Friday May 24th 2019

the partial solar eclipse/new moon in leo is exact on saturday august 11th 2018 at 2:58am PDT- marking the end of the triple eclipse portal and also commencing a new lunar cycle. this new moon eclipse is the 2nd to the last leo eclipse (the last one is in january 2019 and will be a lunar eclipse)- as we are heading into a new cycle of eclipses with cancer/capricorn in focus. so the next 5 months is like the last hurrah for leo lessons- of course where this plays out for your sign is important so check your weekly horoscopes and lunar monthly horoscopes.

this new moon eclipses is in the sign of the north node. the north node is where our evolution and growth is but it’s not where we typically go willingly. we often need the Universe to force our hand and PUSH us out of the nest forcing us to grow. the south node is the path of karma and what is easy- but also where we stay stuck- while the north node is the path of dharma, evolution and destiny. this eclipses is a major push for growth and evolution!!!

the leo energy is what we all need to step into right relationship with right now. some of us are disconnected from leo- so we need to come into our self-confidence, self-esteem, self-Love, leadership, creativity and authentic self-expression. others of us overdo our leo so we need to come into better balance with it and be less narcissistic, self focused, always needing to lead but never able to follow. right relationship with ego so that it is not overblown or underdeveloped is key. some spiritual traditions speak about killing off the ego or getting rid of it. as long as you relate to ego as an enemy and something you have to destroy you will be Unconsciously controlled by ego. from a depth psychological perspective the path to freedom from ego is integration of ego- having a healthy relationship to ego so that it is the container for Spirit and not the one in the driver’s seat. imagine your ego as the chalice that holds the waters of your Soul and the fire of your Spirit. the Soul and Spirit are the essence but the chalice is the sacred temple holding that essence. they ALL are important and only when integrated can one be truly enlightened/awakened/whole.

this eclipse is quincunx pluto- the Lord of the Underworld and Roto Rooter of the zodiac. pluto comes along so show us where the shit has gotten stuck. he illuminates what is toxic, stagnant and karmic and shows us what we need to do to deal with it. pluto is part of the capricorn confluence- we all have this potent astrology playing out somewhere in our charts and it is where we are being asked to do a massive purge and/or revisioning (check weekly horoscopes and lunar monthly horoscopes for more info). the capricorn confluence is where we are being stripped to the bone and essence. we are being shown WHAT IS and what is not. it’s a get real moment. and it demands radical accountability, integrity and self-awareness. pluto’s tense aspect to the new moon eclipse is helping us see the old structures, dogmas and paradigms that hold us back from stepping up into ever greater self-Love and authenticity. if we are holding onto to the past out of safety and security or doing things out of expectation and obligation- the solar fire leo energies cannot light us up from the inside out. we cannot pursue our greatest passions when we are holding onto the past out of fear. so this is an eclipse to detox, declutter, trip away and get to the essence of what is. byron katie’s work ‘loving what is’ can be a great teaching right now!

i leave you with ellias lansdale’s star sparks meditation for 19 leo. wow what a profound meditation! this is truly a degree about the highest and lowest energy of leo and what we need to do to integrate the ego. the whole meditation is profound but the last words really speak to me “Many lessons in humility and surrender. Endless tasks in the direction of self-mastery beyond having a marvelous impact upon others. Needing to go all the way into the shadows in order to be so integrated that the brightness really lasts.”

blessed new moon solar eclipse to you! may your journey of bringing shadow to Light bring greater integration and capacity to Love- yourself as well as others and the world around you!



by ellias lonsdale

Leo 19 A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine

A bright spirit. Highly quickened by touch with source. Alive to the interflow which characterizes the Living Spirit when it is fully active and engaged. Strongly promoting of what can happen here. Rabidly insistent upon optimal possibilities being tangible realities, here and now.
Wild with the exuberance of the moment. Entirely uncontainable. Being drawn to express and embody a full range of colors, tones, soul moods, realms of experience. Just about burning up with the magic of what wants to emerge through those willing to make way.
Also, on a deeper level, profoundly tuned into what communion truly is. Knowing by sharpest instinct that you have to give everything to receive in kind. Able to muster whatever it takes to put out there the inward intentions and desire, visions and impulses.
Called upon to make a difference. Tapping the very best. So very conscious that this brings it’s own considerable challenges, especially when others are napping.
The truth vigil, the reality sentinel. The one appointed to move through the edges and beyond. The one who gives permission, who invokes and offers and and promises that any and all things can happen here and now if we are daring.
Gifted in every cell. Brimming over with confidence and élan. Almost too talented and self-aware to be able to resist the temptation to become one’s own central reality. Needing to realize that which leaps beyond self and never stops at any single center of awareness, no matter how dazzling.
Many lessons in humility and surrender. Endless tasks in the direction of self-mastery beyond having a marvelous impact upon others. Needing to go all the way into the shadows in order to be so integrated that the brightness really lasts.

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