new moon in pisces- 3/11/2013

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the new moon in pisces is exact on monday, march 11th 2013 at 12:51pm PST. this is the last new moon before spring- the astrological new year- and so it has something of a dark moon energy to it despite it being a new moon. what makes this new moon so profound and powerful is that the new moon chart features 7 bodies in the sign of pisces! all of the personal planets- sun, moon, mercury, venus and mars- as well as neptune (the ruler of pisces) and chiron are all transiting this sign. this is A LOT of pisces. we have not seen this much pisces in the sky in over 50 years.

new moons are times to seed things, initiate and commence new ventures. the new moon resonates with the sign of aries- which is the sign of the pioneer and the activist! yet this new moon is in the last sign of the zodiac- which is typically associated with surrendering, letting go, dissolving and merging into Oneness. with the new moon in such an amorphous sign we are best served at starting new things that pertain to our spiritual journey, our creativity or embodying our ideals. pisces is one of the least materialistic of signs- so if your goals are go rule the world or have all the money and power this new moon is not for you ;)

the new moon makes some fascinating aspects. first of all the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with the Divine Lovers- venus and mars. venus is closer in aspect, but they both are present. with these two involved in the new moon the creative and romantic energies are off the charts. focusing on matters related to the heart- its loves, dreams and desires- is supported right now. but we must go deeper than that- we must get to the Soul, as pisces does not like light, superficial things. whatever is seeded or intended now has to have depth and Soulfulness to it or it just won’t fly.

mars is interestingly placed at the last degree of pisces- which is in fact the last degree of the zodiac. later in the day (at 11:26pm) mars will move out of pisces and into aries- crossing from the omega point (29 pisces) to the alpha point (0 aries). this crossing over is very significant- when planets move over the aries point they often correlate with world events. later this month the sun and venus will make this same transition- so we are moving from the mist/the void into the Light in the next couple of weeks. revelation, sudden shift, aha moments and things coming to Light are a focus for sure!

this new moon is also trine the north node in scorpio- helping us to align our goals with something Higher. surrendering our lower will to Divine will is necessary to become effective agents of change in the world. we may think something is supposed to happen some way but perhaps it is not. if we are so attached to our way of doing things/seeing things we can block ourselves from a Higher perspective that will make sense of all the madness. this new moon with the accompanying planets in pisces is a great time to tap into intuition and open up psychic channels. messages can come through dreams, imagery, synchronicities and the oracular arts (astrology, tarot, i ching, etc…). take time to turn within and honor your inner experience and listen to your inner voice. you don’t want to miss out on what is trying to reveal itself!

one other notable aspect is the one between retrograde mercury and neptune in pisces. neptune currently rules over half of the sky- and the mercury/neptune conjunction was the last aspect mercury made before he entered his shadow back in early february. mercury/neptune is very psychic and mystical- but it can also be delusional, deceptive and confusing. mercury stations direct on sunday the 17th and he does so in close aspect to neptune. we need to be very aware of how we communicate, think and perceive the world around us. with so much pisces there can be a tendency to be in denial, avoidance of reality or turn to addictions to manage the intense energy present right now. the mystic swims in the same waters as the psychotic and addict! it’s just that the mystic has a GPS (god pole star) system to get him back to dry land ;) be really clear with yourself where you are not seeing clearly or seeing only what you want to see. with the saturn/pluto energy in the background of this chart- reality will catch up at some point so it might be better to catch reality first before it catches you.

for more info on this new moon and how it impacts your chart check your weekly horoscopes posted by sunday night :)

enjoy the dark moon this weekend- purge, release and prepare for renewal!

~divine harmony

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