Tuesday June 15th 2021

the new moon at 24’36 taurus is exact on tuesday may 15th 2018 at 4:48am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle on the same day that uranus ingresses into taurus starting a new generational cycle. this is one very powerful new moon!!!

new moons are a microcosm of the zero point. a new beginning. a syzygy of sun and moon- the point where the serpents head consumes it’s own tail. we get a new moon (or full moon) 13 times a year- giving us many cyclical new beginnings that repeat each moon-th. uranus, on the other hand, does not move into a new sign every month or even every year. he does so every 7 years. so we have a larger new cycle unfolding at the time of this new moon- and interestingly the new moon and taurus are in the same sign of taurus.

taurus is a venus-ruled earth sign that is focused on resources, money, stability, security, values, pleasure, abundance and enjoyment of life. taurus is embodied and enjoys the sensual aspects of life! taurus can also be very fixed, resistant to change and stuck on material things as a means of safety and security. normally a new moon in taurus would be a great time to focus on resources, finances, abundance and bringing more pleasure and enjoyment into our lives! yet uranus’ ingress into taurus speaks to radical and revolutionary changes that need to happen in our relationship to the material, to the financial and to our values. if our relationship to these things comes from a grasping place, a stuck place and a entitled place- then uranus will come in to turn things upside down and show us how we need to right our relationship with the material world.

on a global scale uranus in taurus heralds huge changes coming into the financial world and into our environment. as uranus is the planet of change (and often sudden in nature) and taurus is a sign of earth and closely associated with ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess- one interpretation for uranus in taurus is earth changes incoming. as i write right now kilauea volcano is undergoing massive activation and destabilization and yellowstone geyser has blown 4 times in the last month (and usually only does so a couple times a year). Mother Earth is talking and moving and shifting and activating as we speak! for me the call is to awaken to a Higher set of collective values. we need to value the Earth and her precious natural resources. dumping toxins in our air (cloud seeing), water (fukushima radiation being dumped into the ocean, not to mention garbage and run off from sewage and industrial sites), food (gmo’s, pecidicides and more) is pure stupidity. we need clean air, water and food to survive on planet earth. we need to collectively awaken to a new set of values where Mother Earth is not raped and made a dumping ground but is instead honored and treated with respect as the Sacred Mother that she is.

this new moon is a powerful new moon as it trines pluto and black moon lilith (both of which will cojoin on may 17th) and also mars the 29th degree of capricorn about to move into aquarius (later in the evening on tuesday). a new moon trine pluto is earth signs is exceptional for planting seeds for abundance, security and safety for ALL. not for the 1% or for the white people or for the humans but not the animals and cetaceans. but for ALL of us as we are all brothers and sisters living on the same planet. with pluto approaching lilith we have an opportunity to use our magic and power for good or for evil, for creation or for destruction. what will we choose?

luckily the jupiter/pluto sextile that is unfolding throughout most of the year is triggered by this new moon- giving us all an opportunity to get deeper. deeper into our selves, deeper in connection with our shadow, deeper on our path of evolution and transformation. add in mars and we have a lot of power and potency at our finger tips but we must use this energy wisely! to build things that serve all- not things that just serve ourselves or serve to control and stay in power. this astrology leads us to january 2020 when saturn aligns with pluto and ceres the Great Mother- starting major new cycles in regards to Mother Earth and our capacity to live on this planet in healthy ways. what we do right now, what we deal with, face, take a stand for and more has impact on the trajectory between now and then. navigating this wisely with consciousness, care and Love for others and Mother Earth along with the self is key!

the ruling planet of this new moon is venus who is in light and airy gemini and almost exactly conjunct pallas athena. the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess is strong in this chart and if we use our mental acuity and depth perception we can pick up on things, find information and have realization that will alter our trajectory right now.

of course mars at the 29th degree of capricorn and uranus at the 29th degree of aries (he moves into taurus just under 4 hours after the new moon) is very powerful and potential very karmic. the next day (the 16th) mars and uranus square each other for the 1st of 3 times due to mars’ upcoming retrograde journey. mars stations retrograde on june 26th but he entered his front end shadow on may 12th- just days before this new moon. we are in mars’ Underworld territory now and conventional wisdom tells us that mars retrograde is NOT a time to start new things or set things into motion. doing so can reap karma and consequences we don’t see clearly in this now moment. mars is a very immediate planet- he wants what he wants and he wants it NOW! add in a square to uranus and we can see that energy amplify. this is not good astrology for reactivity, impulsivity, aggression, war, violence and selfishness- as they all tend to get amplified. what it IS good for is seeing what needs to radically change within the self and in the world around us and then commit to the inner and outer work that needs to happen to get there.

the 29th degree is similar a dark moon. remember that the new moon is like the zero point- well so is the dark moon. that moment of liminal space between the two is when one cycle ends and a new one begins. it is both the conception point and the dissolution point. it’s the place of creation and destruction- both/and. the 29th degree is karmic because it’s like the last hurrah for the planet in the sign and everything and anything not resolved/addressed in the previous cycle can come up to be dealt with in powerful and at times intense fashion (be sure to read my astrology blog ‘the 29th degree- the end of a cycle, the end of an era’ for an in-depth write up on this linked here- https://divineharmony.com/cosmic-insight/astrology-blog/the-29th-degree-the-end-of-a-cycle-the-end-of-an-era/). with mars and uranus at the 29th degree- then shifting into the 1st degree and then squaring each other for the 1st of 3 times- i think it is VERY IMPORTANT that we navigate this week, lunar month and 7 year cycle a head with a lot of consciousness and care. starting things before we are finished and complete with the past is a recipe for disaster. the desire to quickly move on into the future without fully dealing with the past has ramifications.

there are many asteroids involved in the chart but the ones that stand out the most to me link in with chiron the Wounded Healer who just moved into aries in april (and also goes back and forth between the 29th degree and 1st degree). chiron opposes atlantis, aligns with diana, opposes eurydice and opposes persephone, that’s a lot of asteroid energy with one little planetoid who packs a punch! atlantis speaks to the ancient land where our scientific and technological power got out of balance with our heart centered awareness and care for others and the planet (sounds a lot like today!). chiron is reminding us of the past- a story that some say is myth but i know is fact. we are a tipping point where we can repeat the karmic past OR WE CAN CHANGE our future trajectory. diana speaks to connection to animals but also hunter/prey dynamics and eurydice speaks to codependency and life/death situations. last but not least we have persephone and queen of the Underworld bringing up old fears and anxiety around separation, endings and transitions in life. incidentally we also have pluto and black moon lilith both conjunct proserpina (the roman name for persephone) so the Dark Goddess is STRONG in the new moon chart. we need to face the wounds of the past and deal with the karma incurred before we can move forward. this goes for each of us individually but also all of us collectively- as countries, religions and as a whole humanity. (thanks to martha wescott for her research on asteroids)

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for the new moon degree and also uranus at 30 aries about to move into taurus. his meditations are always deep and profound and these do not disappoint! ‘what happens when a radical revolution his this place?’ this is not ‘the end, the old, the recycled mindset of the past’. ‘there comes a moment when what your guts tell you overrides the ideologies of mind and you take your life upon the instinct’. this is a time to listen to your instinct, listen to your body and your intuition. listen to your Mother Earth. listen to the omens and oracles and synchroncities and portents. they will not lead you astray!

blessings sent your way…

~divine harmony

25 taurus

Taurus 25 Bees returning to their hive

Being drawn magnetically to the deep center of life. A divining rod trained upon the life forces to discover where the bright nectar is gathered into the harvest. Immense intuitive gifts to sense right into what is here inside and where it can lead when it is followed faithfully, closely, persistently.
An astounding wealth of experience to draw upon. The sense of having been through these things before many times. So knowledgeable and familiar with the territory that it is hard not to be turned toward as an expert, a reliable source, a key player.
Preparations ahead of time. Having been shown by the angels what is to be and how to stay focused upon what is vital and essential. Being primal. The cues trigger subtle memory. We have trod this ground before. Here it is again. Let us pay close attention.
Time bends. Everything circles back upon itself. Magic comes alive. What could not be is, what was so very unlikely turns up everywhere.
Synchronicities and portents. Omens and oracles. The ways to keep track when it’s not the surface that counts, it’s rather all the inward indications. Sensing,moving where the signs point; this is it!
A special touch for resonant gesture and significant moves. A deep tracker. The one who gets the first hit that this cycle is coming on very strong. Will the signs be heeded? Will the story come true?
Almost too much of a good thing. Overloaded with goodies. Chock full of insights and visionary flashes. The gifts which were outlawed, which never disappeared.
A knack for getting it right. Yet curves, bends, caprice, whimsy, something getting in the way. The search for the truth. Needing to outlast those forces which test and keep it lively.

Aries 30 An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys

Objective awareness specializes in taking particulars and demonstrating principles through fascinating examples. This way, each thing encountered in life adds up to a total vision, a theory, a hypothesis, some overviewing myth or realization.
Such a mode of seeing and knowing and communicating is calibrated to fit within existing situations, to meet a demand, to keep the world going in it’s fascinating, stimulating, external workings. It repeats, recirculates, regurgitates data, theories, pet notions, popular sound bytes. For it is meant to popularize, to spread, to universalize, to get the word out there.
There is no personal note struck. There is no subjective interpretation indulged. There is no earthly undercurrent a given clear voice. All of this is inside consensus reality, solidly embedded in the world view of the Old Earth.
What happens when a revolution, a radical evolution hits this place? The outer veneer is pierced. The husk of conformity gives way. What do we meet underneath?
The machine drones onward. The outer mind keeps spewing facts and theories. But somebody is alive in here. They are not the end, the old, the recycled mind set of the past. They bear something vital to be connected up at a level beyond the outer mind arena and all it’s dynamics.
That resurgent vital edge is always lurking, waiting. Just one more tour of duty, and then….But the times catch up. There comes a moment when what your guts tell you overrides the ideologies of mind and you stake your life upon the instinct.

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