new moon in libra- 12/13/2012

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the new moon this month is a firestarter kind of moon! the new moon in firey, expansive, optimistic sagittarius is exact on thursday 12/13/2012 at 12:42am PST. just hours later the rebellious and revolutionary planet of uranus stations direct in firey, assertive and dynamic aries (exact at 4:02am). with so much fire being activated we can find our passions, creativity and courage are high! yet we also need to be aware that both sadge and uranus in aries can be impulsive, excessive, overly-focused on the self and even destructive if misused. learning to master our inner and outer fires is key.

this new moon is powerful in more ways than one. first of all it commences the last lunar cycle of 2012- an intense and transformational year- and takes us into 2013, the year of the Goddess. 13 is a sacred number to the Divine Feminine and in chinese astrology 2013 is the year of the water snake- the deepest, most yin and most powerful snake year of all. if you thought 2012 was a year to remember, just wait until 2013!!! the full moon that is the midway part of this lunar cycle, exact on 12/28 will activate the uranus/pluto square- a dominant theme of 2012 and one that carries us all the way through 2015. if you recall, i have written that a great mantra to keep in mind in the uranus/pluto square years ahead is ‘breakdowns precede breakthroughs’. wherever things are out of balance, out of integrity or out of alignment- uranus/pluto will come in and pull out the rug from underneath you so that you can confront and address the toxic/unhealthy foundation you have built some aspect of your life on. it is only when you choose to do the work and let go of the past so that you can rebuild from the ground up that you will start experiencing the profound liberation, growth and evolution that uranus/pluto has in store for you. keep that in mind as one year closes and another one commences this holiday season, and perhaps make it one of your new year’s resolutions to embrace change, growth and transformation with a pro-active stance ;)

the new moon conjunction of sun and moon only makes two aspects- a semisextile to mars (the ruler of the sign uranus is in) and a semisquare to saturn. the mars aspect can enhance and bolster our courage, fire, assertiveness and drive! it can also exacerbate our will and anger- so be aware! the saturn aspect is a reality check point- we need to balance our ideals/visions/unboundedness with some healthy grounding, discipline and ability to work within limitations. sadge is ruled by jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system that we are aware of. as such he governs limitlessness and growth and is not so good with constriction, restriction or grounding. learning to master both so that we can move between both modes of being in healthy, constructive ways is key. be sure that whatever you are shooting for this new moon- whether it be spiritual growth, material growth, publishing, teaching, traveling, etc… (all things sadge and jupiter rule)- that you have some solid ground to stand on, otherwise you will reap what you sow and castles built on sand will wash away sooner or later.

the ruler of this new moon is jupiter, currently retrograde in gemini. jupiter is powerfully aspected- he is conjunct black moon lilith (the Dark Goddess), opposite mercury in sadge (the ruler of gemini) and square neptune and chiron in pisces. mercury/jupiter is open minded, philosophical, spiritual and idealistic. the grass is greener syndrome is definitely present when there is a lot of jupiter/sadge energy at play. add to that the square to neptune and the tendency to wear rose colored glasses so as to ignore the shadow Truths at hand can be even more powerful. yet the square to chiron demands that we see beyond what we want to see, to the Truth. looking at our high-minded ideals and seeing how far they may fall from reality is key. too much optimism and bravado can get us into trouble if it is not balanced with reality, humility and integrity. with the Dark Goddess involved she wants to shine the Light on what lies beneath, but we have to move beyond the surface of things to get there.

another powerful dynamic in the new moon chart is a powerful yod, or finger of God/dess, formed between retrograde jupiter (the ruler of the new moon), saturn and pluto. currently saturn and pluto are in sextile aspect AND in mutual reception. saturn is in pluto’s sign of scorpio and pluto is in saturn’s sign of capricorn. together they can bolster each other’s depth, intensity, passion, power, will and drive. this is a very powerful aspect for shamanic experiences- diving deep to see what lies beneath the surface. it can also get exacerbated and turn into power/control dynamics and manipulative situations. both saturn and pluto like to be the one on top- and will often do anything to get there/stay there. we need to be aware of our own shadow sides as well as those of others (personally and collectively). keeping those rose-colored glasses on is not going to change what is actually happening. if we are afraid of admitting the shadow we see and in denial of it, it can control us in subversive ways. the only way to take back our power is to see what is not being looked at, as that is the only way to get to completeness and integration. with the finger of God/dess pointing to jupiter we need to balance our depth, intensity, passion and will (saturn and pluto) with our lightness and positivity (jupiter). erring too far on either end of the spectrum can be problematic and even destructive.

it is interesting to note the fixed stars in the chart. the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with ras alhague, which gives us a desire to heal a wound. jupiter is conjunct aldebaran which ensures success when aligned with our integrity. and lastly pluto is aligned with facies which can bring polarities of ruthlessness or victimization. this new moon is the perfect time to go into our wounds, stay in our integrity and take personal responsibility for where we have ended up in life and then channel our will and power to do the inner transformational work demanded right now. if we project our shadow outside of ourselves it will seem like that other person or that other country is the one with the problems, yet they are mirroring for us something we need to see and own. this does not mean that that person/country/etc… does not have whatever issue it is you see. what it means is ‘if you spot it you got it’. you can only be bothered by things that plug into your greatest wounds- so pay attention to what is up for you right now and see where having courage and taking a leap can actually help let some Light in and move you further on your path of healing and wholeness.

this new moon is powerful and with uranus stationing hours after the lunation is exact it is helpful to stay open to the unexpected. with the new moon and uranus in fire signs there is a birthing of creative and spiritual energy happening right now. remember that before birth there are labor pains- so if you are in the space right now breathe, meditate and focus on the end goal. tap into the Higher vision sadge has for you and believe, trust and flow.

happy new moon!

~divine harmony

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