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new moon in aquarius- 1/22/2012

a new lunar cycle commences on sunday january 22nd at 11:39pm PST.  the dark moon that precedes this new cycle (which we are in as i write) began when the moon moved past 14 sagittarius and a conjunction with the great attractor and the north node- bringing in a sense of profound destiny and collective evolution that is intimately tied up with purging/releasing/dying in order to be reborn.  this week has definitely been a week of letting go of the past.  with the 29th degree of 4 different signs being highlighted by 4 different planets/asteroids (sun at 29 capricorn, saturn at 29 libra, neptune at 29 aquarius and ceres at 29 pisces) we have had had a lot of karmic completion energy permeating the week.  to have this happen at the same time such a potent dark moon occurs is quite intense and powerful.

as the new moon cycle begins just minutes before midnight, we are supported in fully sloughing off all that this past week entailed (particularly when it involved old karmas/contracts/energies from the past) so that we can fully open up to and embrace the now.  with a new moon in aquarius the intentions seeded at this time are best realized if they are supporting growth, change, evolution and awakening.  aquarius is the sign of the age we are moving into- so this is a powerful time to align with your Higher Self’s callings as well as the Higher path the world is trying to find.

this new moon is highly activated.  the sun/moon conjunction, symbolizing the aligning of the masculine and feminine principles, falls at 2’42 aquarius and is conjunct the fixed star altair.  altair is a fortunate fixed star that has the energy of mars and jupiter combined.  with a positive mars/jupiter we are imbued with a sense of expansion, abundance and opportunity!  we are ready to take action in ways that are growth-oriented and uninhibited.  it is said that altair gives sudden but ephemeral fortune, impulsiveness, courage, strong passions and an indomitable will (reference rob tillet).  with this firey fixed star aligned with the new moon on sunday we have support in forging new paths and blazing ahead where others fear to tread.

there are several significant aspects to the new moon- the first being a sextile from uranus in aries.  uranus rules this lunation as uranus is the ruler of aquarius.  to have the ruler of the new moon harmoniously aspect it expands the aquarian energy tenfold!  we are being asked to make radical changes and rebel against old structures/moral codes/karmic contracts that are clearly no longer good for us.  this is a liberation new moon- it can help us truly cut cords from the past so that we can move forward on our evolutionary path much lighter and freer.  yet if we are holding onto the past the aquarian/uranian energy can be experienced as anxiety or fear.  in truth, the only way this new moon can be experienced as liberating is if we allow ourselves to be set free.  if we keep holding onto the past we will have no space to embrace the new- which is why the week leading up to this new moon with the 29th  degree and powerful dark moon phase was so key in clearing out the past.

the new moon is also square to jupiter in taurus, bringing an expansive, opportunistic energy to the lunar cycle.  jupiter is the planet of growth and boundlessness.  when he makes tense aspects he is still thought of as beneficial.  the main thing we have to be aware of with jupiter squares are the tendency to overdo it, take on too much, self-aggrandize and/or have issues with healthy self-restraint.  it’s all about a balance- and there is so much activation energy going on with this new moon that we do need to make sure we tap into some grounding and use foresight when taking leaps and making radical changes in our lives.

that is where saturn comes in…the only other major aspect to this lunation is a square to saturn at the last degree of libra.  saturn puts the breaks on things.  he makes us check in and really assess what is going on, what the reality of situations in our lives are, and what needs to be done to bring them back into integrity.  with saturn in libra the lessons likely involve relationships and finding balance between give and take, self and other.  since the 29th degree is highlighted we have a lot of focus on completing relationships and karmic agreements right now.  some are ending, while others are transforming into new forms that are more in alignment with where our evolutionary path is taking us.  either way a definite shifting energy is present- and the more we resist the shifts we need to make the more we will feel stuck, limited, constricted and/or depressed.  anything we start right now has to stand the test of time- so taking a few moments to check our grounding/foundation is key if we want it to last.

in the new moon chart jupiter and saturn are opposite each other- so this highlights the polarity between expansion/abundance/optimism and contraction/constriction/pragmatism.  jupiter and saturn are in venus’ signs of taurus and libra respectively- again bringing in a focus on relationships and also on finances and shared values.  the push/pull energy felt right now between idealism and realism, taking a leap and cutting back can be felt like yo-yo energy.  ultimately we are asked to find a midpoint between the two that honors both our need to grow and our need to ground, our need to expand and our need to contract.  if we can take this into account when we seed our new moon intentions we can be fully aware of the past and the future- and our situation in the present as a bridge from one reality to the other.  nothing is disparate or disconnected- it is all interrelated.  without taking responsibility for our past we cannot fully be in the present or move forward consciously into the future.  these are important things to remember as the pressure to change and release the past gets more and more intense as we approach our first uranus/pluto square in june.

we have another potent lunar cycle heading our way!  with awareness we can use the energies present with consciousness, which then alters not only our personal journey but the collective one as well.  be the wayshower!


~divine harmony

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