new moon in leo- leading with the Heart (8/8/21)

by | Aug 7, 2021 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 16’14 leo is exact on sunday august 8th, 2021 at 6:50am PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on passion, creativity, authenticity and leading from the heart. this is an EXCEPTIONAL new moon and portal of time due to a TRIPLE ALIGNMENT of solar, lunar and stellar gateways which i go deeply into in my latest astrology blog here-

with the new moon opposite saturn and square uranus we have major activation of the saturn/uranus square – one of the biggest transits of 2021. this transit is all about the forces of change up against the forces of resistance to change- both within ourselves and in the outer world and collective experience. saturn prefers what is safe, secure, known and expected. uranus prefers the new, change, revolution and rebellion. immovable force meets force that is constantly on the move! depending on your comfort level with chaos and change- this could be a liberating and freeing time or a shocking and unexpected one!

luckily the new moon is also trine chiron and trine juno on the south node- forming a Grand Fire Trine that is a kite when you add in the north node in gemini. new information, new realizations, people speaking up and claiming their voices- are all supported by this new moon. if you add in the asteroids we actually have a Grand Air Trine with vesta, saturn and the north node linking up with the Fire Trine of new moon, chiron and juno/south node. when two grand trines of similar polarity (air and fire are both positive/yang) align we get a Star of David- a powerful configuration that lets us know actions taken and ideas or insights generated right now can be POSITIVELY POWERFUL.

the new moon is widely conjunct mercury- so keep your mind AND heart open. new ideas, new information, new realizations and more are incoming! watch out for coming from too much ego (i am right/you are wrong) and instead think and speak from the Heart. when we come from the heart we are relational, empathic and seek to understand other’s and their perspectives, positions, values and more. when we come from the heart we cannot dehumanize others- and when we dehumanize others we cannot come from our hearts.

the key is to stay open minded and more committed to the Truth than you are to being right ;) with juno on the south node we would all do well to watch out for hubris, self righteousness and dogma. when you think you are so right you have to block or unfriend people this should be a red flag for some deeper shadow work. if we are really Light Workers who want to see the world united- how can blocking and unfriending people who have other view points serve that aim? do you realize tthe only way people who have different view points will be open to listening and possibly learning is if we are open to doing the same? i can guarantee coming at someone with judgement and accusations is NOT A GREAT DIALOGUE OPENER. we can see the shadow of the sagittarius south node and sagittarius eclipses flying around all over the place in the las 2 years- WOW.

with the grand fire trine involving chiron- healing is possible. but guess what? you have to go first ;) you cannot sit around waiting for the other to own their part. you have to own yours for yourself- not because you are trying to lead another into owning their piece but simply because you are doing your own work on yourself – that’s it! healing around ego, will and drive is up. are you coming from too much ego? or not enough? too much self focus or too much self deprecation? honest self check ins needed here!

the new moon is conjunct the fixed star dubhe- meaning ‘loving but forceful’. this is the star of the Great Mother Bear- and guess what? sometimes Mother Love is fierce. it’s not all Love, Light and forgiveness. sometimes she has to come in with a 2 by 4 to get you to wake up and see yourself clearly. this will make a lot of sense if you read my lion’s gate post and if not you can do so here-

i leave you with the star spark’s meditation for this new moon degree- i love this one so much it gives me chills when i read it! there is something arising right now on the planet. it began within but it is now expressing without. it’s the force of awakening and change and it is appearing in the faces of women, indigenous people’s and other beings who have been marginalized. what was forgotten simply gathered power by not being in the spotlight. but it’s coming back into the Light front and center. and it is a force to be reckoned with!

blessed new moon to you…


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by elias lonsdale

Leo 17 Elegant black women sitting on a porch and fanning themselves

We have been here all along. We have stayed underfoot. Our voice, our part has been subliminal. Our power has expressed itself in all the subtle, hidden gestures and meanings, which outer mind passes by, which we all know are the substance of this life.

What we have been doing as we wait for the old tired world to die away is to form an alliance with the earth and all the beings of earth, gathering strength, keeping out of surface affairs, just expectantly knowing our time is soon to come. And so we have indeed stayed well under and been perfectly equipped to carry on in this way forever.

We bear the authority of everything you have cast out in order to civilize the surface and push the depths under. We speak the silent languages of those who do not need to say much, a glance is sufficient.

We are aware that the old timers are crumbling and we are emerging. It may take us an adjustment to be willing to share, to disclose, to offer freely what we have been storing up in so many cellars since the dawn of time. We are not the least accustomed to the light of day. We have to do without, and if we are to be heeded now, come to us on our own terms.

Listen closely. Pay careful heed. We share from a depth of experience that is startling. And if you are able to tune to our frequency of denial, suppressed worlds, you will be exposed to something you perhaps assumed had long ago passed from this world.

We are mighty. We are relentless. We can take on any form and no form. The outward matters little. What we seek now is for the whole circle to be restored. Shallow worlds, take notice! We have found our path now, we have remembered our lineage, and we will not be turned back.

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