new moon in aries- breaking down to break through

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Lunar Insight

the new moon at 15’17 aries is exact on friday april 5th 2019 at 1:05am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle in the first sign of the zodiac. when you look at the seasons from a lunar perspective the new moon in aries is the lunar version of the start to spring- initiating us (new moon) into a new season (spring) and the start of a whole new astrological year (the signs start with aries). this is a firecracker new moon that can really help to support us in setting intentions and then taking action so that what we intend gets acted upon. a new moon in aries is a great for independence, agency, action, initiation and pioneering new things in our lives! in stages of human development aries is the newborn baby who comes out into the world saying HERE I AM!!!

of course the shadow sign of aries is impulsivity, reactivity, aggression, confrontation and selfishness- so we do want to navigate the fiery aries energies with consciousness. this new moon is in the same sign as chiron the Wounded Healer (and the sun/moon conjunction is parallel chiron as well)- which activates a long term transit (for the next 7 or so years) where healing around our relationship to the masculine, will, drive, anger, rage, selfishness and self focus is in process. if we overdo the mars/aries energy in selfish, aggressive or violent ways OR if we repress the mars/aries energy and have a hard time expressing anger, setting boundaries and having agency in our lives- chiron will help us see what needs to be healed. of course it will be up to us to do the work of healing ;)

not only is this new moon in the same sign as chiron but we have mars- the ruler of both- in harmonious aspect to chiron! healing is possible right now- if we are willing to do the work. mars is in gemini- the sign of communication and information- reminding us to use our minds and words with awareness. thinking and communication can hurt or heal- it can help or hinder. with vesta the priestess asteroid Goddess conjunct chiron- she reminds us that when we stay devoted to our path of healing we will be empowered to choose healing words, healing thoughts, healing actions and more.

this new moon triggers the entire capricorn confuence- with the sun/moon in waxing (aka approaching) square to saturn, pluto and the karmic south node. the sun’s precise trigger of all 3 are from april 10th-13th- important days to pay attention to what is happening in our personal lives as well as collectively! aries versus capricorn is symbolic of the 99% versus the 1%- of the individual versus the corporate powers that be. the capricorn confluence (saturn and pluto on the south node through 2019) is shining a light on what is toxic, stagnant, stuck and old paradigm- in our beliefs, attitudes, dogmas and rigidity. but also in our government, political positions, ways we treat mother earth and more. this new moon is a call to take a stand for what you believe in! and yet the tense nature of all the aspects can bring some significant confrontations and power/control dynamics that we would all do well to navigate consciously (versus reactively and aggressively which would be shadow aries).

the sun/moon conjunction is trine a soon to station retrograde ceres (stationing 4/10) on the Great Attractor. we have the Great Mother on a point that could be seen as Mother matrix for BILLIONS of galaxies. phillip sedgwick says the GA “might even be a direct personification of the Creator!”. WOW! this new moon taps into that pure Mother/creatrix energy and it also taps into the energy of Truth. sedgwick says “The Great Attractor reminds us all that knowledge must evolve in order for us to be aligned in any moment with full consciousness. The GA notes that we cannot forget the past. Clear perception of “now” sets the stage. We cannot ignore the forthcoming. Equally, maybe even more significantly, the view of the moment and its perception of in front and behind remains the most important view to hold clearly. Is this view clear and accurately insightful? Could the view be distorted?” so this new moon taps into a powerful energy that soon to station retrograde jupiter will be stationing direct on (stay tuned for that one- early to mid august). what is Truth? what does it mean to live and embody Truth? are you willing to fight for the Truth? are you willing to question what you think is true and change your beliefs when new information comes out that turns your world upside down? also- what has come before that leads to now? and where is this trajectory taking us? the past informs the present which informs the future. insight into all timelines can be forthcoming. are we willing to face the Truth?

a few mother important things to note in the new moon chart- we have mercury separating from neptune and venus applying. both the mind and the heart are in a dance with the Higher Heart. neptune is about Divine Love and agape but can also make it hard to discern truth and easy to fall prey to illusion, projection, addiction, escapism and deception. at best this is about elevating the mind and heart to a Higher Frequency (think Virgin Mary, Quan Yin or Tara) but need to make sure we are not defaulting to blind compassion or spiritual bypassing where our open hearts are not held by clear boundaries or where our desire to see the Light is a reaction to not wanting to see or own the shadow.

the sun/moon conjunction are aligned with alpheratz- a fixed star that needs freedom and movement. that is aries in a nutshell but its amplified by this stellar alignment. if there’s too much capricorn restriction, limits, rules, regulations or blockages- this new moon in aries will rev up our engines and make us want to break out and break free! finding the capacity to RESPOND rather than react is important.

the Dark Goddess is all over the chart- with asteroid lilith opposite the new moon and dark moon lilith at the karmic completion degree 29 aries heading to uranus. how we deal with power is up big time. do we play the victim? do we play the tyrant? do we seek power over? do we position ourselves to power under? ultimately the journey it to come into right relationship with power- a lesson that pluto teaches as well. those who stuff anger could find themselves exploding right now. those who are aggressive in their pursuit of power could find themselves becoming even more ruthless in pursuit of it. the magic happens when we realize the most important power we can possess is that the power over ourselves- over our reactions and not succumbing to them, over our wounds and not acting out in them. this is not about repression (that is shadow capricorn) but about healthy expression and relationship TO the shadowy parts of ourselves. the more we know of our own shadow the more understanding we will have of other’s. compassion is key but so are good boundaries and clear discernment. think both/and rather than this or that.

the sabian symbol for this new moon is ‘nature spirits seen at work in the light of sunset’. dane rudhyar says this has to do with unseen beings coming to our help and the capacity for us to believe in magic. when things get dire and life looks out of control- do you have a Higher Power you turn to? can you ‘become like a child’ and in childlike innocence attract the purity and power and invisible forces to support you?

i leave you with ellias’ lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 16 aries. his channeled meditations are always so potent and insightful. they evoke something deep and ancient within- and this one is no exception. i love the imagery of a trinity- black, white and gold. which reminds me of the indian concept of ida, pingala and shushumna. he talks about the black path as feeling, the white path as thinking and the gold path as something new being born of the 2. our thoughts and feelings can be avenues of escape (remember mercury and venus are with neptune!) OR they can lead us to a Higher Path. this new moon is about action- so be sure you are acting from the Higher Mind and Higher Heart for best results!



p.s. for a deeper dive into the new moon and upcoming lunar cycle listen to the LUNAR GATE CALL (posted by sunday 3/31) and the LUNAR HOROSCOPES (posted by the new moon 4/5). these are members only content and you can sign up to access them here- (there are tiered membership levels- to access gate calls you need to be a Galactic Benefactor- for lunar horoscopes you need to be a Lunar Lover subscriber)

by ellias lonsdale

Aries 16 Three sculptured birds: one black marble, one white marble, one solid gold

Our soul is depth of feeling, brightness of thinking, and potential for a new kind of will to enact itself through us. But first we are meant to journey far under into the emotional depths and to engage heavily in the mind’s wanderings, to see where these take us.

The darker feeling spaces are compelling, liberating, and corrosive. We are placed firmly down inside our multiple responses and reactions to outer life and its dramas. Many of these fragments are habitual, frenzied, and turbulent. We rake ourselves through the coals, for we are unconsciously intent upon losing ourselves very fully in the spaces of self-negation and having very little direction or sense of purpose. When we are most deeply under these layers, we do a great imitation of being far gone, no way back.

The mind looks very good when we have labored under chaotic emotion for awhile. We rise into the clear open spaces of our objective intelligence. Now we have a handle on our lives. We know how to operate, how to keep everything in front of us, how to impress others. Best of all, we are released for a time from the grip of the depths and left to float free upon the outer surface. We can be brilliant at taking fullest advantage of this cycle of coming into the powers and the marvels of the outer mind.

The core will that seeks to come through us awaits the exhaustion of both avenues of escape. What then arises is a superlative, tremendously wide open gift for grounding and focusing through us the longings, the activities and exploratory range of humanity emerging into our own true destiny path. We center upon free deeds, acts of will in a dedicated, surrendered sense. For our will is at one with the collective destiny so profoundly that we can, if we will, help to carry everybody forward with humility and passionate intent.

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