Tuesday April 7th 2020

new moon in libra- rebalancing the scales

the new moon at 5’20 libra commences on saturday september 28th 2019 at 11:26am PDT. this new moon is in libra where the sun, moon, mercury and venus are, with mars soon to ingress and join the libra confluence on october 3rd. just as in the last month we had a plethora of planets piling up in virgo- now they are shifting into libra. the virgo planets made amazing earth trines- helping us deal with the karmic completions in our lives with discernment, integrity, self-responsibility and commitment to inner work.

now that the planets are shifting into libra we have them all heading into VERY INTENSE aspects- having confrontations with chiron, uranus, saturn, the south node, neptune, pluto and eris one after another. the only positive aspect to any of the libra planets is a sextile to jupiter- which brings Higher Truths and possibility for expansion and growth when we are willing to face what is out of balance and not working in our lives!

the shadow tendency of libra is to keep the peace at any cost and sweep things under the carpet so as not to have to face what is not working. the ideal facade can cover much that is going on behind the scenes and the astrology right now is telling us we need to pull back the curtain and really SEE what is going on- in our inner lives, our personal lives, politically and in the world around us. wherever libra falls in your chart is where things are getting exposed. be sure to listen to the weekly and lunar monthly horoscopes (the latter will be posted by saturday on the new moon) for more info.

this new moon is widely conjunct venus and mars- with venus in her sign of libra and mars about to head there. starting with the new moon in leo on july 31st we have been in a series of 4 new moons that all have the Divine Lovers venus and mars (and sometimes juno the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage) tightly or widely conjunct the lunation. we are in a very profound period of activation, change and transformation in relationships but also in our own inner masculine/inner feminine balance. as is often the case- before new beginnings can occur something old must die. so there are a lot of endings happening right now- in personal and professional relationships, in patterns and beliefs, in ways of being and doing that no longer serve. if you truly want to start something new you have to sacrifice the old on the altar of Love!

the new moon moon is opposite chiron the Wounded Healer and quincunx uranus the Rebel and Revolutionary. fascinatingly chiron is in the sign of mars and uranus is in the sign of venus. the masculine is being confronted with his deep wounds and pain with opportunities given to heal and shift consciousness. the feminine is being awoken in radical and revolutionary ways- reclaiming her power, her connection to her body and sensuality, and her need to stay a stand for what she believes in. can you see this happening within you, around you and on the world stage??

we have ceres the Great Mother out of bounds (beyond the bounds of the sun) making her way to the Great Attractor- a gravitational anomaly that has the mass of quadrillion suns and is the gravitational center of 100k or more galaxies. it’s the womb of the Great Grand Mother and a Source point for the Great Creatrix. having the Great Mother asteroid align with this point is potent- and is really revealing Greater Truths about our personal life and the world around us. sagittarius is the sign of Higher Truth- so we best be open to hearing them and not stay stuck in our small selves and refuse to listen! (there are deeper teachings on the Great Attractor in the Lunar Gate call that will be up by the afternoon friday 9/27- to access the call you can sign up to be a member here- https://divineharmony.com/become-a-member/ or you can donate to receive the call here- https://divineharmony.com/the-13-lunar-gates/ )

we have the sun/moon conjunction aligned with the asteroid bacchus- the greek god of ecstasy and wine (also known as dionysus). there is a desire here for bliss and mystical experience but there is also a tendency to want to check out, turn to addictions to numb out, manage feelings by avoiding them and generally just wanting to spiritually bypass (use spirituality or substance to avoid facing our pain). when we add into the picture neptune heading to black moon lilith and both opposing juno- we really do want to be aware of where we are pulling the wool over our own eyes, are allowing others to do that to us, or it is being done in a bigger way politically and via manipulation of the media. it is so easy to see what we want to see right now- but our commitment must be to seeing the Truth as it is, not as we wish it could be. this goes for without as well as within ;)

another very signifiant astrological alignment about to occur in the coming lunar cycle is the helical rise of venus- the ruler of the new moon and in her sign of libra- on 10/1. she rises just after she squares a stationary pluto on 9/30- with pluto going direct on 10/2. if you have been reading my forecasts you have heard me talk about how this venus cycle has been powerful and deep. she stationed retrograde in scorpio when i was in egypt in the middle pyramid last october 2018. all her important points along this venus journey we are in have had scorpio or pluto aspects involved- showing us that we are in a very deep space of death and rebirth with the Divine Feminine.

we are dying to an old order- particularly a patriarchal one that has divided body and mind, soul and spirit. the feminine is represented by the circle or the egg which symbolizes the womb. the feminine is inclusive and by her nature seeks to bring things all back into wholeness (into the folds of her cosmic womb). she is not divisive or one pointed like the masculine- but inclusive and all encompassing. we have lived in a time for thousands of years where we have gone way too far in the direction of the masculine consciousness which has created disturbance in the balance of things and created toxic masculine energy that has morphed into toxic patriarchal consciousness. ultimately this is not about the matriarchy taking over- this is about Divine Union where both the masculine and feminine are honored and working TOGETHER for the benefit of all beings, rather than one taking over for the benefit of the self.

we are in the time of change right now, but as history can tell you- change is most often preceded by destruction of the old first before something new can be created. imagine you have a plot of land with a dilapidated house on it- you don’t just build on top of the house you have there. you destroy that house, strip it down to the very foundation and if that foundation is also falling apart you strip that way as well. this is the process we are in right now. we are in the process of stripping away that which is toxic and old paradigm- in order to create space for the new that wants to come in. this is a very intense time- AND it is very necessary.

the key right now is to stay rooted, grounded and aligned with the frequency of the heart. our willingness to SEE clearly is also necessary- which is why i am such a big proponent for Shadow Work as what humanity and the leaders of our wold need right now is the capacity to see their own shadow (see link below for a free shadow work offering!). the rule of karma is operating whether we believe in it or not. what is happening now is a result of what came before. when we are not willing to face our own shadow we act out in it and keep the karmic cycle of it repeating. but when we shift from ignoring/denying the shadow and projecting it onto others and then move into facing/owning the shadow and working with it- the power inherent in the shadow shifts from external focus to internal focus. we reclaim our power when we face our shadow. and what the world needs is more empowered people who are not operating from power over/power under- but operating from a place of being grounded in their power, deeply discerning and willing to take a stand for the changes (within and without) that need to happen on planet Earth!

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for the new moon degree. it TOTALLY SPEAKS to what i am saying above (which was written before i read the star sparks degree!). “we can’t go back to the (past)- and yet we can’t leave behind one bit of where we’ve been and what it means to us. we just keep going back and forth, in and out, captured by these different sides. because we haven’t made the link and all our connections claim us, get a pieces of us, won’t let go.” this is the libra new moon in its essence. are you tired of vacillating? are you tired of being stuck between the karmas of the past and the current reality of the present and trajectory of the future? are you ready to make a choice and move into the Highest direction of your personal and our planetary evolution? use the new moon energies wisely! you can set things into motion right now- and intention is key

new moon blessings…


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by ellias lonsdale

Libra 6 A baby with two sets of teeth

We can’t go back to the safe enclosed proximity of our ancestors, to our simpler lifetimes, to what we felt so nurtured by before. Yet we can’t leave behind one bit of where we’ve been and what it means to us. We just keep going back and forth, in and out, captured by these different sides. Because we haven’t made the link and all our connections claim us, get a pieces of us, won’t let go.
There is this nostalgia, this sentiment, this feeling of something being lost. And there is this perpetual longing to be free and clear and on with something definite and firm and really ours. But mostly there is the pull between, the scales that won’t stop trying to find the lost balance in here.
What arises in the thick of this polarity stew is a place inside that has already taken all of this through her, leveled it out a thousand times, and seen as clear as could ever be, the mistakes we made. If only we really could have known that when we needed to pull through and had no idea how we could.
The one persisting in the midst of all this, discovers that the moment she is spacious within any and all possibilities, the drama parts and she is right here, as free as she wants to be. And the moment she contracts into an old place of just not being able to wildly get it, she will be sucked right back to the source of her confusion.
Yet her even greater discovery is that she can and will share so freely of this dance she has taken on for this very purpose. She finds to her great amazement that it always was a very light trance and the lessons are right there for the plucking, given just a bit of a chance.

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