Friday April 10th 2020

the first new moon of 2019 is exact on saturday january 5th 2019 at 5:29pm PST. this new moon is a solar eclipse and initiates us into the first eclipse portal of 2019! eclipses are times of radical change- and this year we have the first of the capricorn eclipses putting the spotlight on the capricorn confluence and karmic south node conjunctions with pluto and saturn that is one of the main focuses of the astrology in 2019. this new moon eclipse massively activates the karma, lessons, endings and completions that 2019 is asking of us- so pay attention (be sure to listen to the yearly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes for more info!).

this new moon is at 15’25 capricorn and it is conjunct saturn and pluto and in a stellium of sun/moon, saturn, pluto and the karmic south node. new moons are typically about beginnings but this new moon is on the karmic south node which is about endings. the energy this year is about beginning some of the biggest endings in your life- ending chapters, ending karmic patterns, ending stories you have been telling yourself and more. typically a new moon in capricorn is a great time to focus on career, success and purpose- yet this a south node eclipse so first we need to assess what is NOT working before we can start moving into the direction of what does work. on a global level this year and next year requires that we see where the old, toxic, stagnant and stuck ways of doing things are not only keeping us stuck they are actually causing us to de-volve. evolution only happens when we are willing to change- so this is a year to question traditions, commitments, expectations, obligations and anything you are holding onto out of safety and security.

the new moon eclipse triggers the saturn/neptune sextile- exact for the first time at the end of january but it is a transit that lasts all year long. saturn is the root chakra, neptune is the crown chakra (also the Higher Heart). saturn is reality, neptune is dreams. saturn/neptune is a great transit for anchoring dreams and making them a reality. saturn is the bull shit detector and he can see what is real, what is illusion, what is fact and what is fantasy. this is a time to take off the rose colored glasses, call ourselves out when we are spiritual bypassing, stop escaping and denying and face what IS. this is a HUGE year for shadow work. of course i am a big proponent of shadow work to begin with but this year with so much happening with the south node- which is karmic and where we get stuck- shadow work is the key to liberation and freedom. i will be offering a shadow work and astrology course in may just in time for the saturn/south node conjunctions- if you are interested in being on a contact list when i have registration up for this course send me an email here-

the day after the eclipse we have uranus stationing direct- and once he goes direct all the main planets (mercury through pluto) are in forward motion! this is not a common event as we often have at least one planet retrograde. we have all planets in direct motion until march 5th- which means it’s time to get a move on! uranus is about change and having him at stand still in the sky we have the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener in his strongest position. he is only in aries for a little while longer- he moves back into taurus for good in march. waking up to independence, agency, action and initiative is key! just watch out for reactivity, restlessness, selfishness and aggression (the shadow of uranus in aries).

there is an absolutely lovely Grand Water Trine between venus, chiron and the north node in the new moon eclipse chart. healing of the heart, in relationships, in self-worth and self-love are supported right now. with all bodies in water signs our intuition is deep, our creativity is opened and our empathy is expanded. this is a time to be vulnerable and intimate with our emotions. feeling is the key to healing right now!

the new moon is conjunct the fixed star vega- which is a star known to be charismatic and magical. interestingly the magical energy is grounded into an earth sign ruled by saturn which is all about taking the magic and making it manifest in the mundane- essentially what the saturn/neptune sextile are all about!

we also have an important asteroid on the new moon/eclipse- with the sun and moon conjunct icarus. mythologically he was the boy who flew too close to the sun and his wax wings burned and he felt to the earth and died. symbolically icarus is a reminder to make sure we are not being impulsive, reactive or restless- and that we are not coming from hubris or self-grandiosity. remember uranus is stationary and any actions taken right now that are not thought out well can cost us. this is not a time to be escapist or be so in the moment we don’t think about the future consequences of our actions. of course this is quite opposite of what capricorn typically is- as it’s a sign that thinks things through and does not act without thinking of the long term consequences. yet we have two energies operating at the time of the eclipse- capricorn and the old, uranus and the new- capricorn with its need for responsibility and uranus with its need for freedom. we want both to be operating- as just one expressed at the expense of the other can be costly.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 16 Capricorn (we always round up to the nearest whole degree). he speaks of dinosaur bones being discovered while digging. what an apt image for shadow work and digging into the past to ferret out the crystalized forms in our past that are still very much present despite the fact that we have buried them and are not consciously aware that they are there. ellias talks about this moment being ‘tracked with from previous lives and imbued with future lives’ and how ‘this life is just one episode in a long story’. they say that when you are fully enlightened you remember ALL your lives- past, present and future. when you remember this you can link all the pearls together on the necklace that is your Soul’s journey. ‘if you want to know your past lives, look to your present life circumstances. if you want to know your future lives, look to your present life actions’. with the karmic south node so active this year- it’s a great year to deal with your past. and this new moon eclipse will let you know just what is going to be asked of you to do so!

sending blessings as you initiate the beginning of major endings in your life!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 16 Dinosaur bones discovered while digging

An immense task. Far too much to do for one lifetime. Tracked with from previous lives and imbued with future lives. This life is just one episode in a long story.
The need to know absolutely everything. A fabulous hunger for meaning, for getting down to it. An omnivorous appetite for clues and cues, for signs and portents, for openings and improbable avenues of inquiry. The mysteries taken up by one who is always in them.
An astoundingly thematic and thick path to stick with. Nothing is irrelevant. All is synchronized and saturated with so much to deal with that the inner doubter must work overtime to keep all this within bounds. The skeptical outlook becomes the only defense against being taken over by too many directions with too much power in them for anybody to integrate.
That distancing voice taken on as completely as possible. The dry observer, the impartial witness. This does serve to level an edge to the providings. The one who searches and finds, needing to prove to that detached witness that we are getting somewhere, it is worth it after all.
Gifts of consciousness. Nothing else in here. No emotions, no true embodiment. But a startling mode of awareness. So lucid and probing, so skillful and able to pursue the cues from so many sides at once.
Everything in life is sacrificial to the work, to the quest, to the interior dimensions. Starkly one-sided and perhaps intolerable in a certain way. The specialist who is still at it after so many lifetimes.
Ultimately, a sacrifice unto purpose and broader results. Here to further the shared process of uncovering that which we need to see and come to terms with. Given over to such a design implicitly. Not very sympathetic to obstacles and to self. Just getting into it and knowing we can find the missing link.

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