new moon in libra- 10/15/2012

by | Oct 14, 2012 | Lunar Insight

the new moon is upon us! we are in the dark of the moon as i write this, a time of deep introspection, reflection, purging, releasing and letting go to make room for the new cycle commencing tomorrow. the new moon in libra is exact at 5:03am PDT. with a new cycle commencing in the sign of libra we have a focus on planting seeds and initiating new journeys in regards to relationship, boundaries and balance between self and other, give and take, yin and yang. libra is a sign that is eternally seeking beauty, peace and harmony- and this new moon can be a time of getting clear on what we need to do to get more of all 3 in our lives and then setting our intentions to do it.

the first and most significant thing about this new moon is the sun and moon’s conjunction to the fixed star arcturus. the sun/moon conjunct is at 22’32 libra and fixed star arcturus is at 24’14. typically one includes fixed stars when they are within one degree of orb (for this new moon anywhere between 21’32 and 23’32). but because arcturus is so fortunate and positive i am including it in the new moon chart. with the sun and moon aligned with arcturus the opportunities for seeding amazingly positive and expansive things is multiplied tenfold! it is said that arcturus confers riches, fame, honor, popularity and success! what may be lesser known about this star, if you are only using traditional interpretations of fixed stars, is that arcturus has a very powerful spiritual frequency. many different indigenous cultures have myths and stories about arcturus in which they came from this fixed star and/or Higher beings that inhabit this star have come down to earth to help earthlings evolve and grow spiritually. with this powerful star that symbolizes Higher consciousness and Higher dimensional access aligned with this new moon opportunities to access the wisdom, consciousness and expanded awareness of arcturus are possible at this time.

to add to this expansive energy the sun/moon conjunction is trine to retrograde jupiter in gemini who is aligned with fixed star rigel. jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance and opportunity- so his alignment with this new moon expands the potential inherent in it and really makes for an amazing lunation to align our intentions with! with the fixed star rigel, who symbolizes bringing knowledge to others, on this lunation we have another image of Higher knowledge coming through to us. we need only to be open and to listen to receive it. with both bodies in air signs all forms of communication and social connection are highlighted, as is the ability to rise above and get perspective on personal, social and collective situations permeating our experience right now.

another feature in the new moon chart is the sun and moon’s very wide and out of sign conjunction with saturn in scorpio. saturn is just under 9 degrees away from the new moon- so this is a very wide aspect that is more about giving us intimations of what is to come. saturn just moved into scorpio last week, initiating his 2 1/2 year stay in this very deep, intense and passionate sign. with the new moon in libra and saturn in scorpio highlighted we are shown the balance needed between the Light and the Shadow, the surface and the depths, the outer reality and the inner reality. libra without scorpio to balance her is superficial, materialistic and powerless. scorpio without libra to balance him is controlling, jealous, possessive and cynical. with saturn on the new moon opportunities for mastery around this sacred balance can come our way in the next lunar cycle. getting clear on what our journey requires of us is key- and then getting to it and doing the work is the next step. saturn does not want us pussy footing around. get clear and just do it is his motto!

the last major theme of this new moon is that of the Dark Goddess. the ruler of this new moon is venus in virgo and she is conjunct prosperina (the roman version of persephone) and trine black moon lilith in taurus. we also have uranus opposite persephone, asteroid lilith at 23 aquarius trine the sun/moon conjunction, dark moon lilith at 8 gemini opposite juno, and the fixed star algol on the south node by 1 minute of exactness!!! what does all this mean? the power, intensity and passion of the Dark Goddess is definitely coloring this new moon. typically libra new moons are light and airy, but the Dark Goddess is bringing in some depth and perhaps some shadow. particularly with algol on the south node- all our old stuff around female power and intensity can be up for us to address and deal with. are we men that are afraid of women being powerful? are we women afraid of our own power? are we men afraid of meeting a woman in her power? are we women abusing our power? issues with power can arise and need to be addressed at this new moon. we have some flowing Dark Goddess aspects but we also have some intense ones- so opportunities to deepen our relationship to the Dark Feminine within and without come with this new moon!

bottom line new opportunities and new beginnings in relationship are possible in this lunar cycle- but they require that we plumb the depths and face our shadow, own it and integrate it. if we are trying to keep things superficial- this new moon can take us into our depths. if we are already down there seeing in the dark this new moon can bring massive insights. either way a different approach to life is headed our way. it’s up to us to embrace it!

enjoy the lunar vibes…

~divine harmony

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