Friday June 5th 2020

the new moon at 15’47 pisces is exact on wednesday march 6th 2019 at 8:04am PST. this new moon is not only in mystical pisces but it is conjunct the ruler of pisces who is in pisces (neptune)- bringing an extra dose of watery, mystical, spiritual and also perhaps illusory energy. this is the last new moon of the astrological year- with the next new moon being in aries, the first sign of the zodiac, which will commence a new year of the sun and moon dancing through the constellations. pisces is the omega sign- the last and most mystical sign. in stages of human development pisces is the old man/old woman who has been through a long life and has been weather by it but hopefully also has attained a lot of wisdom and compassion because of the journey.

this new moon is powerful as we don’t just have a double dose of neptune/pisces with the new moon conjunct neptune. we also have mercury retrograde (exact the day before the new moon) at the karmic 29th degree of pisces- the last degree of the entire zodiac. the 29th degree of pisces is the omega point- whereas the 1st degree of aries is the alpha point. mercury stationed at this degree and will make his way back through the 2nd half of pisces and the last 1/24th of the entire zodiac during the first 3 weeks of this pisces lunar cycle. add to this the fact that mercury is aligning with neptune a total of 3 times (2/18 was the first, 3/24 an 4/2 will be the 2nd and 3)- and WOW do we have a lot of watery, intuitive, nebulous and possibly deceptive energy playing out. this lunar cycle truly has some amazing spiritual heights as the highest potential- but it is also very easy to slip into the shadows of pisces and be dealing with escapism, illusion, deception, denial, addiction and spiritual bypassing.

this new moon also has vesta- the priestess asteroid goddess- conjunct the sun/moon/neptune alignment. vesta speaks to our greatest and deepest devotion. she is where we focus so intensely that we let everything else fall away. we can become myopic where vesta is- which can be amazing or it can be unbalanced. with vesta in pisces (along with the new moon and neptune) we can deeply focus on our spiritual path, our intuition and dreams, our magic and capacity for Unconditional Love. yet we also want to be aware of where we deny the personal as we try to ascend and where we sacrifice ourselves and become a martyr or victim. if we use spirituality to run away from our pain- then what we are doing is escaping rather than truly arriving for embodied awakening. with pluto on the south node towards the end of this lunar cycle there is some VERY BIG SHADOW to acknowledge in the world and collectively but also personally. if we use the pisces energy to bypass and avoid- we will miss out. if we use it stay anchored in Love while still being deeply committed to doing the work- the benefits will be tenfold!

this new moon is sextile mars in taurus and saturn in capricorn- both of which are in a lovely trine aspect bringing some amazing earth and grounding to the pisces waters. mars in taurus says slow and steady wins the race- so does saturn for that matter. they both know the value of work, rolling up your sleeves and getting things done. they are focused on what IS- while pisces is focused on what is POSSIBLE. put the two together and wow we have great energy to take our visions/dreams/ideas and bring them into practical, tangible manifestation. but it will take work and it will take self mastery and it must be aligned with our integrity.

this new moon activates the saturn/neptune sextile- a big transit in 2019 that is literally about bridging dreams with reality. yet saturn is where the capricorn confluence is (i talk about this in my 2019 yearly forecast- it’s free and you can find it on my website under cosmic insight, yearly astrology forecast). the capricorn confluence is where the sh*t is getting real this year! it’s where we are asked to do the work and deal with our shadow and face our stuff. wherever we are rigid, dogmatic, authoritarian, perfectionist, fearful, controlling, or coming from an old patriarchal paradigm- be prepared for that to be thrown in your face :-0! the good news this is the PERFECT time to purge old karmic patterns and complete old karmic timelines. just remember that you do have to deal with your past in order to complete it. if you use the pisces energy to try to bypass and let sleeping dogs lie- they will eventually awaken and come back to haunt you.

in terms of fixed stars- this new moon is conjunct achernar which reminds us that there is a risk of rapid endings. one of the images i get when i think of pisces is a giant ocean wave that comes in and takes the sand castles out to sea. with neptune/pisces you must be in a state of surrender. you cannot clutch- as that is what the ego does. this is the planet/sign that dissolves the ego- the more you can allow for that the more graceful the experience will be. where the new moon is we have endings but they lead to new beginnings. we have something dissolving so that it can create space for a new coagulation.

neptune and vesta are opposite demeter- so there can be a focus on mothers, children, childhood, home/family situations. particularly around where we may have been too compassionate, not boundaries enough or where or others have turned a blind eye. we also have jupiter conjunct ras al hague and conjunct sisyphus. ras al hague is about the desire to heal a deep wound and sisyphus is where we keep pushing that damn rock up the hill only to have it roll back down and have to start all over. are we truly ready to heal our wound or do we want to just keep reenacting it? when are we ready to say that ‘our longing to be truly free is stronger than our desire to distract ourselves from suffering’ (loosely quoting my shadow work teacher robert masters)? to be truly free you have to move through what blocks you. emotions and feelings are likely to be high this lunar cycle- neptune and pisces rules all that we have stuffed and repressed and it will pop back up when you least expect it.

i am hosting the new moon in pisces lunar cycle in the astrology hub inner circle program right now and a participant on there told me that a new moon just got discovered in neptune’s orbit. i googled and found it was named hippocamp- which is the mythological sea horse with wings that pulled poseidon’s chariot. the first thing i thought of though was the association with the hippocampus- that part of the brain that is associated with long term memory. i wondered if this symbolically means that deeper, lost and forgotten memories will start to resurface- personally but also perhaps collectively and in all of humanity. when new bodies are discovered the names they get given may seem arbitrary but there’s a method in the madness (in true neptunian fashion) and there are always deeper meanings hidden in the names that point to something ready to be brought into consciousness in the collective.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 16 pisces. a neptunian degree if i ever read one. it reads like a dream. and reminds us to have the faith of a child. that is the paradox of pisces- the old man/old woman who has the purity of a child. a return to Source at the very end of life. may we all find that now- and not wait until we are at death’s door to re-member <3 blessings… ~dh STAR SPARKS by ellias lonsdale Pisces 16 A peaceful child on a narrow ledge that overlooks a precipice Dangling on a string. Held fast by cosmic beings. Intended to be outwardly threatened and even hounded by conditions, by situations which are dangerous, are strange, are forbidding. Guided to be inwardly serene and full of faith in this peculiar graced destiny that rarely looks like it or seems like it in any usual reckoning. A test. A trial. The soul on probation, being checked out to see whether they are ready to leap to a whole different level, or will they first need to go back down into the spaces where if it feels bad, it is bad. The path of overcoming every semblance of drama under duress. The protective help is there, yet it will not do anything for us. We must be centered upon the faith of a child in order to bring spirit to bear as faithful companion. Many curves and shocks and turnabouts. Miracles and crises. Extremes to determine where we really are inside. A buffer that can never by eroded. Nonetheless, an outward predicament that may last a long time and have little mercy in the way it comes down to us. Spirit works in the most peculiar ways. Love arises where it seems to be gone. (Soul) brings us places we can’t find smoothly. And the light inside the darkness can be disguised and forged into styles and modes that have very little to do with any traditional ideas of the sacred and the mundane . An apocalyptic sensibility. Yet deeper inside, dispassion, a sense of otherness, a being elsewhere. Paradox. The need to trick the self at so many turns to get at what is real. Curves which do bring the desired outcome by the craftiest and most disguised moves.

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