Friday April 10th 2020

new moon in aquarius- becoming the agent of change!

the new moon at 15’45 aquarius is exact on monday february 4th 2019 at 1:03pm PST, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on expanding our vision, doing something radically different and embracing change! this is a lovely new moon- and a welcome one at that being that our last lunations have been intense and/or eclipses and not exactly a walk in the park ;) this new moon in aquarius makes almost ALL positive aspects- showing us that where aquarius falls in our charts we have some amazing energy to work with (be sure to listen to your weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes which will be posted before the new moon on monday 2/4 for deeper insight in how this is playing out for you personally).

this new moon is also lunar imbolc- the lunar gate for mid winter for those in the northern hemisphere (it’s mid summer for those in the south). this is an EXTRA POTENT imbolc as we have calendar imbolc (2/1-2/2), solar imbolc (2/3) and lunar imbolc (2/4) all occurring in a very tight window. this is a time of quickening and purification. it is a time to prepare for the light that is to come but has not get fully arrived! it is a time of hope and intention. my solar gate and lunar gate calls on imbolc and this new moon are up and if you are a Galactic Benefactor member you get access to them with your membership. these calls are steeped in astrology, mythology, ritual, shadow work and a guided meditation to help you align with the solar and lunar mysteries and deep magic that is present at this time. if you want to access these calls you can click the links below this write up to sign up to be a member or to upgrade your membership to Galatic Benefactor. you can also donate individually for these calls by clicking the solar gates or lunar gates links below (scroll down this info is at the bottom of this post)

so this new moon is POTENT- aligned with mercury the mind and black moon lilith the Dark Feminine. this is a new moon to speak your Truth and be willing to see/own/call out the shadow. black moon lilith in aquarius is eccentric and outside of the box. she is deep and penetrating and can turn the applecart upside down with her capacity to see into the shadow and shine a Light on it. aligned with mercury our minds are getting quite the jolt via information incoming, communication had/heard, insights arising and more. this is a time to allow our desire for Truth to overpower our desire to escape, deny or stay small. warriors for the Truth arise!

this new moon harmoniously links with jupiter, saturn and neptune- the 3 planets whose aspects to each other make up for some of most important astrology in 2019. we have the jupiter neptune square this year as well as the saturn neptune sextile. this astrology speaks to visions, dreams and ideals that need to be grounded into reality with hard work, integrity and commitment. yet this also speaks to our need to see where we have been in denial, escaping, deluding ourselves, spiritual bypassing and playing the victim or the martyr. what is so amazing about this new moon is that it links with all 3 of these bodies in harmonious ways and is helping us to get a Higher Perspective about what our journey is asking of us this year. pay close attention to this new moon and lunar cycle- as what is incoming right now is very important for your growth and evolution. wherever aquarius is in your chart that is the place where you will find the bridge to what the jupiter/neptune square is asking you to see clearly and what the saturn/neptune sextile is asking you to get masterful about.

the ruling planet of this new moon is uranus who is about to hit the 29th degree of aries (as of 2/6) and will be there until 3/6 for the last time for the next 84 years! last year uranus entered the 29th degree of aries and moved into taurus (may 2018) but due to his retrograde station he went back into aries for one final dance in the sign of the will, warrior and drive and the coming lunar cycle is his last hurrah so-to-speak. it’s interesting that this new moon is in uranus-ruled aquarius and that the entire moonth (lunar month) we have uranus in the last part of his dance through aries! there is a deep connection between where aquarius is in your chart and where aries is right now. where aries is you have the last part of an 8 year journey of awakening, revolution and change- and where aquarius is you will find the means by which to wrap up that journey!

uranus is about to be turbo charged up by mars on 2/12- so strap on your seatbelt and get ready for some expansion and/or change! mars in his own sign linking with uranus at the 29th degree during an aquarius lunar cycle is going to be interesting- personally and collectively. the key is to make sure the will and ego (mars) is in service to something Higher. this is not a lunar cycle to be reactive, aggressive, dominating or controlling. it’s a time to become the agent of change for yourself- rather than trying to get others to change or make them do things your way. alternatively if you tend to have a hard time taking agency in life- this is your ticket to action, movement and embracing your inner fire!

we have a lot of planets at the 29th degree in this lunar cycle (especially in the first week or so)- including uranus at 29 aries, chiron at 29 pisces, mercury at 29 aquarius, pallas at 29 libra and juno at 29 taurus. the 29th degree is the karmic completion degree. it’s the last degree of a sign (and in the case of chiron at 29 pisces its the last degree of the entire zodiac) and its nature is of completion and endings. yet anything unresolved related to the sign or planet that needs to be seen/addressed/activated can and will come up as the inherent desire of wholeness is to bring things to completion first before we start something new (this is the wisdom of conscious endings and conscious beginnings as what we don’t deal with consciously will follow us into the next cycle and inform what is begun). with so much 29th degree energy playing out with 2 slow moving planets in particular (uranus and chiron) there are some VERY BIG ENDINGS and COMPLETIONS happening right now. this is a great lunar cycle to be tuning into what they are and then get on board with doing the work to embrace and embody change.

the ancient ruler of aquarius is saturn and saturn is currently in capricorn (the sign he rules) and he is part of the capricorn confluence which is some of the biggest astrology of 2019 (if you have not watched my free yearly astrology forecast video for 2019 click here- saturn is almost exactly semisextile the sun/moon conjunction and just past his sextile to neptune (exact 1/30). saturn is showing us what illusions need to be let go of and also what dreams are worth working hard to fully realize- and the aquarius new moon is showing us the visionary, outside of the box changes or revolutions that are needed to do this work. so get to it!

saturn is conjunct the asteroid atlantis which speaks to past life karma coming up in present day circumstances. some would say that where we are today as a humanity is dangerously close to that time long ago where our technology and desire for power outran our wisdom, morality and compassion. many people are talking about the environment and what is happening to Mother Earth. we can only dump so much toxic crap int our air, water and food supply before it will finally catch up with us. for me saturn with atlantis at the new moon in aquarius is speaking to the need for Higher Vision right now so that we are taking our capacity to the see the past and using that to inform our capacity to navigate the future with deep awareness. some may think it’s easy to see the past with 20/20 vision but actually many of us are trying to figure out the past and really see it clearly (hence why people go to therapy and why historians argue about what the Truth is). yet once we have a handle on the past- the whole point of looking at the past is to use that information to inform the present and our future trajectory. to me this new moon is a time for alternative viewpoints, outside of the box ideas, radical new inventions and means by which we can stop going down the same old karmic path we have been going down for who knows how many lifetimes and millenniums. (on a personal level look to where capricorn is in your chart as that is where you are karmically stuck and needing to break free).

add to this that in the new moon chart we have saturn 3 minutes from a precise conjunction to the solar eclipse degree from january 5th and we can see how important this lunar cycle we are entering into is. saturn is asking us to GET REAL about what the capricorn confluence is asking us to face. this is a time to purge, detox and release the old. old paradigms, karmic patterns, patriarchal dogmas are all up for obliteration right now. pay attention to where your life gets real this month and what are you being asked to do to rise to meet the evolutionary challenges!

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 16 aquarius where the sun/moon conjunction is. he speaks to the new vision incoming but also the status quo/resistance that tries to hold us back from change. he reminds us that first we have to face the secrets and shadows within and without before we can truly become progressive and evolutionary. yet he reminds us not to get lost in this- as if we allow the facing of our shadow to numb us or shame us we will get stuck in the mess and sabotage our best efforts to wake up and grow. he reminds us that “the only way we can succeed in such an endeavor is if we take every difficulty and (use it) to further breakthroughs, even perhaps making the very best out of dense and tortuous conditions.” this is the work right now on every level- personal, collective, social, political, familial, relational and more!


~divine harmony

p.s. my SHADOW WORK AND ASTROLOGY course will be coming out in may 2019! more info will be coming soon but if you want to be the first to get information and get the opportunity to sign up please email me here and i will be sure you are on the contact list. more info will be going out to this email list this week after the new moon!

by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 16 Ground up gemstones to be used as medicine

Being equipped with a way to work with earthly substance that is keyed to transmutation and alchemical forging of a way to be in the world. Purposively focusing intensively upon the ingredients and their combinations. Gifted with a certain vision to see one through an astounding maze.

What we come up against here is the resistance of outer form to the vision that is carried. Once we get into it, the resistance turns out to be massive and already solidly in place. A vested interest of status quo forces pulls back away from the (new), the fresh discovery. The tug of (conscience) will not let go.

This compels us to apply ourselves more vigorously, to wake up in the midst of the operation. We must discover a path in human nature that can match a path in outer nature, both of which will become progressive and evolutionary. In order to do so, we are intended to stumble upon all the secrets and shadows and to face the accusations head on.

If we are going to restore wholeness, we must fathom the code of fragmentation and not be broken apart ourselves by the barrage of evidence, which could discourage and disempower us, if we believe it’s message. So there is a discipline involved, a mastery, an initiation. We must stand in the face of what would seem to be a complete mess and still persevere in going out after fresh solutions, new ways of working with the substance at hand.

This entire dynamic forges in us a character strength that endures. We ourselves become the good medicine. Our awareness of emergent facets offers hope, consolation, and even excellent fundamental basis for a different world to dawn. We are cracking through ground that was heavily blocked. The only way we can succeed in such an endeavor is if we take every difficulty and (use it) to further breakthroughs, even perhaps making the very best out of dense and tortuous conditions.



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