new moon in aquarius- opening to the Source of Inspiration (1/21/23)

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the new moon at 1’33 aquarius is exact on saturday january 21st, 2023 at 3:53pm EST. this is a Super New Moon – the closest to earth in almost 1000 years- and it is sextile jupiter who is perihelion and the closest to our sun in his 12 year cycle. this one AMPED UP NEW MOON with incredible power to launch MASSIVE new things but also amplified energy that can get excessive or out of hand if not wielded with mastery and integrity. be aware and plant your seeds/set your intentions with care.

this new moon in aquarius activates the jupiter/saturn conjunction of december 2020 and also activates the coming pluto ingress into aquarius. the first degrees of aquarius are the conception point of the sign and are tied into the Age of Aquarius which we are most certainly already entered into – but we can think of the new age as a baby still, not an adult or even a school age child- but still a baby who is needing to grow and mature into the full power of the new age which will take time. (for more info you can tune into my Age of Aquarius webinar here-

in the new moon chart we have the sun, moon, venus and saturn all in Aquarius- with sun/moon conjunct and venus/saturn conjunct as well. with uranus the ruler of aquarius at standstill about to station direct the next day- we will no doubt be feeling the quickening energy of the Rebel, Revolutionary and Agent of Change! this is a new moon to get super clear on what changes we need to make and what evolution we want to embrace- personally and collectively. what gets set into motion at this new moon has the power to grow into something significant- so we want to be clear with what it is we start right now.

the new moon is conjunct pluto at 28’20 capricorn. the next 4 lunation all have tight aspects to pluto- starting with this new moon conjunct pluto, the next will be semisextile, the next will be sextile and the last will be square (and a solar eclipse to boot). pluto is heading to the Karmic Completion degree of capricorn (the last degree of capricorn). this year and next pluto transits over this karmic degree as he moves between aquarius and capricorn. this is particularly significant because the United States of American is going through our Pluto Return with both natal and progressed pluto- and progressed pluto is at 29 Capricorn. (for more info you can read my USA Pluto Return blog here-

Pluto is the Roto Rooter – he comes into to clean out the stuck and stagnant crap. he has 2 more years of clearing out the shadow of Capricorn- which can be seen in the Patriarchal consciousness running the planet into the ground due to exalting power, control, greed, hoarding and raping of the earth. capricorn governs big business, governments, authoritarian regimes and corporations. it will be interesting to see what goes down in these next 2 years with pluto transiting the last leg of his journey through capricorn.

with this new moon sextile jupiter on offer is expansion, opportunities and even some good old fashioned luck. and with jupiter closest to the sun in his 12 year cycle we can say that the largest planet in our solar system is even more Larger Than Life than usual. yes jupiter is the Greater Benefic and is seen as very beneficial but even too much of a good thing can be too much- so we do want to have boundaries, limits and an ability to harness the massive opportunities or energies incoming. venus/saturn can help with that has saturn’s eye is on what is grounded and stabilize. what has the power to endure? what does will show itself clearly- what does not will also become clear. saturn is the Great Pruning Shears who comes in to cut the weeds that inhibit future growth. getting clear on what this is for each of us right now is key.

the day after this new moon is Chinese New Year- the year of the Rabbit which is the luckiest of all the 12 signs and is a harbinger of peace! i have only studied Chinese Astrology briefly and mainly in the Greater Cycles beyond the 12 year cycles- so i won’t say more on this but i did want to point that out.

the new moon is conjunct altair- the fixed star in aquila. this is considered to be the eagle today but if it’s an eagle it’s a golden eagle (which you can tell by the etymology of the star names) and more anciently it was seen as a vulture. this bird is up by the other celestial birds- lyra and cygnus. lyra is modernly seen as a lyre but also used to be a vulture and cygnus is seen as a swan but was anciently a vulture as well. why so many vultures? they are primordial Mother Symbols in ancient egypt. you can see three vultures on the vulture stone in göbekli tepe (a sacred ancient site in turkey). the area of the sky they are gathered in is seen by many ancient cultures as a Source or Origin point. from mid tropical Capricorn to late tropical Aquarius we have many various points that different cultures point to as this place of origin. so this new moon can be a time to contemplate our origins- yes our local and personal ones- but also our galactic and ancient ones. (if you are interested in learning about the ancient constellations my Stargate Mystery School Year & a Day course will be made available on demand after the full year and a day course is over in April 2023. more info here-

with the new moon opposite both mean and true lilith (who are conjunct by 6 seconds!) the Dark Goddess is powerfully activated in this lunar cycle. she is able to see into the shadows and get to the Truth. she is intuitive, powerful and fierce. with the leo/aquarius axis activated by lilith opposite the moon we have the axis of ME vs WE, individuality vs collective up. this is an important time to check in to make sure what we do and set into motion is for the Highest Good of All- not just good for me, but also not just go for everyone else but bad for me. this is a sacred balancing act that must be navigated in order to find win/win situations.

mercury just stationed direct on 1/18, mars did so on 1/12, eris did so on 1/11 and uranus stations a day after this new moon. once uranus is direct we have all the planets in forward motion for just under 3 months!!! when all planets are direct it’s as though the breaks come off and the train picks up speed. of course it will take some time for mercury and uranus to move out of standstill and really get going- but once we get into february there will be a decided shift in the energetic terrain. again- it is wise to be intentional about the direction you are moving in- because once the breaks come off it will be hard to re-route or turn around to go into a different direction.

i leave you with the star sparks and sabian symbols for this new moon. i am struck by how the sabian symbol very aptly describes the unexpected storms and floods – speaking of nature’s challenge and how all human institutes and their achievements can be washed away- ‘dust you were, dust you must become’. in the original egyptian mythology set was not an evil deity but was simply symbolizing nature’s tendency to take back what man built up. he symbolizes the process of becoming dust again after we have formed ourselves and our world into solid things we thought we could control and make endure forever.

the star sparks degree speaks to a woman being at one with the earth. it’s a reminder to not take on mechanical routines and set behaviors- to be in the world but not of it. her task is to not forget who she is and why she is here- despite walking amongst those who are asleep and have forgotten. she is a woman walking the garden of life- while being watched by elves. the magic is there- the sacred lies concealed in the profane. if we have eyes to see and ears to hear it cannot be missed! we can use this new moon and lunar cycle ahead to realize the magic that is everywhere – within and without.

blessed new moon to you…


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by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 2 A woman strolling in a garden. She is unaware she is being watched by elves

Her nature is leisurely, contemplative, laid back. She of course imagines and conceives that these qualities are simply her own by temperament, by disposition. Hardly is it likely that the deeper truth of her nature will reveal itself to her in the normal course of events.

Yet what is truly at work in her is an affinity with the subtle elemental realms and with those who sense those spirit enclaves in the earth.For she is actually at one with the earth and with the light which is there at certain places for those who can perceive inwardly. And this earth light so closely accompanies all of her journey that she really never distances from her underlying sense of the whole of life and what it asks through her each day, every night.

This makes it hard to take on mechanical routine and set behaviors. The soul is hungry to bring the world to life, rather than to fit life to mental schemes. And this impulse is overwhelmingly powerful. It comes from a bottomless well of remembrance and dedication.

Yet she is called upon to put all of this onto the inside and to bear herself steadily through the outer world on the outer world’s terms. For what she has to bring will have it’s magical relevance when nobody is looking for anything special to be happening.

She is on one of those assignments where you must not forget, yet you must go amongst those who do, lose yourself amongst them, and carry the slender thread of your real allegiance inside where it counts. The art of such a way of life is poignant. Everything depends upon discovering how to get deeper inside and tap the riches for the sake of the whole.


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The need to develop the inner security which will enable us to meet unexpected crises.

An interesting connection can be made between the symbols for Taurus 1° and 2° — “A clear mountain stream” and “An electrical storm” — and those for Aquarius 1° and 2°, two hundred and seventy degrees apart (a “waning” square, in terms of a cycle of relationship such as the lunation cycle). In the first case we deal with energies or activities that can be related to the natural development of the individual. But here we are primarily concerned with social, collective processes and the function of the individual within them. The symbol itself — “An unexpected thunderstorm” — could be given a very positive meaning in an arid environment, but the emphasis on “unexpected” tends to accent the sudden and dangerous character of the event. Such a thunderstorm in a region of dry hills can cause a devastating flood. At any rate, it refers to an event for which one is not prepared — a menace to men’s works.

Seen as a second stage symbol — thus in contrast to the preceding one — this scene stresses the fact that nature may reduce to impermanence the seemingly most permanent endeavors and constructive activities of men. Under a downpour of rain, adobe brick can return to mud. All human institutions and their achievements can be washed away, even in their day of great glory. “Dust you were, dust you must become.” This is NATURE’S CHALLENGE.

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