Sunday May 16th 2021

the new moon at 21’18 taurus is exact at 12:00pm PDT (noon on the dot!), commencing a new lunar cycle that is focused on material life, embodiment, pleasure, abundance and connection to Mother Earth.

this is a POWERFUL lunation. the new moon is conjunct both true and mean black moon lilith (very tight window between them- only 10 minutes apart) and the new moon is sextile neptune in pisces. this new moon activates the neptune/lilith sextile that is exact on 5/13 (true lilith has an erratic orbit and this sextile has been ongoing since nov 2020 until nov 2021). this is a VERY PSYCHIC INTUITIVE MONTH- and it’s especially important to pay attention to dreams, intuitive senses, inner knowing and psychic opening.

what is so amazing is this new moon and Lilith are in taurus- the sign of embodiment. often psychic and mystical experience are very transcendent and not embodied- but taurus is providing an ability to open psychically and stay grounded, rooted and connected to the earth.

this new moon is also trine pluto which is amazing for empowerment and transformation via work, career, abundance, self worth and self love. with the earth signs strongly activated this is a lunation to focus on BEING HERE NOW in the body feed on earth. it’s also great for focusing on calling in and/or expanding wealth, health, career or any other mundane focus.

with the new moon sextile neptune, it is also quincunxing retrograde juno in sagittarius. juno is in a huge conversation all year long with the karmic south node (3 conjunctions between february and august) and neptune (3 squares- the first of which is on may 5th and thee last will be in october). what is so interesting about this conversation is that juno is keeping the neptune/nodal T square from january engaged all year long. that square only occurred in january but because of juno’s transit of the south node and neptune throughout the year it it is still very much front and center archetypal speaking.

this is what i wrote about neptune square the nodes in january:

“neptune in pisces squares the nodes of the moon (mean 1/5/21, true 12/6/21), forming a T square between the planet of idealism and illusion and the nodal axis of destiny and karma. the karmic south node in sagittarius is magnifying the shadow tendencies of hubris, self righteousness, dogma, and super size me culture. shadow sadge thinks it is right, others are wrong and they are the teacher or leader everyone needs to listen to. the north node in gemini is a reminder that the path of growth and evolution requires that we come back to beginner’s mind. being curious and open and willing to see where we are not right or do not see the whole Truth is key. the gemini/sagitttarius axis is all about lower mind and Higher Mind, personal perspective and the Bigger Picture. with neptune square both is really easy to see what we want to see, justify our actions and perceptions and truly be way off in our perceptions. it’s easy to deceive or be deceived right now- so do some honest self check ins and also question things you hear from others- personally but also collectively (the media, etc…). there’s a lot going on behind the smoke screen and if we really want to be free we have to be willing to see through illusions even if it shocks and destabilizes things! the true node square to neptune is end of january so all month long we would all do well to cultivate discernment, take the rose colored glasses off, deepen our integrity and commitment to seeing/owning/living the Truth!”

i have to say never in my life have i understood the transiting nodes in such a deep way as i have in the last year and a half. the karmic south node in sagittarius is in your face everywhere! everyone thinks they are right! the other is wrong! my viewpoint is the sane one- yours is fake news! so much duality, polarity and division- WOW. i hear many people making big statements about Truth but very few people being open to discussion, curious about other’s perspectives and generally just not humble or open minded.

the thing with juno is she speaks to what we are committed to. juno in sagittarius on the karmic south node magnifies where we are more committed to being RIGHT than we are to the actual truth. she also shows our commitment to keeping the karmic patterns going strong and staying stuck in old paradigms. fun times!

interestingly in this amazing lunar cycle (lunar gate call will be up soon) we have venus the ruler of the new moon in her heliacal rise (varies based on your earth based location) and as she comes out of the Underworld she does so being energized by the pleiades and then heads to the north node (also mercury and sun align with the north node in may). SO MUCH ACTIVATION of the north node of destiny and evolution!!!

the north node in gemini is about coming back to beginners mind. it’s about being curious, open, open-minded and teachable. gemini is the perpetual student- always learning, always asking questions, always open to new information that could totally turn the belief system upside down. gemini is connected to the trickster archetype and the fool in the tarot. they both are ready to embrace change on a dime!

taurus traditionally is fixed earth. fixed is not about change it’s about maintaining and sticking with what is safe and secure. earth also likes grounding, stability and the familiar. but uranus is in taurus and he is upsetting the apple cart- disturbing our peace, changing our values, shifting our attachments. ultimately his goal is liberation and freedom- but if hold onto things and refuse to let go the journey is not as fun (we get dragged kicking and screaming). but ultimately it still leads to the same place of learning to LET GO and OPEN TO THE NEW.

the new moon is widely conjunct uranus and square saturn- energizing the saturn/uranus square, one of the biggest transits of 2021. saturn is the old, uranus is the new. saturn is the past, uranus is the future. saturn prefers secure foundations, uranus comes into dig them up and start anew! this transit is like being between a rock and a hard place. it can create a lot of tension which can build up in the body and in the emotions- not to mention the earth (it can be a transit connected to earthquakes).

if we are too saturnian and resist change- uranus will come in and turn things upside down and force your hand. if we are too uranian and great with change but are ungrounded and non-committal then saturn will come in and force us to put down roots or be responsible. honest self checkins about your own relationship to these two archetypes is key to your personal insight and interpretation (also check your chart and listen to horoscopes- lunar horoscopes will be up by the new moon 5/11).

another signature of the saturn/uranus square i am currently studying is the pretense of hygeia- the goddess of healing. she is in leo (as of 9/11/20) and she has been squaring uranus three times an opposing saturn three times- triggering the saturn/uranus square. the tightest of these was 2/7-2/10 just a week before the first actual saturn/uranus square on 2/17. the 2nd tightest is 5/26-5/31 with the 2nd saturn/uranus square on 6/14.

hygeia is about health and healing- particularly prevention of illness, hygiene, vital life force and living well. for me one of the biggest things the covid virus has revealed is how unwell so many people on the planet are. this virus hits the elderly and immunocompromised the most- the people who have the most health issues. there is a correlation between covid deaths and secondary health issues. we live in a world that is increasingly more and more toxic and fast food, packaged food, eating on the run, and so many other things we do regularly does not support being healthy and vital.

i found this online about hygeia and hygiene (her name is the root of the word):

“Hygiene is the science of preserving health. The subject of hygiene includes all of the agencies affecting the physical and mental well-being of people. In its personal aspects, it involves consideration of food; clothing; water and other forms of drink; work; sleep; and exercise; personal cleanliness; special habits, such as the use of narcotics, tobacco, alcohol, etc.; and other kinds of mental health. In its public aspects, it is concerned with soil; climate; character; materials and arrangement of dwellings; heating and ventilation; removal of wastes; medical knowledge on the incidence and prevention of disease; and the disposal of the dead.”

when you look around and see the the food is genetically modified and sprayed with chemicals, water has heavy metals and radioactive waste in it, people overwork, under-sleep, often do not exercise. the use of drugs, cigarettes, marijuana and alcohol is high (and many say higher due to covid). people’s mental health is under duress. and then looking publicly at toxins in the oil, climate change, the we dump waste into the ocean, and more- we can see our world is not healthy. no wonder a virus stopped us in our tracks!!!

i know a lot of people who have been detoxing and cleaning lately- and there is this conversation around women’s menstrual cycles and how many, many women are having weird things happen to their cycles (coming early, coming late and more). a woman’s cycle is the time of month she releases and sheds- it’s like a detox in many ways. it’s also a time when she is most psychic and intuitive. i feel a reset happening for women- where anything that needs to be released (particularly around the patriarchal conditioning introjected) is coming up and out. i know so many people going through major healing crises – physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and more. what is poisonous or toxic must come up and out for healing to happen- this is normal. not everyone has the resources to get the support they need though- which is another thing the covid situation has magnified tenfold.

i am very much tuning into how hygeia is the medicine woman- and how many women are being awakened right now tot their own deeper healing which will ultimately lead them deeper down the path of their own gifts as healers (or awaken them to it). hygeia is about prevention of sickness- and this has to do with diet, clean air, clean water, a toxin free lifestyle. something hard to come by for a lot of people right now which breaks my heart.

hygeia is about coming back into right relationship with the body and with the earth- as the earth is our body and our body is the earth. and with uranus in taurus- a revolution of embodiment and waking up to what is really going on in our bodies and our planet is underway (if you have not read my blog on Uranus in taurus you can find that here-

for me this time is about awakening to my own well being, my own radical commitment to being a spiritual being having a human experience and honoring it with self care. it’s a time of being fully embodied and that means presencing all that is going on in my body and on the body of the earth. to not bury my head in the sand- not ignore what is really going on. “as within, so without.”

this is a powerful lunation to commit more deeply to being an embodied spirit- here now. not going up and out. not ascending and leaving the bad people here on earth. but coming fully down and in. finding and working with the shadow in my own being so i can bring it back into wholeness and integration. interestingly hygeia is related to another goddess salus (roman) who governs health and wholeness who is herself connected too the goddess concordia also known as harmonia (harmony).

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for 22 taurus (full text below)- so appropriate! seeing into the future, bridging realms, diving deep. perfect for neptune sextile lilith.

i wish you healing, wholeness, belonging and divine harmony ;) may you find it within, may you anchor it without. blessed be!

~divine harmony
(yes my real given birth name is harmony ;)

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by elias lonsdale

Taurus 22 A blindfolded woman who sees the future

Being shown strictly what inward vision reveals. Not knowing about all the other factors. Just zeroing in on the revelatory dimension of that which we can witness to when we are starkly concentrated upon one thing alone.
In a stark, tight, crystallized way, we remember how we’ve always done these things and we pass it on to a different world to come. We bridge by holding to the ancient soul faculties, yet tapping these strictly for the purposes of the future and what it bears for all of us as we walk down that endless road.
We are such a bridge between times and realms, such a threshold walker and shape shifter that we find our purpose and our meaning right down the middle of this other-worldly, unworldly path of knowing. There just is not a secondary tie in for this place inside. We follow it purely or it fades into the background.
For we are being chosen to track with the invisible and the intangible, the time-free and expanded Spirit streams. We are being groomed to invoke these matters in the traditional, yet futuristic way that by passes the tendency of the separative ego mind. We are being orchestrated to take up a calling which makes us very separate, yet more inwardly connected with the life of the whole than we could be by all the busy activities in the world.
There is a stubborn unyielding element to these influences. There is an implacable and taciturn quality to it. There is not a flexibility, a fluency, a free movement among many spheres. There is a holding to a lineage, a training, an initiation, a past lives capacity which needs to be taken further.
This is not the kind of vibration which everybody will feel at peace with. There is something about it which pulls us all to a depth we may prefer to steer clear of. When this frequency is tapped, the insides will be sharply adhered to.

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