Thursday February 27th 2020

solar eclipse in aquarius- 2/15/18

the partial solar eclipse at 27’08 aquarius is exact on thursday february 15th at 1:05pm PST. the takes us through the backend of the eclipse portal that began with the total lunar eclipse in leo on january 31st- and this also initiates us into a new lunar cycle. eclipse portals are times of radical change! those who have planets or angles at the degrees of the eclipses are the ones that will feel the changes the most intensely (look to see if you have 10-13 degrees or 26-28 degrees leo or aquarius strongly placed in your chart).

with the leo/aquarius axis highlighted by this eclipse portal and the nodes of the moon- the focus is on individuality and community, heart and mind, passionate engagement and impersonal detachment. because the karmic south node is in aquarius we can overdo herd mentality, be overly mind based and disconnected from our feelings, emotions and heart. the fact that there are so many planets piled up in aquarius right now (sun, moon, mercury, venus and the south node) with several of them aspecting uranus- the ruler of aquarius- makes the karmic south node even more potent and easy to default to. being super aware of where we are staying stuck in old paradigms and refusing to grow is key right now!

a solar eclipse occurs at the new moon and typically new moons are about new beginnings. yet a solar eclipse occurs because the moon eclipses the face of the sun- causing darkness to shed on earth where the eclipse is visible. in addition this particular new moon eclipse is in the sign of the south node- so this eclipse is more about endings and what needs to be let go of in order for the new to have space to take hold. it will be easy to keep on doing the same old same old thing. our resistance to change can be strong wherever aquarius is- and yet change is inevitable right now!

the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with mercury- the planet of communication- and juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. this eclipse can initiate thinking, contemplating and communicating about relationships in our lives (personal, intimate, marriage, business and financial). with juno in aquarius we need relationships that are evolutionary and help us grow! yet having juno in the same sign as the south node could have us addicted to freedom, noncommittal and detached emotionally so as not to get too vulnerable and intimate. the sun/moon/mercury/juno conjunction are all sextile uranus- amplifying but also massively exacerbating the need for space and freedom at any cost. we can be fiercely independent and resistant to compromise and collaboration if it limits us in any way.

the north node in leo is about coming into the fulness of our individuality, originality, creativity and compassionate heart! this is not about detaching and coming from the head (aquarius). rather it’s about full blooded, passionate engagement with others and with life!

the two strongest signs in the eclipse chart are aquarius and pisces- the last 2 signs of the zodiac. both of these signs are transpersonal, transcendent and Big Picture oriented. at the end of february we have a quincunx between neptune in pisces and the north node in leo- pitting the piscean tendency to sacrifice the self, play the victim or the martyr, or default to the impersonal and transcendent against the north node’s need to be fully here, embodied, passionate and radially self-Loving! we need to be super aware of where we are trying to go up and out as a means to avoid going down and in. this is the meaning of spiritual bypassing- using spirituality and transcendent practices to avoid feeling our feelings, feeling our pain and being fully embodied. with so much transpersonal energy present at this eclipse we need to be super aware of where we are doing this in our personal lives but also collectively.

the ruler of this eclipse is uranus who is in aries- the sign of the individual. uranus makes tense aspects to mars, jupiter, neptune, pluto and eris- bringing wake up/shake up energy. breakdowns precede breakthroughs. we just need to make sure we are relating to our anger, will and drive in conscious ways so it does not Unconscious control us!

a big aspect to pay attention to is the mars/neptune square which is exact a couple days after the eclipse. the highest expression of mars/neptune is the Spiritual Warrior. the one who uses their will and drive (mars) in service of Spirit, creativity and compassion (neptune). yet this aspect is tense and it can amplify or exacerbate shadow tendencies of deception, illusion, confusion, spiritual bypassing, dishonesty and lack of integrity. with both bodies in signs of spirituality- we need to be super aware of where we think we know it all and are the ones in the right. it’s easy to deceive ourselves right now and see only what we want to see!

venus is also in a minor tense aspect with both pluto and eris. we are fast approaching the pluto/eris square (exact for the 1st time in january 2020- just in time for the saturn/pluto conjunction!)- and venus triggers both in this eclipse chart. venus/pluto brings up shadow in relationship dynamics and Love and money situations. venus/eris reveals the chaos and discord playing out behind the scenes. both pluto and eris like to reveal what is hidden. they are not interested in what is on the surface and making all nice nice when something festers beneath. yet venus is in pisces- the sign of the idealist and romantic. venus in pisces wants perfection and will turn a blind eye- while pluto/eris is asking us to see what is right in front of our faces (personally yes but also collectively!).

this eclipse is definitely initiating us into a new way of doing and being in relationship (romantic, business and otherwise). evolutionary partnerships are a must. but we also have to be willing to see where our need for space and freedom may be a reaction towards fear of intimacy, vulnerability and abandonment. a new paradigm of partnership is birthing. if you have not read the article i wrote about this in 2010 you can find that here-

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the eclipse degree. this meditation to me sums up the Highest Expression of aquarius. working out the karmas for everyone. using the personal to complete transpersonal karma. because of the nodal axis of leo north node and aquarius south node my only comment is that we need to balance this. if we are too detached, too impersonal- we are not embodied. what we need right now is people who are anchoring the Divine fully into the earth realm. we don’t need ascension, up and out- we need decension, down and in. we need to fully show up here and now. and we need to do this for ourselves as much as we need to do this for the whole world. surrendering the mind to the heart is key.


~divine harmony

Aquarius 28 A tapestry loom. On it is a half finished tapestry

Working very hard to fulfill what a previous self set out as unfinished business. Being driven to the utmost to get it down perfectly this time. A whole cycle of lives in the earth coming toward fruition. An astounding dedication to the task at hand. Holding nothing back from matching hand and head in intelligent and well-modulated task. The craft of those who have done this before and who are resuming this cycle in mid stream.
Being born old and experienced. Having few illusions to sit with. Just here to make a difference, to pitch in completely, to make sure the best things happen right on time.
An objective, impersonal, point of view. Giving no special treatment to self. This one here is just an instrument. They know how to do it and so they must and so they will.
In the thick of all the responsibilities and labor and outward endeavors, a contemplative hidden core gazes upon all of these activities, these busy times, and is so very detached from it all that if everything changed completely this moment, there would be no looking back. This wise facet of self helps to balance the tendency of the laborer to become wedded to what the body and the mind are taking on so arduously.
The paradoxical, almost compulsive adherence to the objective requirements of the outer situation and a blithely aloof observation of the whole process and scene. Yet the witnessing intelligence says nothing. And the austere force of will just walks onward.
More here than meets the eye. Cloaking the self in the straight guise of karmic process. Seeming to be quite wrapped up in what’s gotta get done. The inside spirit is already free and clean of the entire operation. This one is for everybody.

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