new moon in capricorn- 1/11/2013

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Lunar Insight

a new moon cycle commences on friday january 11th at 11:44am PST. the sun/moon alignment in capricorn is a time of seeding, setting intentions for a new cycle and beginning new things. with the new moon in saturn-ruled capricorn we are supported in focusing on grounding, foundations, structure, order, discipline and our path of personal mastery. saturn and capricorn resonate with the root chakra- that point of security and stability upon which we can build. focusing on the practical, realistic and foundational aspects of life is recommended right now. taking time to figure out what we want to build in our lives (or rebuild) and what we need to do to start that process is key.

this new moon makes a tense aspect to jupiter in gemini, highlighting the disparity between jupiter’s need for unlimited growth and expansion and capricorn’s need for limitations, structure and order. this also highlights gemini’s need for movement and change, and capricorns need for stability and constancy. finding balance in our lives is what is needed- and honestly addressing where are either too flighty/immature/all over the place/ungrounded OR too practical/dogmatic/structured/limited is key.

the new moon is also conjunct mercury in capricorn- helping us to get clear on our ideas, our thoughts and what we need to communicate about and/or put into motion in our lives. jupiter in gemini is ruled by mercury- so we have the juxtaposition of fluidity and movement (mercury/gemini) and solidity and structure (capricorn) highlighted yet again. focusing our mental energies and getting clarity on the path that lies ahead is necessary right now. this is not a playful new moon- it’s a focused, disciplined and structured one.

the ruler of the new moon is saturn and he is currently in scorpio- asking us to confront our fears and limitations around death, sexuality, intimacy, debt, money and power. saturn in scorpio can bring up a lot of shadow material to be dealt with- and at times it can feel heavy. yet the only way out is through- so committing to this deep, shamanistic journey into the heart of our greatest fears and most hidden shadow is key.

currently saturn is sextile pluto and juno, trine chiron, square mars and quincunx jupiter. saturn, pluto and chiron are in aspect with each other throughout 2013. the potential for deep healing, expansion of awareness and profound transformation is seeded in this aspect configuration. when personal planets activate the trio the transformational energy gets focused. with juno aligned with all three right now, as well as being in square aspect to uranus (activating the uranus/pluto square)- there is a huge focus on the transformation of relationship as we know it. role based relationship and relationship that is limiting, constricting, conventional and/or old paradigm is not going to work anymore. as the collective wakes up we will come to realize a lot of outdated structures are going to need to be transformed or let go of all together so that something new can birth itself. relationships of all kinds are a focus right now (romantic, business, co-parenting, friendship, etc…). a new level of Soulfulness, integrity and integration is trying to come through. pay close attention to what is playing out in your relationships right now- with others and with yourSelf. something profound is playing out, and shifts of massive proportions are headed our way!

the tense aspects between saturn, mars and jupiter points to the disparity between flighty, surface, mental and rational air (mars in aquarius, jupiter in gemini) and the deep, emotional, Soulful and chaotic realms of water (saturn in scorpio). mastery over our minds, our thoughts, communication and how we connect with others is key right now. if we are staying on the surface for fear of getting too deep- this can come up for us right now. alternatively, if we are going too deep and not coming up for air we can find that is our focus. everyone has a unique path so we don’t all experience the aspects the same way. depending on our strengths and weaknesses, we could find aspects support or expand something or alternatively they could exacerbate and overdo them. it is also possible to find that they limit, constrict or stifle them. tuning into what is our personal Truth and honestly seeing where our growth lies is key.

this new moon is a focused one. i highly recommend setting your new moon intentions the night before- and do so wisely! the seeds planted at this time will certainly come to fruition- sow only what you want to reap!

enjoy the new moon vibes…

~divine harmony

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