Tuesday June 25th 2019

new moon in virgo- getting real, getting healthy

the new moon at 17’00 virgo is exact on sunday september 9th 2018 at 11:01am PDT. this is the first new moon that is not a solar eclipse since june 13th! we are through the eclipse portal and mars is now direct (although back end shadow of mars retrograde last till 10/8). we have really been through a massive portal this summer and likely some aspect of your life has dramatically changed.

this new moon in discerning virgo is a time to get dialed in on reality. so many Grand Earth Trines recently have been all about reality- seeing it, dealing with it, setting foundations so that we can create the reality we really want to be living. virgo sees the pieces and see what is missing or what needs to be fixed. virgo is a sign with a lot of integrity, commitment to inner and outer work, with a deep interest in self-adjustment. this new moon trines transformative pluto and sextile jupiter- accessing the last goodness of the jupiter/pluto sextile (last exact trine on september 12th)- which is all about transformation, evolution, empowerment and releasing what no longer helps us grow. if we are committed to inner work and shadow work this is an EXCELLENT LUNATION to work with!!!

of course we cannot overlook the fact that the new moon is opposite neptune- pitting the virgoan detail and reality focus with the piscean idealism and fantasy. this is a lunation to take the rose colored glasses off. it’s a time to see reality as it is- warts and all. first within ourselves and then within others and situations in our lives. we can only truly transform or change things when we can see WHAT IS. a good book to read/re-read or listen to is ‘loving what is’ by byron katie. our suffering comes from resisting what is- from wishing it were otherwise. we stay stuck in drama when we do that. of course this is not a call to let others or ourselves off the hook- ‘i am/he/she is doing the best that i/he/she can’ is sometimes a cop out. so using the virgo new moon to discern ‘are we doing the best that we can?’ and/or ‘is he/she/this situation even capable of what i am expecting?’ when we get down to the bottom line we are then able to see clearly what/who can change, what/who can’t and then we can access the wisdom to know the difference.

this is a time to be willing to see where we or others spiritually bypass, escape, turn to addictions to people/places/things to numb out, where we engage in co-dependent or enabling relationships. where are we burying our heads in the sand? where are we choosing to not see things clearly? now that saturn is direct we have his self-mastery and integrity supporting us in GETTING REAL and SEEING/DEALING WITH REALITY. even if what we are facing is bleak- this is actually a very empowering place to be! (and moving through any illusions/delusions/fears is part of the process to get there)

some ‘minor’ aspects (that really are not so minor) also factor into the new moon chart. the approaching venus/nodal T square triggers this lunation (actual venus square nodes is september 14th). there are crossroads coming in relationships, finances and how we live our lives aligned with our values. this new moon can show us clearly the path of karma, the path of evolution and what road each choice will take us down. the mars/uranus square is also triggering the new moon- with the last one occurring on 9/18. some wake up/shake up energies are present right now. life is in breakdown and/or breakthrough mode. the key is to stay with the energy of change without being impulsive, reactive or selfish. taking action from a place of consciousness and awareness right now is SO KEY if you want to move down new paths of growth instead of replicate old paths of karma.

the ruler of the lunation is mercury who is in virgo- the sign he rules- and just past a lovely Grand Earth Trine with saturn and uranus. again this is about getting real, seeing what is, setting solid foundations upon which we can build in the months and years to come. the earth energy is fecund, fertile, abundant and great for manifestation. but it’s earth we are talking about so this is about slow, steady steps towards our goals. think long term benefit not short term reward right now!

some asteroids and fixed stars that are important to tune into include juno with eros and algol- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the asteroid god of passion and sexuality with the fixed star of the Dark Goddess of female passion and intensity! there can be some very intense energy to navigate in relationships- marriage, business partnership, financial partnerships and more. luckily juno is in earthy taurus- so we have some grounded, focused energy to tap into when dealing with Love or money situations.

chiron is also opposite ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess- bringing old wounds and pain up in home/family situations, in regards to children, parents or old stuff coming up from childhood that needs to be addressed. with all the libra happening right now and in the coming month- the desire for peace and harmony at any cost can create a tendency to sweep things under the carpet, avoid the depths and/or outright lie and deceive so as not to rock the boat and/or not to deal with the consequences of speaking the Truth. ceres- just like venus last month and the sun and mercury later this month and into october- will make a lot of intense aspects through november. where libra is in your chart the facade is being stripped away and you are being asked to deal with what is going on underneath! (be sure to listen to weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes for more information)

one other powerful alignment to take note of is the mars/black moon lilith/south node conjunction occurring september 7th through october 1st (we also had this happen july 18th through august 10th). with the planet of war aligned with the fierce Dark Feminine on the karmic south node- we would all do well to work with our anger, rage, sexual energy, desire, ego and will energy with as much consciousness as we can muster. with the south node activated it is very easy to default to old karmic patterns that don’t serve. this is not a time stuff anger, rage, passion, desire, sexual energy, ego- but instead a time to relate to it very consciously. with these energies we often either have an addiction to them or we have an aversion to them. we either act them out impulsively or we stuff them. either response is not conscious and not helpful. so taking time to discern (virgo) what our relationship to these energies is and where we are being asked to grow and evolve past default ways of expression or repression is key!

the sabian symbol for this degree is potent! 17 virgo is a volcanic eruption bringing dust clouds, flowing lava and earth rumblings. with the last mars/uranus square the first venus/uranus opposition- there’s definitely a rumbling energy in the field right now. all that has been repressed, stuck, stagnant is on the move. the key is to move WITH the energy in conscious ways to help facilitate transformation, breakthroughs and change. this is a great degree for emotional catharsis- but it can also be about destruction if not used wisely. keep that in mind in the coming lunar cycle!!!

for more information be sure to listen to the lunar gate call (posted yesterday) and lunar horoscopes (posted by sunday). this is members only content so if you are not signed up you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/

new moon blessings sent your way!

~divine harmony

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