solar eclipse in gemini- 5/20/2012

by | May 18, 2012 | Lunar Insight

the eclipse portal officially opens this sunday may 20th with a solar eclipse at 0’21 gemini, exact at 4:47pm PDT. a solar eclipse is an amplified new moon, with the potential to start us on a whole new part of our path or journey. profound new starts, doors opening and opportunities to grow and evolve are available to us all! yet, as it often does, these new beginnings can coincide with dramatic endings or releasing of the past. before we can walk through a new door we have to fully close the door to some aspect of the past.

the eclipse portal is a time of rapid evolution and change. eclipses are like wormholes whose sole purpose is to help us get from point A to point B in an intense and powerful fashion. with the eclipse portal opening up this weekend we are heading into a potent and perhaps intense month ahead. knowing that this is coming upon us gives us an opportunity to work with these energies, embrace change and be proactive about our own transformation!

with the solar eclipse in gemini we are supported in starting new things and/or embarking on a new aspect of our journey in relation to communication (writing, speaking, teaching), how we use our mind, our thinking, and social connection. the ruler of this lunation is mercury and he is in taurus conjunct jupiter- the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity! the opportunities to expand our minds, evolve our thinking and open up to greater possibilities in life is astounding! but we have to be open to it in the first place in order to let it in ;)

the most intense aspect to this lunation is a square to neptune in pisces. with the planet of spirituality, mysticism, illusion, delusion and deception in tense aspect to the sun/moon conjunction we need to be very aware of the tendency to see or believe what we want to see as well as the potential for ourselves and others to deceive. neptune is ideal and at times in denial. with the juxtaposition of gemini and pisces we have to find balance between our rational, logical mind and our intuitive, spiritual awareness. leaning too far on either side of the spectrum can either keep our minds closed to the sacred around us (too much gemini), or it can have us being ungrounded, fantastical and living in delusion (too much pisces).

a few other things to take note of are the fact that despite the ruler of this lunation (mercury) being conjunct expansive, optimistic jupiter- the other aspects mercury makes are tense. mercury triggers the uranus/pluto square (mercury is semisquare uranus, sesquiquadrate pluto) and he also quincunxes saturn. with 3 of the heavy hitter planets coming up against mercury we can be sure that there is an intense energy in the air. saturn asks mercury to be in integrity and personal mastery, uranus asks mercury to embrace change and evolve and pluto asks mercury to see the shadow and look beyond the facade to the Truth. with these energies coming up against mercury in taurus we need to really be aware of our tendency to cling to the past, to material things and hold ourselves back from growth and evolution due to a need for security. with the uranus/pluto square only beginning to build we are in for several years of dramatic and profound change. the more you can find your center and learn to surf the waves, the better.

we are entering the portal- ready to take things to the next level. of course we all do have choice, by why would you choose to hold onto the dead or dying past when you have a bright, shiny new future lying in wait ahead? :)

happy eclipsing!

~divine harmony

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