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new moon in scorpio- dive a little deeper (11/14/20)

the new moon at 23’18 scorpio is exact on saturday november 14th, 2020 at 9:07pm PST, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on the mysteries, the depths and the shadows. this is lunar samhain and the days before this new moon are exceptionally potent as it is the dark of the moon during the dark of the sun (samhain) and the last full day of the dark of the moon is on friday the 13th- a day sacred to the Goddess!

taking time on friday the 13th to retreat, reflect, dream, detox, release, let go and surrender can be deeply healing. in nature’s cycles this is the time of the year where we see the leaves fall from the trees and the cold/dark part of the year sets in. just like a tree in winter- it appears to be dead as it is stripped of life above ground but what the tree does is send all it’s energy into it’s roots to prepare for the winter ahead. that is what we can also symbolically do- send our energy inward and give time for introspection, reflection and withdrawal.

ironically we are moving into a very busy time of the year (typically- 2020 is not the usual year)- full of parties, shopping, travel and holidays. yet we want to be sure we balance the outer focus with inner focus, the getting/doing with dropping in and being <3

this is a lovely new moon which is amazing and truly needed with all the intense astrology that has been flying around this year! this new moon harmoniously links with venus, jupiter, saturn, neptune and pluto- bringing a transformative, compassionate and grounded energy into the coming lunation. the only tense aspects to the new moon is a quincunx to the north node and quincunx to eris- with the eris/north node gemini link having just happened on 9/20 (just before the equinox). eris definitely brings in a chaotic, discordant energy but it can also be revealing and freeing if we use the energy wisely.

with the north node in gemini we are asked to have an open mind- to let go of power/control dynamics and come to a genuine place of wanting to understand and see things from another’s perspective. we are also challenged to not just see the shadow but also see the Light. not just see what another has done wrong (in our opinion) but also seeing what they have done that is good and positive. think both/and and be with the paradox to make the most of the gemini north node transit!

the rulers of this new moon are pluto (contemporary ruler) and mars (ancient ruler)- and pluto is coming away from alignment with jupiter and pallas (exact 11/12) having brought Light to the shadow dynamics in government, big business and patriarchal structures. venus is heading to trigger pluto and eris 11/15-16 bringing upheaval and intensity into relationships!

ancient ruler mars just stationed direct the day before so he is at a standstill at the time of the new moon- a position that makes him incredibly powerful. right relationship to mars energy is key. healthfully expressing anger, rage, self focus, agency, will and drive r(ather than stuffing/limiting or acting out in) is the challenge right now. and mars picks up speed he will head into trigger jupiter, saturn and pluto square eris- so big astrological territory incoming!!!

the north node in gemini is conjunct bellatrix- a star in the orion constellation that speaks to finding success as we move through the shadow. we also have the asteroid psyche conjunct the north node- showing us that descent into the realm of the Soul to face the shadow and reclaim the fullness of our Light and Wholeness is key.

i recently saw an article online that said the asteroid psyche may be worth 10 trillion dollars due to the elements found there that are of value here on earth. i found this so symbolic- the SOUL is worth more than anything. when you lose your soul you lose your true North and ability to follow your own path. in this artificial intelligence age where we value mind and Spirit over body and soul- symbolic of valuing the masculine and devaluing the feminine- keeping connected to our Souls is so important. just because the Soul is worth so much- be very wary of selling your Soul. all that glitters is not gold.

the north node in gemini is ruled by mercury- one of the few beings that can move between the worlds and go into the Upperworld as well as the Underworld. he is the messenger able to descend and come back up with pearls of wisdom and insights he gleaned while diving into the depths. this lightness of being is key as anyone who does shadow work can tell you it can be easy to get stuck in the shadow- in our pain, suffering, grief, sadness. yet to avoid these things means we are disconnected from a huge part of ourselves and because it remains in the shadow it has a way of unconsciously controlling us and directing our lives. the path to wholeness requires a descent and this new moon in scorpio as well as the coming samhain time until winter solstice is a very powerful time to do just that- personally and collectively.

rumi said ‘both Light and shadow are the dance of Love’ and right now we are called to dance a little deeper. i leave you with the star sparks meditation for this new moon. ellias speaks to all the myriad of experiences we can have- going under, going over, going around, going through. and when we are finally done with all these experiences and being run by addiction, compulsion, avoidance- we can finally go within- right through to the heart of the world. we can find our center and become a central pillar of Light that shines a Light for others to do the same. when we come back to center we find our Unity, we are undivided <3

blessed dark moon, dark sun and new moon in scorpio to you :)

~divine harmony

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by ellias lonsdale

Scorpio 24 Coca bushes growing wild in the Andes Mountains

Going under, going over, going around, and going through. Needing to run wild in every direction until the only thing left is to move on through.

As we go under, we probe every hidden recess in the centers underbrush. We obsess on making sure we stay in touch with the shadows.

As we go over, we seek the far places of Spirit. And when we find this, we build our whole world around this. It is so easy to become swept away by the grandeur and the glory. We have been to the mountain before, and now it is easy to go there and return and to insist upon the ways of the mountain top down in the valley below.

As we go around, we are magnetized by every detour that can give us a run for our money. We can go for convention or extreme excess, we can try fabulous roles and semblance’s or just run dry in the banal stretches of the journey. It is almost like self-punishment, the ordeal we put ourselves through. But we have to learn this part just as thoroughly as all the others.

When we are last able to go through, we enter upon a world entirely different from the under, over and around versions. We begin to center upon an undivided world which contains every wonder and mystery, and can work within absolutely any layer or level of existence with equanimity and true acceptance of whatever that domain requires.

Now we have taken our wanderlust and transmuted it into one keen inner direction, right through the heart of the world. Once we narrow it down to the most wide open yet decisively all-here path, spirit can guide us freely into any and every space we are meant to traverse. Yet now there are no compulsions, no addictions, no avoidance. We know that the entire panorama of existence is calling to the center, breath by breath.

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