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the new moon at 4’25 scorpio is exact on sunday october 27th 2019 at 8:38pm PDT. this marks lunar samhain and initiates us into the death portal and dark of the sun. from now until november 7th when we have solar samhain we are entering into the death portal- as samhain is the last 1/8th of the solar year that corresponds to death and darkness. the ancients divided the year into two- the light half and dark half (summer and winter). samhain was the time we tipped into the dark half to the year and literally samhain means ‘summers end’. but today we divide the year into 8ths- so this is the last 1/8 of the solar year and i call it the dark sun (akin to the dark moon).

this new moon in scorpio is joined by mercury and venus- so we have 4 of the 5 personal planets in the sign of the depths and the abyss (mars will join 11/18). with so much focus in this pluto ruled sign- we are heading into a lunar cycle that is focused on what is hidden in the shadows within and without. this sign is a natural psychologist, shaman, shadow worker, researcher and investigator. scorpio will do what is needed to get to the bottom of things. he is surgeon who cuts out what is toxic and can deal with the guts and blood that get exposed during the surgical process. this is a time to GO DEEP and FACE THE SHADOW- within and without!

there are only two major aspects to the new moon- a very tight opposition to retrograde uranus in taurus and a quincunx to retrograde chiron in aries. this triggers the uranus/chiron semisextile- a long term transit spanning 2009 to 2021 as these two are orbiting with each other right now. uranus is the Great Awakener helping us to liberate ourselves from the past and embrace change. chiron is the Wounded Healer helping us to face our pain and transform our wounds into gifts. both bodies are making tense aspects to the new moon so the revelations and activations of old wounds and pain could be shocking and unexpected- but at the same time they can be amazing for our growth! if are willing to do the deep work asked of us right now and in the coming lunar cycle as well as the coming 1/8th of the year (until winter solstice) we will be deeply rewarded!

there are two rulers of this new moon- mars as the ancient ruler and pluto as the contemporary ruler. mars is in libra- a sign he is not super comfortable in and he is just past his square to saturn and heading to square pluto and opposite eris (11/5 and 11/9 respectively). he will trigger the pluto/eris square- some of the BIGGEST ASTROLOGY of 2020! (read on below for a weekend webinar i am co-hosting on the astrology of 2020 nov 9th-10th). both pluto and eris like to expose what is in the shadow and bring up what is not being looked at. while mars is triggering this powerful duo it’s important that we are not sweeping things under the carpet or burying our heads in the sand- personally and collectively. libra is the sign of the scales and we are ultimately seeking balance between the past and the future, the shadow and the light. dualism leads to splitting off from something we don’t want own or see- and then we project it out onto others. this is what wars are built on- between countries, between people and more! mars can help us cut through the surface crap and get to the Truth but we want to navigate with much care as we do so!

other notable aspects in the new moon chart include the jupiter/ceres conjunction with them both moving towards the Galactic Center! jupiter is the Great Teacher and ceres is the Great Mother. heading to the Galactic Center or womb of the Great Mother that birthed the galaxy we live in is pretty profound! staying open to Great Truths and Big Picture vision is key. the Great Mother herself is trying to speak to you- can you hear her? will you listen?

mercury is also about to go retrograde- heading into his Underworld phase on halloween (10/31)! he stations retrograde while in conjunction with venus- linking the mind and the heart in the depths of the Underworld. the shadow work and inner work you do in the coming month or 1/8th of the year must be done with love and compassion for self and others. this is an opportunity to unify mind and heart and go into deeper spaces than you have ever gone before. this is a potent mercury retrograde and i posted a Facebook live about it that you can find at the link below.

we are heading into an exceptionally deep portal- with the new moon in scorpio, the samhain season opening, mercury about to go retrograde in scorpio on halloween. the veils are thin and the portals are opening! can you feel it? your willingness to go deep is your super power right now. it reminds me of a dream i had years ago where i was in the abyss- in the dark recesses of the bottom of the ocean. i heard a voice whisper in my ear ‘go a little deeper’ and so i did- and then all of a sudden a magical mystical creature appeared before my very eyes that took my breathe away. so i leave you with that visual and a reminder that if you ‘go a little deeper’ there’s magic to be found. but it takes a willingness to leave the surface and move towards the depths.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this new moon <3 and i just wrote the part above about my dream of going deeper in the abyss BEFORE i even read ellias’ degree NO JOKE. let’s reclaim the lost arts of deep water subtle navigation- and learn how to surface with the attainment intact <3 blessed be! ~dh the LUNAR GATE CALL for this new moon will be up by friday. the SOLAR GATE CALL for solar samhain will be up by 11/4. LUNAR HOROSCOPES will be up by sunday. to access gate calls and horoscopes click here to sign up to be a member (be sure to sign up for Galactic Benefactor membership if you want access to the gate calls)-

ASTROLOGY OF 2020- for more info and to sign up click here-

MERCURY RETROGRADE facebook live (please forgive first 4 minutes i am sideways- mercury front end shadow issues!)-

by ellias lonsdale

Scorpio 5 An Egyptian queen with a braided beard

Going under and staying under. Delegated to the deep, and able to stick with those layers of reality timelessly, steadily, and highly effectively. Extraordinarily gifted with the lost arts of deep water subtle navigation. But not able to surface with virtually any of this attainment intact.
Compelled to hold a form deep within and to sense the outward personal existence as both ephemeral and insubstantial. Driven to go further and further with this until either something snaps or there is real breakthrough.
The breakthrough would involve becoming awake in the hidden roots and being shown how to transform self and world by holding steady within dense and demanding situations. And refusing to get caught up in these outward dramatizations and manipulations. This particular breakthrough is vital for us all, but exceedingly difficult to master at the level it demands. Almost always, we first have to find it and lose it, over and again, before we take fully the guiding demand that we stay with this all the way through.
The snapping would be losing the link between surface and depth and getting swamped by a rudderless existence. This happens when shadows multiply and we pay them no heed. Soon we are enveloped in a Sargasso sea of stuff, which takes us over.
Whether one extreme or the other or somewhere between, a total intensity of inward striving pulls us through. We are resuming an old task. It is one of the least rewarded places you can ever wander through. For it takes so long to have anything to show for this.
Yet balancing that austere feeling tone is a rich interior territory of being so close to the soul of the earth and to the secret roots of all things that we feel privileged and grateful. It’s all a matter of perspective- (you are in) the pits or (you are at the) sourcepoint.

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