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new moon in libra- 9/27/2011

we have a new moon in libra occurring on tuesday september 27, 2011 at 4:09am PDT. new moons signify new beginnings, new starts and they support us in taking on a new path. with the new moon in libra matters pertaining to romance, relationship, finances, values, beauty and self-worth are all highlighted. a new moon in balanced, peace-loving libra would usually be mild, beautiful and socially graceful- but this new moon is massively activated by uranus and pluto, who are currently in an approaching square aspect- heating things up and making this new moon much more dynamic and intense!

in the new moon chart we have the sun conjunct the moon (signifying the start of a new lunar cycle)- as well as conjunct mercury, the planet symbolizing the conscious mind and intellect. the new cycle that commences starts on a communicative note! speaking, writing, listening, teaching, thinking, sharing of ideas, travel, technology and transportation are all highlighted. since all three bodies are in judicious, relationship-focused libra we can expect a lot of conversation about relationships and how to find balance, healthy boundaries and a place of compromise between seemingly opposite parties. typically this could point to a new chapter in meditation or peace-seeking in our relationships- but this new moon is opposite rebellious uranus in the warrior sign of aries, and it is square to pluto the lord of the underworld in disciplined capricorn. it is these two aspects that set this new moon up to be very different from the typically aesthetically-pleasing libra energy.

with the new moon and mercury opposite uranus there is something of a sudden, electric and impulsive energy that is in the air- in our communications, our relationships and our inner experience. with the polarity of libra and aries respectively we have a pitting of feminine versus masculine, timid/passive versus assertive/aggressive, relationship-focused versus self-focused. where libra wants to find peace at any cost (often to the detriment of her own health), aries wants to find freedom and independence and will fight to get it! libra doesn’t want war and aries doesn’t want compromise. of course these two have Higher expressions and that is what we will seek to find: a balance of yin and yang, receptivity and assertion, giving and taking, surrender and action. this new moon is asking for us to find a new balance in relationships, finances and within- and we need to make space for both energies to fully express themselves. wherever we are erring too far on one end of the spectrum or the other- we can find shake ups and random events occurring causing us to wake up and change. this can be experienced as liberating and free or it can be anxiety and fear-producing. either way something has gotta give!

pluto’s square to the new moon puts pressure on our new beginnings and communication involving relationships, finances and masculine/feminine balance within. pluto demands transformation at any cost. pluto is not attached to the surface reality of things as he knows the Truth lies deeper. death is the ultimate transformation and when pluto aspects are involved something on some level must die so that something new can be born. the square from pluto demands that we purge what is toxic from the past- otherwise we will be faced with even more intensity, destruction and power/control dynamics. particularly in relationships and financial situations- an old order must pass away so that a new one can commence. for those of us holding onto the old ways/old relationships/old paradigms- it will be that much harder to move into the future. pluto is ultimately about evolution of consciousness via endings, death, the shadow and transformation. so in order to start anew at this new moon- we must let go of the past. with mercury involved in the new moon- the mercury/pluto square points to penetrating thinking and communication- the kind that can unearth Truths previously hidden from us. if you go through life just believing and trusting without questioning- this new moon might pull the wool from your eyes in certain situations. if you go through life questioning everything and perhaps even coming from a cynical standpoint- you can find this new moon exacerbates that. it’s all about a balance between trust and discernment. we each need to find that balance on our spiritual path- and this new moon can bring this up for us right now.

the only other aspect to this new moon is a sextile to mars in leo- showing that the path to growth involves harnessing our masculine energy, will and drive in dynamic, assertive and passionate ways. when we align the new moon in libra’s compromise and peace-keeping focus with mars in leo’s initiative, action and leadership- we can find win/win situations for everyone.

one other thing to take note of at this new moon is that venus, the ruler of the new moon, is in libra within orb of a conjunction with saturn and juno, also in libra. the two goddesses who govern relationship are conjunct saturn right now- bringing an element of grounding and discipline to relationships and financial situations, but also bringing karmic consequences for past actions. saturn is the planet who makes us take responsibility for our creations. in relationships and finances- if there seems to be difficulty going on in your life try looking beyond the intensity to see how you have created the very situations in your life that you are feeling constricted by. when we can take responsibility- look saturn in the face and say ‘i will do what is required of me to change these circumstances’ then saturn gets on your side and supports you on your path. whatever arises for you at this new moon- take it as an opportunity to step more fully into integrity, maturity and responsibility. when you come from this perspective you will be very clear on what needs to be done- and you will follow that through with action and do it.

this new moon is definitely one for the books! where the new moon falls in your natal chart will show where this energy is being focused for you personally. check your weekly horoscopes posted on my website for a more in-depth view of the energy activated for you.

happy new moon!

~divine harmony

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