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New Moon in Aquarius- the Descent of Awen (2/11/21)

the much anticipated new moon at 23’17 aquarius is exact ono thursday february 11th, 2021 at 11:06am PST- kicking off quite the lunar cycle!!! with 6 planets packed into this sign- we have not had a new moon like this since the early 60’s! in the 60’s is when the Age of Aquarius began coming in as an inspiration, an ideal, a vision, a dream! we can see the new age conceived of in the 60’s, born at the Winter Solstice 2020 (Summer for those in the south) and this year of 2021 the baby is born and it’s up to us to nurture, nourish and grow this new age into it’s fullest potential

before i dive into the lunar insight i want to invite you to a FREE encore of my webinar ‘Anchoring the Age of Aquarius’- on Saturday February 20th at 10am PST/1pm EST. this time right now is SO PROFOUND- and everyone is feeling it in their own unique way. in this webinar i will talk about the 26,000 year cycle, why NOW is so important, what this means collectively but also personally, what the Divine Feminine and Sirius have to do with this shift, and much more!

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also if you have not seen the Lunar Gate call for this new moon that i posted publicly as well as the weekly horoscopes for 2/8-2/14 you can find them below (both are FREE access to all)-



now on to this fabulous lunation! in the new moon chart we have the sun and moon, mercury retrograde, venus and jupiter (the Benefics), saturn (along with Jupiter they are the Great Teachers), and Wisdom & Warrior Goddess pallas athena all in this same area of the sky. due to all the planets being closet to the sun- they are invisible, in the underworld so to speak. mercury is always in the Underworld when retrograde, venus just heliacal set late january and jupiter does not rise until next week- so all these bodies with the exception of saturn are invisible. the light and activation they are bringing is into the depths of the Unconscious. they are illuminating the unseen and revealing to us whaat was previously hidden, obscured and unknown.

venus actually cojoins jupiter just hours before the new moon- a blessed event that happens under the beams of the sun (so invisible) bringing GREAT LIGHT to that which is hidden in plain sight. if you have eyes to see and ears to hear- pay attention! (and if you do not let me tell you this frequency can open you up to these capacities in unexpected and electric ways!)

when you look at the new moon chart all the personal planets are in aquarius with the exception of mars who is in taurus. this is magnifying the massive transit building to exactness- next week!!!- with saturn in aquarius square uranus in taurus. saturn and uranus are the ancient and contemporary rulers of aquarius and they are going head to head. this transit can feel like we are between a rock and a hard place. the old clashes with the new, the safe is up against what is scary. our desire to hold onto the familiar is at odds with the part of us that is ready to leap into the unknown.

pending each of our individual tendencies we can find ourselves on different parts of this spectrum. do you tend to hold onto long and not let go? do you stay in situations, relationships, attitudes, frequencies and resist change? or do you run for the hills when things get hard and need change so much you are an ungrounded chaos junkie? honest self checkins needed here! the key is to come into a sacred balance. not pushing one energy away while clutching at another. discerning baby from bathwater is key right now. when we have built our lives around some foundation- be it a career, relationship, value system, idea of ourselves- and the foundations start to fall apart, we have a choice. do we rebuild? do we thank it, bless it and move on? the answer can only be found within- but we have to face the fear that blocks us from the moment of truth.

with mars and uranus square all the aquarius planets (some tighter orbs others wider)- we definitely have a push pull energy playing out between holding on and letting go. the taurus area of our chart is where we can be resisting change and the Aquarius part of our chart can be where we are being asked to radically shift and expand. can we be with both energies and drop in deeper so we find a place of response rather than reaction?

in the new moon chart the asteroids vesta and atlantis in virgo are opposite neptune in pisces- highlighting a past time on planet earth where devotion to the mind at the expense of our hearts led us astray. we are a similar moment in time where we have choice. which way will we go collectively? and what is our personal contribution to this collective choice.

the new age is a blessing and an opportunity but it is up to each of us to anchor the frequency and embody it. it is NOT a silver spoon in the mouth. it is a sacred gift- poured into each of us as the vessels. one of the keys to holding this gift is self care- as a cracked vessel will leak the water. it is also key to release and let go of what no longer serves. if it is not serving your growth and expansion and meeting your frequency- it could be the very thing that you are being asked to release and let go of. doing so empties your cup so to speak and creates space for the new to come in!

the first saturn uranus square is a week after this new moon- but since 2/7 when we had saturn parallel uranus we have had a super aspect between these two amplifying and activating their tension. it can be felt like electricity. i personally have felt like i am being plugged into an electrical outlet!!! so grounding practices are key. be with the trees, garden, hike, practice yoga, meditate, take salt baths. take care of your body temple right now. visualize the aquarius energies coming in as a stream of light through your crown and then bring that light all the way down to your root and through your root down into Mother Earth (more on this in the lunar gate call).

i titled this lunar insight- the descent of awen. awen is the Celtic word for inspiration, spirit, the breathe of life. the electricity you feel is inspiration and revelations incoming! the chaos and destabilizing energy you feel is the old and stagnant getting disrupted. endings and new beginnings often happen simultaneously. but you can call it in with grace and ease! (i highly recommend ALWAYS doing that when setting intentions).

i leave you with star sparks degree for this new moon. it is such a rich degree and meditation!

blessed new moon, new age, new consciousness awakening…

bless it all <3


by elias londsale

Aquarius 24 A large brown bear picking and eating apples

Substance of Earth makes way for the free human spirit. We get there by a battle with the flesh. None of this struggle can be understood in dualistic terms. We are not here to have spirit prevail over the flesh. We are not here to have intelligence curb and make outmoded the creativity and raw dimensions of Earth experience. Yet every fragmentary version must be played out, including all fond illusions that we can let the cumbersome weight of matter and the awkward predicament of the human creature in the Earth go away from us and free us to do what we want to do in the foreground of our mind.

It is a tricky business. We must take up the rational model and attempt to apply it across the board. We must try to be reasonable, to be analytical, to be on top of things. In short, we are compelled here to live out the science and technology, academics and main stream media levels of truth and what is real. But what happens if all the labels shatter, all the containers spill out, and the world around us loses it’s flawless coherence? Where will we turn once what we made our idols cannot hold the projections and tumble every which way?

Then that nagging subconscious mind notion that all this thinks, is in vain, all this planning is self-serving comes up again to insist that we restore the missing underpinning of our world view. And if we agree to do so, we can turn the whole situation around fast.

Whatever the cycle, wherever we find ourselves at a given point, this is the gathering place for secret hidden earth depths. These can be taken as remnants and errant fragments. Or we might awaken into what the evidence reveals; that primal existence keeps honest all advanced consciousness.

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