entirely accurate? are we humble enough to be willing to say ‘i don’t know’? are we willing to be wrong instead of needing to be right? and when you hear these questions and you say ‘oh yes those other people who believe X really need to think like this’ notice that when you point your finger out- three fingers point back at yourself. truly the best place to start is within- as seeing the shadow without but avoiding the shadow within means we will be run by what we cannot see or own or discern. and this does not make for amazing clarity and clear discernment.

with uranus conjunct ceres and both square saturn- there can be some big wild card energies incoming around home, family, the environment, Mother Earth and more. ceres in taurus wants safety and security- but uranus upsets the apple cart! the old and new are battling each other. do we hold onto the past and stay safe but also stunted in our growth? or do we leave it all behind and go into the unknown in search of the new?

interestingly the moon and venus are out of bounds. our feminine, our emotions and feelings are beyond the bounds of the sun. this could make it easier to check out of feelings and sensation and just stay stuck in our heads. yet if we work with these energies wisely we can find ourselves able to reach beyond the typical realms of awareness and really tap into something healing and expansive (via emotions and the body).

neptune is conjunct the asteroid bacchus- the greek god of ecstasy and wine but also excess, addiction and intoxication. shadow bacchus uses things (substances, people, beliefs) as a means to avoid really FEELING the fullness of the emotional experience (grief, rage and more). already with so much neptune present the desire to check out instead of check in is strong- and when we add bacchus to the mix we can see that amplified tenfold!!! so be aware and do what you need to be fully in your body, present to your emotions and feelings and not trying to go up and out. i highly recommend avoiding drugs and alcohol around this eclipse.

with demeter on the north node- and this being a north node eclipse- we need to come back to the Mother. mother is matter- our bodies, our earth, our emotions. the myth of demeter and persephone is a myth of descent and ascent, dark and light. demeter grieves deeply when her daughter is taken into the Underworld by pluto. she fully feels her emotions all the way through. with ceres (the roman version of greek demeter) conjunct uranus, square saturn and opposite siva- we are being confronted with the realities of what is going on in the world environmentally, health wise, in family dynamics and more. interestingly proserpina (the roman version of persephone) is opposite saturn and forms a grand cross in this whole dynamic! we need to FEEL this in our bodies and emotions not just analyze it with our heads- otherwise we stay disembodied, not fully present and not able to bring into manifestation the transformation that needs to happen.

a few days after this eclipse we have the 2nd of 3 saturn/uranus squares (june 14th). do you feel that you are stuck between a rock and a hard place? one part of you wants change, revolution and rebellion and another wants to hold onto what is known and predictable? uranus in taurus can be about radical awakening but it can also be about reactive escaping. where are we not wanting to really BE HERE NOW as ram dass would say?

this new moon eclipse orients us towards new information and revelations that may be shocking but help to open our minds. take off the rose colored glasses, see through the veil of illusion, get to the Truth.

i leave you with the sabian symbol and star sparks meditation for the new moon degree (full text for both can be found below). the sabian symbol speaks to how the one became the many. it describes the global expansion of humanity and how it has contributed to the expansion of conscious- but also to doing/wanting/being too much and polluting our world and our minds with waste. when we want and do too many things we do not have time to digest and integrate and we get overloaded with toxins, waste and lack of ability to digest and discriminate.

elias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for this new moon speaks of forgetting and remembering. it speaks of sacrificing our coherence- which to me is being willing to be destabilized in our perceptions and narratives. being willing to have our roots and foundations shaken even shattered if the truth is we have built our ideas of self and reality on shaky ground. it’s ‘a bull stung by a scorpion’- very taurus/scorpio if you ask me ;) the big unmoving bull is on the move now- a small little creature disturbed his comfortable numb-ness. its ceres conjunct uranus in taurus opposite shiva the great destroyer in scorpio. when these two forces collide- life will never be the same…

blessed solar eclipse to you…

may you release what is ready to be released and may you receive what you are ready to call in.

~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

Gemini 20 A bull stung by a scorpion

Being precipitated into a state of urgency and criticality, pervasive intensity and radical awareness. Tapping the power of attuned states and extraordinary conditions in order to become freed of ordinary boundaries and customary mind sets.
Having no choice but to keep on heading directly into the deepest center of the soul, of events, of every level of experience. Pinned to the spot in order to induce amnesia and remembrance. We forget who we’re supposed to be, what we were doing and why. But we remember how we got here in the first place and what it’s really all about.
An eerie quality of daring the fates, of pushing every barrier, of provoking and courting trouble and mischief. Yet all is forgiven because the impulse in these directions is something which arises from such a primal place of desperate need to get on with it, whatever this takes.
An astoundingly compulsive and almost crazed quality of searching and probing and being made by invisible forces to generate a feverish and volatile awareness which simultaneously clarifies and obscures. What is seized upon is met with alacrity and great courage. What is left out of the picture is felt to be somehow peripheral, often in a short-sighted fashion.
Risking everything for ultimate outcomes. Restless in craving the next impossible challenge. Not good at integrating and assimilating in any direction. Trained upon strictly what is outstanding, irresistible, somehow IT.
Wildly on fire with evolution, with a vaster sensibility. Able to pierce to layers of inward knowing which are beyond what we ordinarily believe is possible. Yet a great price is paid for this one-pointed emphasis upon what is elusive and often keeps bringing us to anti-climatic cycles and ways of being. We sacrifice our coherence. We believe this to be little enough when the ultimate prize is offered. If we can die in the most ultimate freedom, we will be proven correct.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind.

From the One, the Many arise in due time. The Original Source gives birth to the mountain stream which, gathering to itself the down-flow of rain water, becomes the large river around which cities are built. These in turn pollute the river on its way to the vast ocean. This modern symbol expresses the fact that man, now at the close of a cultural cycle, is able to gather foodstuffs – mental as well as physical – from many regions of the globe. His diet has acquired a planet-wide foundation; history tells us that the search for salt and spices, then for commodities rare in local regions, provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination.

This is the last symbol of the sixteenth five-fold sequence. As is most often the case such a fifth stage implies a certain kind of synthesis or at least a preparation which leads to a new level. The keynote here is indeed ASSIMILATION; the negative potentiality of the symbol is WASTE.

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