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new moon in scorpio- 10/26/2011

on wednesday october 26th, 2011 we have a very powerful and positive new moon occurring in the pluto-ruled sign of scorpio. this new moon is exact at 12:56pm PDT and it occurs at 3’03 scorpio. new moons are times to plant new seeds, start anew, initiate things and commence new parts of our journey. in scorpio the new beginnings supported right now have to do with transformation, death and rebirth, regeneration, shamanistic journeys into the Unconscious, detoxing (physically and spiritually) and empowerment. this powerful new moon will support each of us in taking the leap and transforming those parts of our lives that desperately need to be transformed. this is a time to look our lives honestly and with penetrating insight- and then take action in a way that purges our lives of what is not in integrity, so that what is can take form.

this new moon is very powerfully aspected! jupiter and pluto perfect their 2nd trine on friday october 28th and they are featured in the new moon chart- with jupiter opposite the new moon and pluto, the ruler of the new moon, sextile to it. this confers even more energy and power for transformation, regeneration, growth and empowerment! with the taurus/scorpio axis activated the themes that are up right now involve sexuality, finances, intimacy, the physical body, abundance, and shared experience. pluto’s harmonious aspect to both the new moon and jupiter confer a lot of potency, passion and intensity. whatever we begin now is bestowed with wealth, power and longevity.

this new moon is also trine to neptune in aquarius and chiron in pisces- bringing in the spiritual and mystical energies, as well as the energies of awareness, consciousness and healing. despite the jupiter/pluto trine in earthy, material-focused signs- this new moon has very spiritual undertones. what is commenced right now is most supported if it is aligned with your spiritual path and your growth and evolution of consciousness. focusing on beginning things that are not aligned with your Higher Self will be a waste of this potent energy- so choose your new moon intentions wisely.

uranus is also featured in the new moon chart- making a quincunx to the sun/moon conjunction. uranus is a wild card energy- he is the great awakener, the rebel, the revolutionary! his energy is solely focused on our growth and creating dynamic change in our lives and in the world. his tense aspect to this new moon shows that there is something of an unstable energy in this lunar cycle that will create radical shifts and dramatic change in areas of our lives- personally and collectively- that we may not have even realized needed change. uranus is in aries so he is waking up the collective will, drive and anger. whatever it is that we start right now- it is very much tied in with the Divine Masculine archetype and how we express that energy, or not, will definitely have an impact on how powerful this new moon will be for us.

juno, the asteroid goddess of commitment and marriage, is conjunct this new moon bringing in the Divine Feminine energy and a focus on relationships and contractual agreements. a new path can begin in relationships- whether that be a new relationship altogether or a new chapter in an already existing one. with juno in scorpio we are supported in going deep, being vulnerable, experiencing passion and connection that surpasses the ‘norm’ of conventional relationship. juno in scorpio is very tantric in nature- and relationships that are based on tantric principles are definitely supported by this lunation! we are also supported in looking at and dealing with the shadow dynamics in relationship, purging and releasing the past (as well as connections that have outlived their expiration date) and transforming what is meant to stay in our lives.

a few other notables in the new moon chart- mercury is conjunct venus in scorpio- which is putting quite the emphasis on the scorpio archetype! scorpio is INTENSE. he is passionate, deep, penetrating, sees beyond the facade, and is not interested in superficialities. his Soul focus is on transformation, regeneration and death and rebirth experiences: he is the shaman of the zodiac. with the mind and heart aligned in this deep sign- joining the sun, moon and juno- we have all of the personal planets but one in this intense sign. mars is the only personal planet missing and he is in leo squaring mercury and venus in the new moon chart- activating a lot of creative and sexual energy for sure, but also bringing the potential for fireworks, conflict, and ego dynamics in communication and relationship. with mars in the sign of the ego (leo) we need to be sure we are checking our egos and taking action in our life for the evolution and growth of our Souls, rather than our ego’s desires. this can be tricky as the ego is very good at making us believe he is our Higher Self! but scorpio’s penetrating insight is not one to be duped- so check in with your intuition and gut instincts as they will not lead you astray.

last but not least the north node is at 14’56 sagittarius- making it’s way to 14’02 sagittarius which is the point of the great attractor. many people have heard of the galactic center/the grand central sun that lies around 26-27 sagittarius. this is the sun of our sun, the central rotating point of our milky way galaxy and it is a very spiritual and evolutionary point in the zodiac. well the great attractor is a supercluster of 100,000 galaxies 250 million light years from our solar system. this is the grand central sun of a much larger group of galaxies- and it is a point that we are all being pulled do (we are literally hurling in that direction at insane speeds). in astrology it represents the key to the mystery of the Universe. it’s a very intense point that has mystical and metaphysical properties. what is interesting to note is that both the galactic center and the great attractor lie in the area of the zodiac that is associated with ophiuchus, the 13th sign. i wrote an article about this a while back and you can find it under the writings tab on my website- but suffice it say that literally both of these points lie in the mystical, misunderstood constellation of ophiuchus, not sagittarius. with the north node closing in on it’s conjunction with the great attractor we have destined events of magnificent proportions! on december 29th 2011 the true north node will be exactly conjunct this point- so pay attention to significant personal and global evolution occurring between now and then. the evolutionary shift potential is HUGE!

as you can see this new moon is pretty powerful- and where it falls in your natal chart is where you are supported by the Universe in transforming and empowering your life in some way. check out my recently posted weekly horoscopes for more info (read for both your sun and rising sign). if you are not a member yet you can sign up for a free week trial to check out my offerings :)

enjoy the dark of the moon tonight and get ready to make some profound shifts starting tomorrow!

~divine harmony

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