Sunday May 16th 2021

the new moon at 4’12 aries is exact on tuesday march 24th 2020 at 2:28am PDT. this new moon in the first sign of aries is lunar spring- typically symbol of beginnings, rebirth and renewal. yet solar spring (at the spring equinox) occurred during the dark of the moon- and we have many potent aspects unfolding in these first two weeks of spring that make it more symbolically connected to the beginning of the descent.

the beginning of the descent is the beginning of the dive deeper- into ourselves, into our personal and collective shadow, into our emotions and more. we have a very potent opportunity to be present right now to all that it is. to turn towards our fear and pain (i just recorded a FB live interviewing my teacher robert about this which you can find linked below) and really work with what is arising rather than disassociate, numb out, act out in it and/or fuse with it. those who have been doing shadow work have amazing tools in their toolbox for this time on planet earth- and it is our responsibility to help others who may be new to this work <3

this new moon is conjunct chiron- bringing themes of wounding and healing into focus. it is also conjunct black moon lilith- bringing themes of wounding around the Dark Feminine, female power and feminine rage into focus. this is a time to really take an honest look at where wounding around the masculine mode of being- aggression, domination, selfishness, me first attitud- have run things amok on our planet. if you tend to stuff or repress this masculine fire then your healing journey is reflecting on where you stuff anger, don’t take a stand for Truth and don’t set and keep healthy boundaries (the positive side of aries).with lilith involved we are asked to tap into deep reservoirs of grief and rage. this is truly a potent time to be working with emotions!

the new moon is sextile saturn at the first degree of aquarius. all year long he goes back and forth between the last degrees of capricorn and the first of aquarius- by december he will be there for good. saturn in aquarius is showing us the potential of what it means to embody the age of aquarius. to not have it as a vision and idea but to bring it out of the head, through the heart, into our roots and ground it down into Mother Earth. this whole global pandemic is an opportunity for us to think WE not ME. to feel the interconnection of us all as a global humanity. and not just to people but to animals, the environment, Mother Earth and more. and this year is truly about showing us any and every little place that blocks our capacity to embody this consciousness. this is where our work lies.

the ruler of this lunation is mars who is in capricorn- just past his trigger of pluto square eris (exact 3/21-22) but still heading to align with saturn in aquarius on 3/31. both mars and jupiter are in the midst of trigger pluto/eris- the BIGGEST ASTROLOGY OF 2020. eris- the Goddess of disruption and shadow revelation- is totally at hand in this global experience. she is revealing all the shit and shadow- and if we are wiling to see it, face it, own our part in it- we will be empowered to turn this ship around and change the trajectory we are on as humans on our Beloved Planet Earth. (i just released my eris masterclass for purchase- more info below)

mercury is in pisces and still in back end shadow- having just completed his Underworld journey- and he is conjunct persephone. persephone can bring up deep grief and pain at loss, separation and being yanked into the Underworld. we certainly are in a collective Underworld experience and a global Dark Night of the Soul. these things occur to take us out of our normal routines and consciousness and down into the depths to face and address things our busy external lives have been avoiding facing. these can be rich and rewarding times- while at the same time being intense and painful. persephone reminds us that it is by going into the depths that you step into your True Power- as she was in the shadow of her mother until she went into the Underworld and was made queen and honored as pluto’s equal (one of the only goddess/god pairs where they share equal power!)

we have lilith ALL OVER the new moon chart. mean black moon lilith conjunct the new moon/chiron, asteroid lilith in capricorn square the new moon/chiron/BML and we have dark moon lilith at 23’52 aries at the time of the new moon- from 12midnight on 3/24 until the new moon at 2:28am she triggers the pluto/eris square. WOW. lilith’s story is one of equality and right use of power. before adam and eve there was adam and lilith. they were made from the same substance and set in the garden of eden by god. at a certain point adam wants lilith to ‘lie beneath him’- yes a sexual reference but more so symbolic that the wanted to ‘be on top’ and be in charge. lilith said hey wait a minute we are made from the same substance, we are equals- they got in a fight, she uttered the ineffiable name of god and flew off in a rage. then adam returns to god and god makes eve from a rib from adam- so she is no longer equal to adam as she came from him.

lilith’s archetype is about equality and empowerment but also about rage and anger. with her so strong in the chart all i can see is the Righteous Anger and Moral Outrage of the Dark Goddess in full fury. what we have done to the planet is horrific. what we do to animals, children, women, the elderly and more is unconscionable. the Great Mother is not always loving and kind and forgiving. sometimes she comes in with a fury to turn our lives upside down and whip us into shape. sometimes we need to be taken through the fire before we can be truly transformed.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for the new moon but also for the degree eris will hit end of april that really, really speaks to me so i had to share.

if you have not heard the solar and lunar gate calls i put out for free (usually membership content) you can find them linked below. i also have released my eris masterclass for purchase (due to a lot of requests). she is here to stay- may as well learn more about her and work with her archetype. invite in the uninvited guest! more info below…

sending Love to all! we are all in this together <3

~divine harmony

FB LIVE interview with Robert Masters on personal and collective fear


SOLAR GATE CALL for spring 3/19/20

LUNAR GATE CALL for new moon 3/24/20

by ellias lonsdale


Aries 5 A statue of a god worn smooth by devotees’ kissing

I am here to personify an archetype. I must become my best and show the way. I have no choice in the matter. Unless I exceed my previous limits at every key juncture, I know I am not doing what I’m here to do and I can’t bear to let everybody down. I am here for a purpose and I cannot delude myself that I can do as I please.
My dilemma is that I am as sharply motivated as can possibly be and those who encounter me want to set me up to be an expert, to be somebody special, to be above them and beyond them, while I know with the greatest of instincts that it can’t be done that way any longer. So I must refuse to be the hero, the scapegoat, the center of all projections, throw it off and become everybody. Then I can get through to the others and not be stopped by this crazy old style of religion and idolatry.
I am exceedingly fortunate, in that I can see through what each and all are doing faster than they can do it. I am ahead of the game. I make sure to keep my way free and clear. And I delight in my capacity to cut through the crap, get on with what matters, and be done with the ritual of dismemberment.
The only hard thing is that I just have no patience in me for human frailties. I am not at all amused by stuck patterns and obvious lies. And I’m not shy about getting it across that you can’t get away with that stuff around here.
People accuse me of being too much and of keeping the pressure on. They’re right. But I am showing a tiny fraction of what I’ve got here. And the edge I put on events is laid back and easy going, compared with how it feels inside to be up against dense and stupid routines.

ERIS DEGREE (starting end of april)

Aries 25 A great dragon asleep in a cave

The dark deep inside seeking to emerge from a spell, from an enchantment, from a curse. The shadows, the beast, the serpent, the dragon of legend and myth stirring, restlessly, pervasively, bringing forth longings and desires previously suppressed and denied.
Secrets and mysteries. Realms within realms. So much to get back in touch with now. A promise to the children of the future to come alive at the appointed times. The inquiries of karma and of destiny. That which cannot be understood, will not conform to convention.
A wildness, a raw primal quality of needing an immense outlet for a huge energy that never had a place here. A desperate drive to let these things emerge, or else feel trapped and stuffed and caught in meaningless retrials of self avoidance at all cost.
An emotional energy of ferocious intensity. So deep. So forbidden. So strange to the modern ways. Called to merge, to tap the depths, to activate the dormant powers for the sake of the whole.
An absolutely extraordinary ability to draw forth what was hidden in each and all. A threshold capacity to elicit confidence and strength and new forces in those who are seeking a further enfoldment beyond the known.
The world’s most fertile energy frequency. Yet often postponed, or held in reserve. Captured by pasts and futures at war with each other. The shadow must be honored if the light is to dawn. All of this is known and sensed with overwhelming force. It will come out. It will come through.

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