Monday November 30th 2020

the new moon at 22’44 gemini is exact on wednesday june 13th 2018 at 12:43pm PDT. this new lunar cycle is focused on information, communication, ideas and thinking. normally a new moon in gemini is light, airy and fun-loving. it’s a time to socialize, travel, connect and open our minds. yet this new moon makes some pretty powerful aspects- most notably quincunx pluto the Lord of the Underworld and square to neptune the planet of illusion. at best this combination of the sign of linear logical mind (gemini) and the two planets that rule the Unconscious and the shadow (pluto/neptune) we have amazing astrology for diving deep, for shadow work, therapy, shamanic journeys and confrontation with the Unconscious. at worst we can be deluded, deceived, confused and overwhelmed by the Unconscious energy premeating the atmosphere right now. we have just all learned in the news of two public figures who committed suicide this week (kate spade on tuesday the 5th and anthony bourdain on friday the 8th). from tuesday to friday we have had some very intense astrology unfolding with the sun and mercury in gemini- tensely aspecting jupiter, neptune and pluto. challenges to the mind, to thinking, to mood, perception and reality have been strong this week- and i am sorry to hear of this loss of life during this nebulous time.

we would all do well to face our Unconscious and shadow with this new moon. gemini wants to stay light and keep it all happy but tense aspects to pluto and neptune let us know that there’s a lot going on beneath the surface and if we use substances/people/things to escape and avoid facing the shadow it can come up in uncontrollable ways. this new moon quincunx pluto is a great time to dive deep into shadow work. to be willing to take a risk and go beyond the surface and what we think and go into the shadows and get into what has been stuffed in terms of feelings and childhood past or past life stuff. this is not a time to escape, check out or stay on the surface. it’s a time to get deep and when necessary find a quality somatic based trauma therapist or shadow work therapist to help you navigate your personal underworld. (if you are in london come to my class on shadow work at triyoga! for more info and to sign up click here-

in full disclosure i have been feeling the energy this week. i have been feeling blah and depressed due to my neptune square (one of the midlife crisis transits exact for me next week!). i have taken time out of a very busy work week to stay at the chalice well and commune with the garden and well as well as visit stonehenge and avebury to commune with the stones. this has been a touching point for me this week and so necessary or i would have been out of mind with too much work and not enough inner time/me time to find the right balance. i LOVE my work- and the shadow of doing what you love is that it is easy to fall into working 24/7 and never taking a break. my calling is my purpose but so is my self-care, restoration, pleasure and spiritual journey. i am working on finding the balance! and i hope you will take the time to do that too :)

this new moon makes a tense aspect to mars on the karmic south node- exact the exact same day as the new moon. mars is in his front end shadow of his retrograde journey (ever since may 12th) and he will station retrograde on june 26th. mars retrograde is a time to realign with a Higher Will rather than act out of the ego will. rash, impulsive, reactive and aggressive actions taken can be very, very karmic. mars retrograde is NOT a time to initiate new things (relationships, life directions, partnerships and more) but instead a time to deal with the past. it takes a lot of self mastery to reign in mars’ desire energy. he wants what he wants and he wants it NOW! yet mars retrograde and on the karmic south node to boot is definitely not a time to go after whatever it is you think you want. with mars in rebellious aquarius we could find ourselves setting very karmic energies into motion that later on down the road we realize we really should not have done. hind sight is 20/20 but the real work is to cultivate 20/20 vision in the present. discernment is in my opinion the most powerful siddhi (or spiritual power) to have.

the ruling planet of this new moon is mercury who is in water cancer. the airy mind is in a water sign- our thoughts can get confused with our emotions. add to that the square to chiron and in the coming couple of weeks the opposition to the capricorn confluence and we have some powerful astrology unfolding regarding our thoughts and emotions! we need to discern what is a carry over from the past. where are certain thoughts, beliefs or emotions stuff that we have taken on since childhood and it’s time to let them go? navigate communication terrain with high levels of consciousness and awareness is key. it’s also important to question our thoughts and feelings- as spiraling out in them can lead into dark places. luckily later in the month mercury forms a lovely Grand Water Trine with jupiter and neptune- forming a mystical, magical, intuitive alignment where trusting our intuition and giving lots of focus to our spiritual journey can reap amazing gifts (more on that in the lunar gate call and lunar horoscopes. to sign up to listen to these click here-

another very powerful alignment to be aware of in the new moon chart is juno’s involvement with pluto and eris. juno is the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage and she is conjunct eris the Goddess of Discord and Chaos and square pluto the Lord of the Underworld. some powerful (read: intense) energies unfolding in relationships of all kinds (romantic, marriage, business, financial and otherwise). juno in aries demands independence. eris and pluto demand that the shadow is acknowledged. deep energies unfolding in partnerships and commitments of all kinds can either radically end alliances or radically transform them. just steer clear of power/control dynamics in partnership and work to stand in your power, hold your ground and stay in your heart.

a few fixed stars to take note of: the sun and moon are conjunct cappella and phact. both stars have to do with being free. cappella is about love of movement and phact is about questing adventure. both very gemini traits! yet when we are on the move and questing adventure so as to avoid dealing with the shadow and avoid facing the wounding and darkness within- this can eventually catch up with us.

an asteroid that stands out is pandora on mars and the south node. already mars and the karmic south node in rebellious aquarius can be a bit like pandora’s box. add in pandora and we really really REALLY need to be aware of what doors we are opening, what doors we are shutting and what we are setting into motion. with pandora we can start a ball rolling we really wish we did not roll. if in doubt DO NOT ACT. that is the wisdom of mars in front end shadow about to go retrograde. if it’s truly meant to be it will work out after summer is over. it can wait. you can wait. you do not want to initiate something during such a karmic time. instead work on the inner processes and things that keep you from moving forward in some key area of life (for more info on this listen to the weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes- to sign up for those click here-

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditations for the degree of the new moon as well as mercury (the ruling planet of the new moon). they are both insightful and deeply meditative (so read on below).

blessings sent your way for a deep dive into the depths with subsequent return to the surface. the more of us that go down and in to bring up and out that which is hidden and hindering us- the quicker we and the world around us will heal from the split and division within. as within, so without. blessed be!

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Gemini 23 A tunnel created by trees

Seeing something which others miss. Knowing there is a way through. Being guided to remain aligned within that path through and beyond. Not being at all concerned with the mind’s litany of problems and obstacles. Seeing keenly what can be and what shall be.
The one entrusted with the task of alerting others to good news. The catalyst for shifts in shared perspective. Sparkling with certainty and capacity. Not affected by delays, hindrances, setbacks, or apparent proof that the vision might not come true.
So affirmative and big picture oriented that pragmatic situations will play this back as basically unaware of what’s really going on and of what we are all up against. Yet even this, barely registers as something to deal with. Whatever people see and say and reflect, this vision remains supreme within.
A destiny which depends upon the reordering to keep coming at fresh angles into a space of cosmic truth. When we can once again uncover the interior pattern amidst the world rubble, it shouts out at us that a bright future awaits us all and that it is time for that vista to be celebrated and brought to the forefront and made the basis for all of our choices.
Definitely not an embodied and earthly point of view. Instead, consciousness through and through. The expanding awareness of the species within the galaxy.
The aspect of life which is hardest for the masses to keep in mind. But it is right here through all of spirit presence. Being at one with these greater streams and smiling as the world turns over.
Can a one-pointedly forward-looking sensibility be true and relevant? Is this Crown vista of wakeful cognition something we all need to track with?

Cancer 3 A set of surgical instruments

We are tapped to the finest extent. We are made to be whatever will serve to bring a light, a quickening, a sharp pulse to stay with this purely. We are made for quintessential tasks. All of our fruition lies in making ourselves available in this wondrous true way.
The agony of the world is our occasion. The worst turn of events, the most extreme conditions are what precipitate us into action. We are called in at just the right hour to weave, to intervene, to make a difference. Whichever facet of our being is asked at this particular occasion, becomes for us the one that will allow us to open the space, to bring the light through.
Darkness, heaviness, strangeness accompany us everywhere. The deeper our commitment to light, the larger our retinue of dark events and companions. We are given such a load to carry. We are asked to make it light by the way we bear it, even into learning and discovering that nothing is ever wrong, nothing is so dark after all.
We work off karma, we stay with the old. What is familiar keeps us responding on cue. We spiral under, through the places we’ve been before and the ways we’ve gotten stuck there.
One touch is golden. Our focus is so sharp and clear. Our life calling is bottomlessly on the beam. Whatever we need to do, we can. For we are past masters in the art of manifesting spirit in depths of substantive form.
We cannot stop refining, essentialzing, honing the task. Something propels us insistently to be there on that spot and save those lives and care about what happens.
We come from a million miles away. A part of ourselves is detached. In some ways, we aren’t even here. We’re just touching in for awhile. Yet in the midst of our rounds, the earth life reaches through and grabs us and won’t let us go.

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