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new moon in libra- see beneath the surface (10/16/20)

the new moon at 23’53 libra is exact on friday october 16th 2020 at 12:31pm PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on relationship, partnership, peace, balance and harmony. this new moon is opposite all the aries planets (mars retrograde, eris and lilith) and square all the capricorn planets (jupiter, saturn, pluto) so the libra scales are being rocked and what is out of balance and not aligned is being magnified big time.

with the new moon conjunct arcturus and spica we have massive light being shown and a possibility of taking a different path- as clearly the one we have always done is no longer working. the aries activation is shining a Light on where we need to balance right action with right response. aggression, combativeness and impulsivity does not serve- but neither does repression and stuffing anger and rage! the capricorn confluence is shining a Light on what is old, toxic, stagnant, stuck, dogmatic, rigid, patriarchal and resistant to change. the old guard versus the new guard- the old age versus the new age in coming. we can all see this in our very own lives as well- where are you stuck in patterns that no longer serve? where is a new way of being and doing calling you forward?

the only major aspects this new moon makes is a trine to the north node in gemini- reminding us to come back to beginners mind, stay open and curious, not thinking we know it all (sagittarius south node) but truly coming from a place of humility and inquisitiveness. the new moon also trines a stationary ceres in aquarius- forming a Grand Air Trine in the new moon chart bringing in new ideas, new visions, new community connections and a capacity to uplevel our minds and thought patterns as well as up level the way we relate to each other and all of humanity.

the new moon triggers the pluto/north node quincunx- in operation all month in october (true was 10/3, mean is 10/22). if we truly want to grow and evolve- pluto is showing us what is blocking our path. shadow work is necessary- taking responsibility for our part in things is key. yet the libra new moon also reminds us that we can only show up fully for ourselves. in any relationship of 2 or more- we cannot take on the responsibility of another. relationships that give as much as they take are based on true equality. relationships where this balance is missing will be magnified BIG TIME.

the ruler of this new moon is venus in virgo- a sign she is not super comfortable in but can be good for health, humility and being committed to doing the work. venus is heading to trine all the capricorn planets- so transformation and material growth and expansion are possible particularly in work and career. but venus is also heading to oppose neptune and we are asked to take the rose colored glasses off. we need to see what IS not what could be, should be, might be, used to be. discernment is key.

the tightest aspect the new moon makes is an opposition to eris with the exact sun/eris aspect just hours after the new moon. the Goddess of Discord and Chaos has her fingerprint all over the year 2020. the uninvited guest has shown up and is wreaking havoc!!! she is the fierce Solar Feminine and Warrior Goddess. she pulls back the veil to reveal the shadow. she does not create chaos as much as she EXPOSES IT. we are all being asked to look long and hard at what is right in front of us. the festering wounds underneath that are going unnoticed must be addressed. if you want to learn more about eris check out my ERIS MASTERCLASS- a 2 hour lecture on eris mythologically, astrology, archetypal, etymologically and more this includes a guided meditation with eris as well. for more info click here-

another asteroid to pay attention to is juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. she is closely associated with the sign of libra and she is heading into opposition with uranus. add to this mercury retrograde who opposes uranus 3 times due to his Underworld journey and we can see that some shocking, unexpected revelations and information are forthcoming! this could play out in relationships and partnerships, as well as on the world stage involved government, financial institutions and more.

the sabian symbol for this lunation is “A third wing on the left side of a butterfly.” it is interesting to see an image of beauty, balance and perfection (the butterfly) with an additional wing appearing on the left side- aka the feminine side. this can be about going beyond duality to find the trinity or third option that no one is seeing is possible. for me a perfect symbol for this is the 2 party political system in america. are you republican or democrat? or is there a 3rd way. i like to envision us going beyond red or blue and finding purple- the violent flame of thee awakened heart and open crown chakra. governance by people who are enlightened and humble would be amazing would it not? let’s dream it into being!!! i do feel that since the wing is growing on the left side it is the feminine that will lead the way (women for sure, but also men who are in touch with and honor their own inner feminine)

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 24 libra. for me this degree speaks to reclaiming a pure essence that has always been there waiting for us to remember it. this requires unplugging from the matrix and from the constant barrage of media info that tells who we are and what we should be. getting to that core self requires we go against the grain and swim upstream. it requires we tip the carefully curated scales of balance- and perhaps bring more attention to what the scales are standing on versus what the scales may be holding. what does the image bring up for you?


~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Libra 24 A chameleon with moving pictures appearing on it’s back

The rapture, the indescribable multi-sensation of being able to be everywhere, anywhere, everybody, anybody, nobody. The wild impossible state of being cast loose from all forms to drift and metamorphose and try on for size whatever’s out there or in here.
As loose as can be, as willing and able as the most flexible body this world can allow. Not limited in imagination, in conception, in being able to visualize and stay alive to the formation-aspect of life purely, spontaneously, brilliantly.
To be this way is to be free. Nothing accumulates. No patterns can gather habitual grooves. For here the life force can stretch and go-right-there-now.
And of course the world says “of what use is this?” And of course the worlds says “come join us, be as we are”. And of course we go through that and we keep on going.
Nothing sticks. No advise, no good intentions, no imported philosophies work around here. The only thing that does is to follow that breath, that impulse. When we do, it keeps on tuning us with all the ways we wanna be. And if we get real good at it, then we discover something else, a whole new world.
We come back to this place where we started out. We remember what it was like to be pristine, direct, wide open. We recapture the essence of the one place we cannot ever deny. And then once we do become lucid in this dream, we can without fear or hesitation unite everybody else into the magic of a truly fluid life-path in motion.
Because we have nothing else to offer. In the tuned out, socialized version, we are a sad excuse for a world-renewing force. We take on anything and everything, hardly knowing why. But if we do dream deeper, if we can restore the inner place, if we can remember back to where it all began, suddenly it will jump at us from the future and surprise us with what we were missing, what we failed to notice. While we were gone, something very beautiful was slipped in here, something worth moving with.

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