new moon in cancer- the power of emotion (6/28/22)

by | Jun 26, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 7’23 cancer is exact on tuesday june 28th, 2022 at 7:52pm PDT/10:52pm EDT- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on home, family, nurturing, nourishment and emotional well being. this is the sign of mothers and children- and with the recent overturning of roe vs wade this new moon is completely tied into the highly emotional territory we are navigating. ceres the Great Mother is in cancer widely conjunct this lunation as well- bringing focus to the environment, resources and climate change. let me say from the start of this article- the coming lunar month looks emotionally intense. there are so many things going on right now it can bring us to a state of emotional overwhelm- so having practices to process emotions and also pause and titrate so we are not on overload is going to be important in the coming weeks!

this new moon is conjunct mean and true lilith (they are literally 13 minutes apart!) and ceres is about 12 degrees away also in cancer. this merging of the nurturing mother energy (cancer, ceres) AND the independent woman energy (dark Goddess lilith) is powerful. lilith is often called the witch, bitch, hag or whore. she is all that is not the virginal, pure, self sacrificing light feminine. this lunar cycle can unleash the suppressed emotions, rage and power of a lot of women- which roe vs wade being overturned will no doubt do. women’s rights are front and center – but so are issues around the environment, climate change, safety of children in schools, escalation offer and so much more. as i said above- this can be a highly emotional lunar cycle and depending on how we work with and relate to our emotions it could be emotionally cathartic or emotionally intense. emotional intimacy is key! (a great book for this is ‘emotional intimacy’ by robert masters)

this new moon is square jupiter and widely square chiron- showing that one of the emotions we want to be conscious of is anger/rage (jupiter and chiron are both in mars-ruled aries). \we don’t want to suppress anger and we also do not want to react in it. anger can be the guardian of our boundaries and help us to assert ourselves and say no! yet anger acted out in impulsively or reactively can have consequences so balance is key. there are a lot off planet piling up in aries right now- mars, jupiter, chiron and eris. we are right smack in the midst of mars triggering the pluto/eris square as well (june 27th-july 1st) which can be very intense. if we can take actions consciously and proactively we can take a stand for Truth! but this can also explode in pressure cooker fashion in violent and chaotic ways. it is interesting to see this leading up to the 2nd exact pluto return for the USA (july 11th) – which is a HUGE transit for not just the united states but also for the world. if you have not read my article on this click the link listed below.

this new moon makes tense aspects to both jupiter and saturn- the two teacher planets. jupiter is the planet of expansion, saturn contraction- jupiter luck, saturn karma. tense aspects from both bring in hard lessons- and we can be getting schooled right now. as this is tense to cancer placements we are again brought back to emotional awareness and emotional intimacy. did you know we get manipulated by our emotions by the media and advertising? did you know certain things are done intentionally to activate emotion? it serves us all to start relating to this aspect of being human with more consciousness and mastery ;)

i am in the midst of prepping the lunar gate call for this new moon and the july forecast and WOW. cancer is under duress! the cancer part of your chart is going to get majorly activated- but so are all the areas of life mentioned above (mothers, children, family, home, safety, security, emotions, and more). i actually feel like the roe vs wade decision is setting into motion an emotional tidal wave. will this clear out archaic beliefs and old toxic patriarchal paradigms? will it take everyone down with the overload of emotions? this can be a pivotal moment for women to reclaim their power and take a stand. leading up to the uranus/north node conjunction very end of july – this can be an awakening of and empowerment of women to initiate change. it will be interesting to see what unfolds this month.

i leave you with the star sparks degree. to me this degree speaks to our need to work with emotions from the inside out. he speaks to being contemplative and finding the missing piece to the puzzle from within. as the things in the 3d world go down YES take a stand, speak Truth! AND also make sure you are giving your inside world as much, if not more, attention. the pot is getting stirred- and the chaos appears real. but the settling of it all starts within and then moves outward. so when we find things that activate us, enrage us, cause us to grieve- we want to dive deeper within to get to the core that needs to be healed. to get to the Source within. and when we have accessed this core and connected to this Source we will then be empowered to take conscious action in the outer world that is not motivated by our undigested and projected wounding but is instead motivated by our healing, our depth, our empowerment. this kind of activism is a whole other level!

blessed new moon to you…


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by elias lonsdale

Cancer 8 An alchemical text written on parchment

Recognizing the factor which restores the part of the picture which was overlooked before. Being shown the missing link. It shows up everywhere, in everything we meet. The clue, the cue, the tantalizing glimpse. Will we seize upon it, will we serve it, will we dedicate ourselves to the task that is given?

An extraordinary assignment. We are to look away from the obvious, to step outside the boundaries of the outer mind and its world view. And we are to look toward that which mystifies and eludes and can never be redeemed to the words and concepts of modern times.

A throwback to a way of researching and investigating phenomena which is no longer current or popular. The contemplative version. It thrives within the soul, and at best flourishes where it is taken up with a passion and seen for what it really is- the factor which turns the tide and restores the whole picture.

Considerable difficulties in translating, interpreting, deciphering, getting down to it, being sure of anything. Trouble at the start. The need to break through a tendency to procrastinate or wait for the perfect time. Many idiosyncrasies and quirks. A flawed vessel.

All of these can be the perfect excuse, the core of unworthiness. And indeed we are not up to the challenge. Yet we do not work alone.

The master key will be there if we can tap spirit power and be in tune with what is revealed by greater sources of wisdom. We need the connection here of those who are on the beam. Then we find the same intelligence within ourselves.

So many setbacks and perpetual disasters. So much to let go of. Such an endangered project. And fortunately, a stubborn nature which shrugs it all off and digs in deeper.

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