new moon in capricorn- out of the ashes of the past the phoenix rises (1/12/21)

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the new moon at 23’13 capricorn is exact on tuesday january 12th 2021 at 9pm PST- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on work, career, life purpose, big business, government, traditions, patriarchal structures and the shift from an old to a new paradigm.

we are in the midst of this massive new Age of Aquarius birthing and as joseph campbell points out “Certainly there is a new age coming, and it will be a planetary age. But the beginnings of ages are usually terrible, with great violence, yang in a most brutal way. New ages don’t come softly; they are times of aggression and smashing.”

the pluto/eris square has a part in this transition period and with pluto conjunct the new moon and eris square it this lunation will bring magnification of what is in the shadow and transformation via destruction of the old and opening to the new.

one of the most interesting things about shifting from the age of pisces to the age of aquarius is the the shift out of blind belief and being easily duped and deceived to a place where we are seeing clearly and our illusions are shattered by the sword of Truth. aquarius is ruled by uranus (contemporary ruler, saturn is the ancient ruler) and uranus is the Higher Mind who sees the Bigger Picture.

the Age of Aquarius was metaphorically born on the Winter Solstice 2020 (Summer Solstice for those in the Southern Hemisphere) due to the Solstice occurring with the jupiter/sautrn conjunction at the 1st degree of aquarius. and now in 2021 we have the old ruler of aquarius and the new ruler of aquarius battling it out with the saturn/uranus square.

i also find it really interesting to look at the mythology of jupiter, saturn and uranus- particularly since we just had the jupiter/saturn conjunction and in 2021 jupiter and saturn both square uranus. all 3 of these planets are part of the same father line. jupiter is the son of saturn and saturn is the son of uranus. the patriarchal karma passed from father to son in this father line is one of fear of power being taken by one of their children so a repression of both the children and the mother who bore them occurs by the great patriarch. uranus would not let gaia birth her children and made them stay stuffed in her womb (the earth) until saturn castrated his father and took over power. saturn was told that one of his children would usurp his power the way he did to his father so he ate all his children and it was jupiter that made his father vomit up all his kids and all of them overthrew him.

this patriarchal karma of holding onto power and control and dominating children and the women who bore them is a karmic cycle that is coming to an end. it’s the toxic patriarchal paradigm that is on its last breathe- but as joseph Campbell says it will not go out without a fight! we are in that period of time right now.

in the new moon chart ALL THE PLANETS are ruled or disposed of by saturn except for neptune in pisces who is in rulership and ceres the Great Mother who is in the sign of neptutne. again we see the ruling planets of the ages (neptune rules the pisces age, saturn along with uranus rules the aquarian age).

neptune is squaring the nodal axis all of january (mean nodes 1/5, true nodes 1/26) reminding us that not all is as it seems. there’s much illusion, delusion, deception and confusion flying around right now. both within and without. the true meaning of apocalypse comes from the word apocolypsia which means lifting of the veil of illusion. the Truth will set us free but first it’s going to shatter all our illusions and it very may well piss us off. but pull back the veil we must!

it’s fascinating to me that this new moon triggering the pluto/eris square falls on the same date as the saturn/pluto conjunction when it occurred last year (1/12/20). so this is the solar return of the new saturn/pluto cycle if you will. that cycle is a 33 year cycle and this is the first “birthday” so to speak. at best saturn/pluto is about mastery (Saturn) and transformation (pluto) but shadow saturn/pluto can be about authoritarianism, dogma, and those in power not wanting to share power or resources. this new moon activates the seeding point of this cycle- where are we at one year later? what is being asked of us right now?

in the new moon chart uranus is stationary and about to go direct (in 1.2 days). once he is direct for about 2 weeks we have all planets in direct motion – raring to go! uranus stationary magnifies the Higher Mind/illumination energy but also exacerbates the ungrounded, chaotic and destabilizing force of the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener. the earth is moving under our feet- metaphorically and possibily even literally!

the sabian symbol for this degree is evocative- ‘a woman entering a convent’. a woman choosing to move away from the outer concerns of the world and focus her energies within- for mystical discipline and spiritual growth- is a beautiful symbol. dane rudhyar says this is about “total commitment to a transcendent goal” and that “rigid discipline conditions pure inner freedom” supporting us in finding freedom amidst limitations and restrictions. this is about finding INNER SECURITY- even when everything around us is in a state of upheaval and chaos- because we are anchored within instead of tethered to what is going on without.  this is a true sign of Spiritual Mastery.

add to this saturn’s alignment (and separation from) the fixed star altair. altair is often thought of as the eagle but if you look into the older meanings of the star name it either means golden eagle or vulture. i have always felt the golden eagle was a more feminine eagle and in egypt the vulture is the symbol of the Divine Mother. so there are deeply feminine currents here. i really believe in order to get us out of this patriarchal mess we are in on the planet we need women to lead. as the dalia lama said ‘the world will be saved by the western woman’.

women and the feminine within all of us are connected to the currents of compassion and nurturance, connectedness and forgiveness. but there is a fierce side to the Mother less we forget. the Great Primoridal Mother is Goddess of both womb and tomb, life and death. she is not just an all giving, bleeding open heart. in her manifestations as Kali, Lilith, Medusa or the Morrigan she has a very intense side. i personally feel it is women (and men who have integrated their feminine) who have brought these two currents of the feminine into Union within themselves that will be the leaders we need and the ones who can help us save the world. fierce and loving, solar and lunar, dark and light- only the integrated can lead us into a more integrated world. only the ones who have faced and worked with their deepest shadows can help us navigate the shadows in the world and bring them into Union with the Light.

i leave you with the star sparks meditation for this new moon- a deep meditation as always :) it reminds me of atlantis- “there is a sense that this has happened before and nobody responded appropriately”. we are dealing with ancient baggage right now. the last line really strikes me as well- “there are times when great truths are revealing through cracked strange vessels”. which makes me think of leonard cohen:

“Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in”

use this new moon to crack open and let the Light in.  use it to deconstruct, detox, transform, empower, release, renew.  and take time to turn within so that your Inner Self and Spirit are leading the way. out of the ashes of the past a new beginning arises. use the lunar magic present to anchor in a new cycle that makes you and the Earth proud!

blessed be!


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by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 24 Stalactites and Stalagmites almost grown together

Earth existence is the fusion of the above and the below. When what swells above, in the heaven realms, can be brought into resonance with what is already here below, inside this Earth, a very intensive process begins to do it’s work. And this will carry forward relentlessly and with no reference at all to secondary consideration.

At the core of this working, a cosmic power is being brought through. This is sensed as being vitally needed in the world below. And it’s structural integrity is so massive that it is very hard to translate into a form that other human beings can assimilate.

Nonetheless, it’s dynamic propulsion is of an overwhelming destiny kind. The sensation here is that the whole Earth is going through radical changes and somebody has to be there in the spot to witness and behold, and to draw the lessons and meanings into a common currency.

A shadow aspect looms large here. Past karmas reverberate. There is a sense that this has happened before and nobody ever responded appropriately. So there can be righteousness, over-identification, inflation. Because this needs to be clear and true and devoid of such loading energies, for the Earth to speak and be served.

The great bulk of this energy is hidden, is unknown, is out of view. This makes it more potent and decisive. But it also makes tremendous demands upon the one who carries and bears this impulse.

You just have to be stripping yourself away, surrendering your pictures, viewing everything afresh. Yet the baggage is ancient and empirical. So there will be fatal flaws manifesting. There are times when great truths are revealing through cracked strange vessels.

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