new moon in scorpio- midwifing death in the dark of the sun (11/4/21)

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the new moon at 12’40 scorpio is exact at 2:14pm PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on diving into the depths, shadow work, transformation and completion.

this new moon is lunar samhain and solar samhain is 2 days later on 11/6. this is the time of the dark of the sun- the part of the solar year that is about death, decay, release and letting go so that we can begin anew at winter solstice. combine the dark of the sun with scorpio the sign of the abyss- and you can see we are in deep waters! if you like to go deep diving you will love this coming season! but if you are afraid of the dark or the depths you may find this coming lunar cycle and solar cycle to be exceptionally intense.

the tightest aspect this new moon makes is an opposition to uranus by 7 minutes- with the exact sun/uranus opposition less than 3 hours after the new moon. this lunar cycle will certainly brings unexpected shifts, changes, endings, and new beginnings in relationships, finances, material reality and more. expect the unexpected, role reversals, revelations- perhaps rebellion and revolution, too! this is not a placid, easy going lunation. this is ‘excavate and face the shadow before it comes and turns your life upside down’ astrology! it’s time to embrace change before change has to embrace you!

this new moon triggers the saturn/uranus square and the saturn/chiron sextile- two of the biggest transits of 2021. all the aspects this new moon makes to these bodies are tense- giving us deeper insight into where we are holding on to the past, resisting change, staying stuck in wounds and not doing the deep work required of us right now.

saturn square uranus has been a challenging transit of old versus new, past versus future, where we stay stuck out of complacency versus where we initiate radical change. saturn sextile chiron has been an exceptional transit for deep mastery (saturn) around our wounds and pain (Chiron) and if we have used 2021 to do deeper work on ourselves we have used this time wisely! but if we have avoided, denied, turned to addictions to numb out- this scorpio season could be a reckoning of all that got swept under the carpet. commitment to inner work is your best ally right now.

the ancient ruler of this lunation is mars who is in scorpio – his sign of rulership. mars will trigger Saturn, uranus and chiron from november 10th through 17th- so pay attention to this portal of time as the world conspires to reveal what was concealed and bring the shadow up and out and all the way through. lest this sound intense (it is but there is another side)- your willingness to face the shadow within and without becomes your super power.

the new moon is conjunct the fixed star alphecca- the brightest star/jewel in the corona borealis/northern crown of stars associated with the Divine Feminine (ariandhord, Ariadne, astarte, ashtoreth, asherah- notice a theme? they all start with A). this is a star of friendship (which will make a lot of sense when you read the star sparks degree for this new below)- and also success. it’s a reminder to honor the feminine and make sure you are operating from your crown (aka your Higher Self).

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this new moon- it’s time to find our burning companions! (read on below)

blessed descent into the depths…

~divine harmony

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by elias lonsdale

Scorpio 13 Someone tells a joke and no one laughs

I am feeling what everybody is feeling, but it is exactly the kind of feeling we all specialize in pretending we are not really feeling at all. I keep going further into just the places everybody is quite comfortable ignoring and avoiding. I eat shadow and darkness, undercurrents and hidden places. They are my nourishment and very sustenance.

If something is already self-evident and agreed to on the surface, I loose all interest in it and forget it’s even there. I just dive until I find fresh territory to explore. There is nothing I can’t stand more than hanging out in self-constrictive snug spaces. I die so many deaths to get away from that.

The creative spark is burning in me at a real hot intensity of perpetual flame. I am overrun by the power of what I inwardly experience. So much of it is under because I live in a world where that is the unknown, the unexplored. I have to go where the spark propels me. Nobody gets it. Neither do I.

It’s impossible for me or anybody else to believe that anybody could be entirely burning up with creative forces of destruction and recreation all the time. How could this ever be seen as good or wonderful or OK or even as neutral? No, we all feel that this is radioactive and must be moved away from fast, before it takes you over.

Really it’s death. I am living so close to death, so inside of death’s lessons and ways. I am burnt through by death and rebirth, by destruction and recreation. For so long now, I’ve been in here, cooking just on my own. And I have become conversant with realms of existence officially agreed to be extinct.

The only thing is, when you’re this far out on a crazy limb, you tend to get curled up within yourself. It’s such a non-reflective space. So after awhile, I crave with a passion to join forces with anybody who can take me through and not stop anywhere. Somehow I’ve got to find my burning companions.

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