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new moon in capricorn- 12/24/2011

this holiday season is a special one for many reasons.  if you read my winter solstice astrology blog you know why this upcoming winter season (summer in the south) is so significant.  but we can also add to the mix a potent new moon falling on christmas eve (12/24) and jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, stationing direct on christmas day (12/25).  with a new lunar cycle commencing and the planet that most resembles santa claus going direct we can expect an influx of positive, life-affirming energy to infuse our lives around this most significant holiday season.  whether or not you celebrate the solstice or christmas- the astrology on both days is really powerful, setting us up for the closing of one intense year and the birthing of an even more potent one.

the new moon is a time of new beginnings and embarking on a new path- yet it is often not until the following full moon when our intentions are brought to fruition, climax or crisis- depending on how much integrity and alignment we’ve been living since the new moon began.  the new moon is a time of seeding, while the full moon is a time of reaping what we have sown.  it is very important to be clear at the new moon about what our intentions are- as it is possible to plant seeds of unconsciousness and old karma and we most definitely will feel that at the time of the full moon.  so be sure to use awareness and clarity of purpose now!

the new moon chart closely resembles the solstice chart in many key ways.  for one, the sun/moon conjunction is aligned with pluto and square to uranus- bringing the uranus/pluto square energies into focus over the coming month.  these energies are present the entire season we are entering into (winter in the north, summer in the south), and particularly the month that spans the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012.  the first exact uranus/pluto square is not until june 24th 2012 and there will be 7 of them over the course of 3 years (2012-2015).  this dynamic aspects is the first quarter point of the current uranus/pluto cycle which began with uranus conjunct pluto in virgo in the 60’s.  think back to what was going on then in the world and in your personal life (if you were in physical form then).  the radical, revolutionary energy of uranus and pluto gave birth to the counterculture and social revolution of that time.  fast forward 50 years and we have the next stage of that revolution happening before our very eyes.  with pluto on this new moon- bringing to Light the shadow, toxicity and power/control dynamics of personal, political and collective situations occurring today is definitely a focus over the coming month.  on the heels of the recent law passed (google NDAA marital law) there is likely to be an uproar of anger by the people.  uranus in aries is awakening the individual, the collective rage and anger, and the need to say no, take a stand and take action.  pluto in capricorn is uncovering all the toxic, manipulation and underworld behavior going on in the government and in those in power- and it is bringing things to a head.  death and rebirth is the only way through.  no longer can we sit on the sidelines and let the toxicity of the past continue to play out personally and globally.  we have to take a stand.  and this new moon will help us all do that in many different ways!

this new moon is also trine to stationary jupiter in taurus- set to go direct the next day (12/25).  jupiter is the biggest planet in our galaxy (that we know of) and as such he symbolizes expansiveness, limitless, abundance and growth.  he is most like santa claus in the he is optimistic, giving, generous and fun-loving.  but he has a shadow side, like any other planet or sign, in that he has issues with restriction, boundaries, limits, structure, schedules and commitment.  the aspect jupiter makes is harmonious- so the more positive expressions of the planet are highlighted.  we are supported in growing and embracing the opportunities to transform/eliminate what needs to be eliminated in our lives/in the world in expansive ways.  with the new moon/pluto trine jupiter in earth signs- the material, financial, mundane, embodied aspects of life are supported as well.  this is a time for grounding, laying the foundation, attending to the practical side of things.  when we do this jupiter will reward us with wealth and abundance (material and spiritual) beyond what we can imagine.  we just have to get on board with the change of the times- and become an agent of that change, rather than get pulled along by it.

at the solstice chart the sun made all the aspects that it does in the new moon chart- trine jupiter, square uranus, sextile neptune, conjunct pluto, sextile chiron- yet in the new moon chart the moon makes the same aspects as well (which was not the case in the solstice chart).  this shows a union of masculine and feminine, conscious and unconscious, without and within.  we are supported in integrating different aspects of ourselves- seemingly opposite realities that need to be integrated rather than polarized.  we can do this personally- in our own lives, relationships, inner experience- and we can do this collectively by seeing both the play of shadow and the Light around us rather than owning one and projecting the other.  this idea that we are right- whether we are the 99% or the 1%, the democrats or the republicans, the Lightworkers or the shadow workers- and that someone else is wrong is polarization and splitting at its finest.  the idea of ascending off planet earth and the ‘good/conscious’ people going somewhere else while the ‘bad/unconscious’ people stay here and fight it out is also polarizing and splitting.  the reason there is shadow playing out in the world today is because we each individually have shadows that we are not conscious of that keep us stuck in karmic patterns from the past.  as we each become conscious of and integrate our own shadow- we open up our understanding of that om others and in the world.  if we talk shit about others, if we put people down, if we harbor ill will towards others, if we have a conscious or unconscious attitude of competition with others- we are contributing to that energy playing out in the world.  if we want the world to wake up- we have to.  and even if you think you are awake- you probably still have more waking up to do.  unless you are a fully ascended master- you are not fully awake.  this new moon support us looking within to see what needs to be brought to Light- and then extending that Light outwards in the form of integration.

this is a wonderful new moon- powerful, intense, dynamic.  the next month is going to be a potent one- it is the month that sees us completing 2011 and entering 2012, a year that has a lot of hype around it.  there is certainly a lot of astrology supporting 2012 being special.  check out my yearly astrology forecast posted by new years day for more in-depth information about what is in store :)  but for now- do what you need to do to find completion and closure with the past.  the change and transformation called for right now can only occur when the past is released.  the karma that you keep with you by the end of this year will carry over in 2012- and it could be the very thing that holds you back from being so much more.  let go and let Goddess (the Goddess is a huge theme in 2012!).

happy holy-days :)

~divine harmony

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