new moon in sagittarius- riding the waves of expansion and Light! (11/23/22)

by | Nov 20, 2022 | Lunar Insight

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the new moon at 1’37 sagittarius is exact on wednesday november 23rd at 5:57pm EST, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on expansion, travel, positivity and fun! sagittarius is the sign of the centaur archer and is ruled by jupiter- the Greater Benefic. both this sign and planet govern moving beyond our preconceived limitations so we can grow. they seek and share inspiration, transcendence and Greater Truth! this is actually a very benevolent lunar cycle we are moving into which is lovely after the particularly intense samhain season eclipse portal we have just been through in the last month!

the new moon is widely conjunct mercury and venus- the mind and heart- who were just conjunct 2 days before the new moon. new beginnings of the mind and heart are possible in the coming lunar cycle. it’s a great time for having heart to heart talks where honest and forthright sharing AND receiving/listening are supported. both mercury and venus are also conjunct one of the 4 royal fixed stars- Antares. this is the heart of the Scorpion (it’s tropical sagittarius, sidereal scorpio) and their connection to this star brings great passion, intensity and depth but also potential for obsession that can get unhealthy or toxic. attuning to our Higher Desires (versus being led by our lower egoic ones) is key.

both the sun and moon are trine jupiter- the ruler of the lunation- who is at standstill stationing direct literally 5 minutes later. WOW! a new moon in jupiter ruled sagittarius with the ruler jupiter in the other jupiter ruled sign at standstill- you cannot get more jupiterian lol. jupiter is the Greater Benefic and one of the Great Lights in the evening sky. he was seen by the ancients as ‘translating a lot of Light’ – so this whole lunar cycle is amazing for accessing, anchoring and embodying more of the Light of your Spirit, the Stars, the Universe, the Truth and more! it truly is an exceptional lunar cycle we are entering into.

with jupiter in his home sign of pisces until December 20th- we have a bit more of the positive transit of jupiter in this benevolent sign. jupiter in pisces is exceptional for inspiration, dreams, intuition, psychic downloads, creativity, compassion and altruism. jupiter is the blessed planet and he has been in the spiritually blessed sign for the last year. we only have a bit more of his journey through this sign- echoing the gifts of the jupiter/neptune conjunction from april 2022 (if you did not read my blog on that one you can find it HERE). even though jupiter and neptune are currently a good 6 degrees apart- because jupiter is at standstill he is energizing the jupiter/neptune conjunction. it is quite possible the seeds planted back in april with that conjunction will only start coming above ground once jupiter and neptune station direct in the next couple weeks (neptune stations on december 5th). it’s truly a great month to re-tune back into those intentions and seeds planted so that you can bring them into fruition.

we also have both mercury and venus trine chiron- the mind and the heart making harmonious aspects to the Wounded Healer. healing of both mind and heart, thoughts and feelings, intellect and emotion- are on tap. this is great for healing around beliefs and being willing to see other sides (spiritually, intellectually, politically and otherwise). it’s also amazing for healing and opening up to our own Sacred Fire- our passion, creativity and authenticity- as well as cultivating or deepening our healthy relationship to anger, the sacred Guardian of our boundaries. emotions are neutral- it’s what we do with them that informs if they are creative or destructive. (for more teachings on emotions and practices to work with them you can purchase my Astrology & Your Shadow class on demand here- XXX)

this lunar cycle truly is quite benevolent but we do need to be aware of the shadow of too much jupiter/sagittarius. they both tend to over do- over eat (what the holiday eating), over spend (watch your holiday budget!), over party (watch those holiday drinks) and more. they both can be overdo their beliefs to the point of self righteousness and hubris. religious wars are fought over the shadow this energy (and maybe add in some pluto). both jupiter and sagittarius don’t like to be reign in, told what to do or given any kind of limitations (boy do i know this one well- i have a sagittarius child!!!). the larger than life energy of both jupiter and sagittarius thinks it has no boundaries! so working with some healthy saturn and limits this holy-day season to balance out the jupiter is key.

please keep in mind that in the backdrop of this lunar cycle we still have the double black sun/black moon conjunction occurring with the last one on 11/30. this energy most certainly informs this lunar cycle ahead and if you have not read my blog about it you can do so HERE.

i leave you with the star sparks and sabian symbol meditations on the degrees for both the new moon (2 sagittarius) and the jupiter station degree (29 pisces). you can read them below.

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blessed new moon to you!


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by ellias lonsdale

Sagittarius 2 Many iris blooming in a wide variety of colors

Multiplicity as the springboard for a rich spectrum of points of view to bring together in a synthesis that is breathtaking. No one single matter or angle is sensed as important in itself. It is only the combinations, the mix that makes the world go round.

This approach is entirely innovative and progressive. It cannot rest within the known, the familiar, the commonplace. What is given is just the beginning. It is how we cook it up, the ways we juggle and fertilize polarities that makes us able to respond to our life with joy and vibrancy.

Sometimes there are so many fragments of impression and sensation, such diverse angles and ideas that we become bloated and blown up into a form that is delusionary. Then we need the bubble to be popped and the world to rush in afresh. Any kind of shattered or fragile or hyper-specialized outlook will soon be outgrown, for we are bursting through with the need to reflect and beautify what can be here when we are ready and willing to meet it as it is.

Often we do go off on tangents. It is hard to resist these. And they can last a good long while. For we become enraptured with whatever we get involved and absorbed in. If it’s a tangent, a partial reality, it will bring us somewhere we have to make good on later. Self-serving notions are fascinating, but they keep us back, and we will not stay back.

For we have this manifest destiny to expand, to become, to see further, to experience more. We have an open transparency and a willingness to venture where we haven’t been before. The colors are sharper on the other side of the hill. Existence beckons in strange ways. Whatever we don’t yet get is what we need to know next.


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The mobilization of unconscious energies under the pressure of super-personal motives.

Wind and sea are in constant interplay, and the results of that interplay are inspiring and beautiful. In symbolism, the wind (pneuma is the early Greek word for “spirit”) is associated with spiritual dynamism; the stirring of deep energies this dynamism produces obeys cosmic or super-personal rhythms, the power of which is irresistible.

At this second stage of the forty-ninth five-fold sequence we have a picture which contrasts the powerful but beautiful storms of nature with the often gory and hysterical crises of a civilization which progresses through war. The picture presented speaks of SUBTILIZATION THROUGH RHYTHMIC INTENSITY.




Pisces 29 Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes

Fantastic display of color, form, and movement. Highly accomplished invocation of deity, of the infinite, of that which surpasses understanding. A feeling for worlds beyond and a great desire to show how those greater worlds come through into this one very fully across a vast spectrum of possible expressions, done just as directed by the gods themselves.

A stirring panorama of special effects, of brilliant technique. Yet none of this is sensed as really the point. We are seeking to form a second vessel and to make it hardy and rightful and expressive for all who meet it. And the interior focus lies in the inspiration, the infusion, the call to be one of those who reveals the mysteries in just the way they are intended to come forth.

A tortuous willingness to go through anything and everything it takes. Extended cycles of getting it right. A fabulous devotion to craft. An insatiable need to feel that we are preciously enacting the great infinite way in this moment in such a pageantry that it cannot be missed or cast aside.

Bizarre depths of absorption in the code of the warrior. The karmic warrior seeks to unveil what was hidden, serve in ultimate ways, and be here where it counts. The need is felt to bring these ancient timeless ways into this world now without betraying their essence or their substance.

A fine-tuned, hyper-sensitized nature. A sense of being witnessed by so many beings. A call to allow beauty and truth to merge and commingle with this one’s own special talents. And more than anything else, the vow to hold the pattern sacred and not let the gods down.




KEYNOTE: The analytical power of the mind necessary for the formulation of life processes in their many aspects.

Cycles of existence begin in unity and end in what I have called “multi-unity.” At the stage of consummation the many individual differences are totaled; they constitute a sum. Within that sum — a unified total — the inevitability of the future process of differentiation is implied, because every cycle leaves a mass of waste products slowly returning to the unconscious state of chemical matter, of “humus.” What the symbol tells us is that unity will always break again into multiplicity. The “prism” is always there. There is no absolute unity; if anything could be called “absolute” it is the relationship between the One and the Many.

This fourth stage symbol of the concluding five-fold sequence of phases points to the fundamental type of operation in all modes of existence. The most beautiful and seemingly everlasting experience of unity will in time be superseded by the need to attend to a multiplicity of details. Existence implies DIFFERENTIATION.

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