new moon in pisces- open heart, healthy boundaries (2/20/23)

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the new moon at 1’22 pisces is exact on monday february 20th at 2:06am EST (it’s late sunday night for west coast time zone)- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on spirituality, mysticism, creativity and compassion. this new moon is the last through the tropical zodiac- with the next new moon on march 21st one day after spring equinox! right now we have the new moons aligned with the solar ingress into signs- which adds an extra oomph to the kick of to the new solar sign expression. as this is a new moon in pisces- this is the last sign of the zodiac and can be about wrapping up a previous year’s cycle that began with spring in 2022. taking time to really drop in and see what is ready to be released, cleared, purified, and/or integrated before spring comes is key right now.

this new moon is conjunct saturn at 28’10 aquarius who is about to move into pisces on march 7th. this new moon is closing the saturn in aquarius chapter of the last 2 1/2 years (with saturn moving through in his own sign) and is opening up a new journey of saturn through the sign of neptune. pay attention to what is starting to come in during this new moon week as it can be giving you insight into the lessons and opportunities for mastery incoming with saturn’s ingress and 2 1/2 year journey through pisces that is about to commence.

interestingly the new moon semisextiles venus at 29 pisces who is just separating away from her conjunction with neptune (exact 2/15) and also sextiles pluto at 29 capricorn (with venus sextile pluto exact 15 hours before the new moon). the new moon conjunct saturn is at the midpoint of this venus/pluto sextile with both venus & pluto at the karmic completion degree. there can be things we have to purge and release FIRST before something new can come in. this brings GET REAL MOMENTS- where we see reality and deal with it on its own terms.

the Heart needs to be leading the way in this lunar cycle and in this saturn ingress. saturn in his essence is not about the heart, compassion or emotion- he is about boundaries, grounding, stability and containment. at his best, saturn in pisces is about creating solid containers for Love and emotion- but shadow saturn in pisces can be about blocked emotion and closing the heart. we have a choice in how we choose to move into this cycle.

there is a lot of pisces in this new moon chart- sun, moon and venus, with neptune in rulership in pisces as dispositor of all the pisces planets. interestingly the other dispostior is saturn in aquarius- also in rulership. mars and pluto defer to saturn- while moon and venus defers to neptune. we have a clear division in the chart with the masculine planets acting more ‘saturn like’ and the feminine planets acting more ‘neptune like’. saturn is root chakra, neptune is both Higher Heart and crown. saturn is reality, Neptune is dreams. saturn is what is, neptune is what is possible. there can be division playing out in interpersonal relationships and in the world around us between these two principles.

ultimately the journey is bringing them into Union so they can inform and relate to each other instead of polarize. can we ground our dreams into reality? can we see both what is possible but also what is real- at the same time? can we be in our hearts and Spirits while still being grounded and in the body?

a few other notable aspects in the new moon chart involve mercury sextile chiron the same day of the new moon and mercury square uranus the next day. communication can be healing (chiron) but also shocking and revealing (uranus). keep in mind mercury is in the sign of uranus so it amps up the power of inspiration and revelation but also shocking and destabilizing truths and communication incoming!

i leave you with the star sparks degree and the sabian symbol for the new moon below. the star sparks degree speaks to the choice we have in playing it safe and leading predictable lives- or choosing the unknown scary path of transformation and evolution at any cost! the sabian symbol has another symbol entirely- a reminder that self preservation instincts are natural and necessary. this degree talks about the dangers of life in society during an era of exacerbated individualism – with its negative aspects of competition, aggression and greed. in our more tribal state there was an awareness that the group was just as important as the individual. that is not the case today when the dominating paradigm- at least in western societies- is me first, how can it benefit me?

this pisces new moon and coming saturn ingress into pisces can be a time of remembering our compassion and care for others OR it can be a time we shut it down even further (saturn can repress and restrict). what we need is a world full of people with their heart’s broken open.

“One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

may we all learn to see clearly through our hearts. so mote it be!


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by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 2  A man turning into a werewolf

He can go either way. If he holds his form and hugs closely to him everything that will reinforce the pattern of outward existence maintaining it’s fixed parameters, he can resist the tide of shape-shifting energies and he can persist in doing what is convenient, comfortable, customary, predictable, safe. This direction is more than tempting. It represents sanctuary from himself, a reprieve from the pervasive plunging action which otherwise takes him by storm.

If he lets go into the shape-shifting currents, he never knows what will happen, where he’ll end up, who he’ll be. And this direction can be sensed as simultaneously viable and super-tricky.

It is viable in that his very nature goes that way. The creature of earth in him is always ready to live in a primal oneness with what is most visceral and inexorably there in the underworld. The magnetic suction action to become the underworld prowler, the inner worlds wanderer is so intensive that giving way to it often feels to be the only possible path that can be taken.

Yet it is super tricky. Whenever he does take on the shape, form, reality of his more elemental instincts, he is purely raw experience, nothing but. He cannot get on top of it at all. Therefore, he must be right there in it every split second. And this in turn means that he is urgently summoned to take responsibility for whatever might arise, even if he has no idea where it will go.

Very few who take up this frequency have much choice or free play in where they go with it. Quite often, it just takes hold of them and spins them far to the inside, with perhaps dangerous and out-of-control futures at every turn. The navigational feelers kick in under the most extreme conditions and ask for immense trust and faith to see this one through. 


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The individual’s need both to ensure his future subsistence and to protect himself from aggressive social elements.

The squirrel not only has to hide and store food for the winter, but to be on the lockout for the dangers involved in gathering this food supply. Social processes always cast strong shadows, The individual is never certain of being safe among his fellowmen, once the process of individualization — with its negative aspects, competition, social aggressivity and greed — forces the breakdown of the organic tribal state of mankind during the archaic ages.

This second stage symbol contrasts with the first. It warns of the dangers of life in society during an era of exacerbated individualism, when violence is a possibility never to be dismissed. The need for SELF-PROTECTION and caution is ever present.

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