solar eclipse in scorpio- 11/13/2012

by | Nov 12, 2012 | Lunar Insight

a new lunar cycle commences on tuesday 11/13 at 2:08pm, but this lunar cycle is an eclipse portal feature two eclipses at the time of the new and full moons. as eclipses are radical activators of evolution and change we can expect a lot of high frequency energy over the coming month- with endings and new beginnings being a theme in many areas of life.

the solar eclipse in scorpio is significant as it is the first in the scorpio/taurus series. the eclipses align with the nodes, and the nodes recently moved into scorpio and taurus so these signs are now the focus of our evolution and growth and releasing of the past. the north node points to where our growth is- but it is growth that is not easy. it is that place where you are pushed out of the nest before you know how to fly and you learn on the way down. this solar eclipse is conjunct the north node- so major Light is being brought to where we need to grow and where we need to take a leap of faith/consciousness/mastery into the unknown!

there is a lot of focus on the scorpio energy this week- with the sun/moon conjunction there along with mercury retrograde (he moves back into scorpio after the eclipse), saturn and the north node. scorpio rules all the taboo topics of society: sex, death, money and power. with so much focus on these intense realms we have MAJOR opportunities to dive deep and confront our shadow around sexuality, power and control, wealth and the finality of death (or perhaps it isn’t final and we get born somewhere else? ;) this eclipse is asking for some aspect of our life/experience to die so that something else can be reborn. one of scorpio’s images is that of the phoenix, rising out of the ashes. this empowered bird is able to come out of the darkness and into the Light- yet in order to do so he has to move through the alchemical fire. this week there are many opportunities to move through that fire- yet we have to have courage and faith that there is an opening on the other end!

with the south node in taurus- opposite this eclipse- we need to look very closely at our attachments, desires, needs for safety and security and tendency towards greed, manipulation and laziness. where scorpio lets go, taurus hangs on. hanging on to the past- people, things, emotions, beliefs- does not serve and will actually hold us back from the evolution we seek! the Universe knows this, our Higher Selves know this- but the ego needs to learn it. sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not really in control and that something Higher is manifesting. this is not fate, as that something Higher is actually a part of ourselves. it is more like destiny- it is something we co-create with the Divine. scorpio energy will help us transmute the shadow and negativity- but the only way to do so is by going through it. this is a great week to shadow dance, dive deep and look at what lies beneath the surface- rather than what is only skin deep.

to add to the potency of this eclipse, the uranus/pluto square radically activates both the sun and the moon. uranus sesquiquadrates the lunation and pluto semisquares it. with the planet of liberation and change going head to head with the planet of the underworld, opportunities for unsettling insight into the depths and shadow (of ourselves, of others, of the world around us) are possible right now. yet we cannot get stuck in this shadow focus or we will become cynical and despondent. the purpose of seeing shadow is so that we know what we are working with and then we can act from that place of awareness and consciousness. if you see shadow you can no longer pretend to be asleep. this is when the activist gets awakened!

luckily pluto, the ruler of this eclipse, makes some lovely aspects that can help provide support amidst the changing nature of reality in this now moment. both chiron and saturn (who is in pluto’s sign) sextile pluto, bringing major opportunities for deep healing, awareness and consciousness as well as grounding, mastery and maturity when it comes to dealing with the shadow in the structures, foundations, dogma and patriarchal consciousness that permeates our personal and collective lives. this amazingly auspicious energy that perfects this week but plays out into next year is helping us move through the intensity and the increasing size of the energetic waves we are riding. intensity is the new ‘normal’ frequency- so if we are holding our breath, waiting for it all to calm down and go away we will go blue in the face. things are building, much like a weight lifter increases the weight on his settings. the weight is increased and our (spiritual) muscles have to build. the time has come!

so into the eclipse portal we go! the lunar eclipse on 11/28 is even more powerful than this one. we need to be very aware of what is up for us personally and collectively this week and do what we need to do to address it/deal with it/evolve it. when the lunar eclipse arrives anything NOT being looked at will definitely come to a head. doing be a procrastinator- you will regret it.

surfing the waves alongside you…

~divine harmony

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