Sunday July 25th 2021

the new moon at 18’02 cancer is exact on friday july 9th, 2021 at at 6:17pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on home, family, emotions, feelings, safety, security and nourishment. for a deeper dive on this lunar cycle listen to the Lunar Gate Call (posted) and Lunar Horoscopes (up by new moon). these are membership content- to sign up to be a member click here-

this new moon links with all three outer planets plus eris and chiron- so it’s a very Transpersonal Lunation! transpersonal energies are great for getting Higher Vision (uranus), being more compassionate (neptune) and embracing transformation (pluto) but they can also over-do the transcendent perspective and rather than be present to what we are feeling (cancer) there can be a tendency to want to go up and out and not want to deal with reality. so be aware!

luckily the aspects to uranus and neptune are harmonious- while the tense ones are to pluto square eris. with uranus and neptune we have access to inspiration, insight, intuition and Higher Mind/Higher Heart Union! with chiron, pluto and eris we can also find it bringing up and out what is in the shadows- emotionally, in terms of family dynamics and childhood past, fears around safety and security, old wounds and pain, and more. the key here is to not use the transcendent energies of uranus and Neptune to bypass the shadow and wounds being exposed by chiron, pluto and eris. can we hold both at the same time? as rumi said “both Light and shadow are the dance of Love” so to be in the dance of Love means to hold space for it ALL.

the new moon is ruled by the moon who is in cancer, her home sign. the moon is out of bounds- going beyond the bounds of the sun- which can make emotions run high but also amplifies and empowers the Divine Feminine- which we are seeing ALL OVER THE NEWS in the forms of women standing up in the face of patriarchal abuse of power (bill crosby, britney spears, etc…). the voices of the feminine cannot be silenced!

interestingly we have neptune opposite Minerva and neptune conjunct pallas athena- the roman and greek versions of the same Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. the shadow of pallas is a daughter of the patriarchy- not standing up for women or passively watching what is going on but not using one’s voice. with the neptune energy the desire to escape and transcend is high but we are being asked to take off the rose colored glasses and speak up and out about what we know to be true.

uranus is conjunct kassandra- the greek prophetess who could see into the future. she was an oracle of the Goddess but when patriarchy took over her temple became dedicated to apollo, a male God. Apollo found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her- she said no thank you, he got mad. so he cursed her and said you have the gift of prophecy but no one is going to believe you. this is part of the deep wounding in the feminine and what causes her to stay quiet and/or mistrust her own body’s wisdom and intuition.

uranus with kassandra is awakening many women’s voices right now- as the more that speak up the louder the message gets! this reminds me of a dream i had years ago where i was watching the lady of the lake rise out of the waters- it was not one woman but thousands of women rising out of the waters. a loud booming voice said “it’s not the return of the One, it’s the return of the Many”. when we all rise together and use our voices in unison- nothing can silence us. (this goes for men and non-binary beings who honor the feminine within and without- so this is not just about women but it is also very much about women- both/and)

we also have chiron the Wounded Healer conjunct asteroid lilith and dark moon lilith- magnifying the wounding and suppression of the feminine particularly in her expression of fire, anger and rage. emotions are neutral it’s what we do with them that informs if they are destructive or helpful. a key piece in the healing of the feminine is healthy access to anger and rage. we have been cut off from it- we have been told if we are angry we are a bitch, witch, hag or whore. we have been cut off from our healthy will, drive and capacity to hold our boundaries. reclaiming this is key and it’s happening right now all over the planet.

we have chiron slowing down about to station retrograde in 5-6 days, and eris will station in 11 days. lots of fire is brewing can you feel it? creative and conscious use of fire and expression of anger that is fierce AND comes from the heart and Love (rather than ego and power dynamics) is key!

last but not least we have an interesting minor aspect of sun/moon in cancer semisextile venus/mars in leo- as venus and mars head to their conjunction on july 13th. the sabian symbol for this new moon is ‘a priest performing a marriage ceremony’. seeing the two divine couples (sun and moon, venus and mars) in Union in the signs of the moon (cancer) and the sun (leo) lets me know there is rich territory incoming in relationships- external ones but also (and most importantly) the internal one within.

the Divine Marriage or Hierosgamos is the inner union of masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, spirit and soul, body and mind, emotion and intellect. all experiences in life can be used for growth and healing- and this lunar cycle we can see that rich territory is present to take this inner journey of sacred Union ever deeper, if you so choose :)

remember- both Light and shadow are the dance of Love. so keep dancing!



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