Tuesday July 7th 2020

the new moon at 4’22 aquarius is exact on friday january 24th at 1:42pm PST- marking lunar imbolc (the lunar celebration of the festival that marks the beginning of spring) and a new lunar cycle that focuses on innovation, invention, community and Higher Vision. this new moon is close to the jupiter/saturn conjunction at the 1st degree of aquarius that occurs at the winter solstice 2020- so this can be a seeding point of that fruition and birthing which actually makes total sense as a baby born at winter solstice would have to have been conceived sometime near spring. so consider this CONCEPTION TIME and conceive with intention (literally, symbolically, spiritually and more).

(in my 2020 mundane forecast video i talk about the jupiter/saturn conjunction at winter solstice being the BIRTHING POINT OF THE AGE OF AQUARIUS. this age and consciousness has been present as a vision, a hope, a dream and it this year winter solstice that the baby gestating comes to full term and is BIRTHED out into the world at the time of the solstice sun standing still and rebirthing the Light of consciousness as it does once a year at the winter solstice. for more information watch the video here- https://divineharmony.com/yearly-astrological-forecast/2020-yearly-astrology-forecast-video/

this new moon is sextile chiron- bringing potential for expanded awareness and deep healing, but also square uranus the ruler of aquarius which brings sudden and unexpected awakening, reversals, revelations and Truths coming to Light. the key here is to STAY OPEN and to not think you know it all or have it all mastered that there is no room for growth ;).

chiron in aries teaches us that we need right relationship with the masculine- within and without. some of us overdo the masculine in ego, arrogance, selfishness, anger, rage, aggression and violence. others of us repress the masculine and cut ourselves off from our fire, passion, agency, desire, anger and healthy self focus. right relationship with the masculine is key- which needs to be in balance with the feminine part of ourselves that is nurturing, sensitive, caring, reflective, cohesive and inward focused.

uranus in taurus is bringing a REVOLUTION OF EMBODIMENT (for a deep dive read my article here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-in-taurus-the-embodiment-revolution/). in venus ruled taurus this is an awakening of the feminine IN THE BODY. honoring the body, honoring Mother Earth, caring about our precious natural resources like air, water, soil and food. this can be seen in the huge movement of women explanting- taking their breast implants out and not replacing them. women are reclaiming their bodies, detoxing the patriarchal poison that told them they were not good enough or attractive enough the way they were born- and it is amazing how much this journey is helping women reclaim their power (i am one of them- i explanted in august 2019 and shared a public post about it which you can find on my website or social media posts).

in the new moon chart the karmic south node in capricorn is conjunct bacchus- the greek god of wine and ecstasy but also addiction and escapism. we need to see our addiction to power, control, material things. we need to see where we are stuck in patterns that do not serve- personally and collectively.

saturn- the ruler of the south node- is also in capricorn conjunct kassandra. kassandra is the prophetess who could see into the future but no one believed her. the back story is she was an oracle for the goddess but when the patriarchal consciousness took over she became an oracle for apollo (the god that took over the temple she was at). he found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her- she said no- he got mad- so he cursed her and said she had the gift of prophecy but no one would believe her! saturn with kassandra can be the patriarchal repression of prophets and seers- those who can see the trajectory we are on and are calling out warnings. but it can also be our own disconnect from our body’s wisdom about what is right and what is wrong. learning to trust our deep intuition and pay attention to the signs and portents is key right now. do not let your Inner Critical voice cut you off from your deepest Soul knowing!

mercury is conjunct persephone- the Dark Goddess who went down into the Underworld to reclaim her power. the modern myth is that she was abducted or raped by pluto. these are code words for the time when patriarchal consciousness took over power from the matriarchal consciousness and the male god abducting or raping the female god was a sign of his taking her power. pre-patriarchy persephone went down into the Underworld willingly- as an offering to her mother demeter who govern underworld and earth and it was a lot to be responsible for so persephone took over the Underworld duties. in her willingness to go down and face the shadow she became more than the daughter of persephone but truly the Queen of the Underworld. mercury/persephone asks that we are willing to DIVE DEEP and FACE SHADOW (come join my Astrology & Your Shadow course starting 1/29/20- click here https://divineharmony.com/astrology-and-your-shadow/ for more info). this is a great time to be in therapy or doing any kind of inner work :)

we also have mean black moon lilith at 29 pisces- a very mystical, occult, psychic placement about to shift into the first degree of aries- crossing the aries point. a new cycle of the Dark Feminine is about to commence as she moves from yin to yang, water to fire, inward to outward, passive to active and dynamic. add to this the fact we have ALL PLANETS STATIONED DIRECT- the next station is of mercury in 23 days. until then everything is in forward motion- which means the cosmic train is picking up speed and you can catch the current if you wield the energies wisely!

of course in the background of this lunation there is the PLUTO ERIS SQUARE. the first of 5 occurs on 1/26/20 and this transit lasts until 2021. the two further planets in our solar system are unearth shadow and confronting us with what is hidden. eris is a new body called the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. she is also an activist and Warrior Goddess and heralds the return to the Female Warrior Archetype- something our world desperately needs right now. she is so new not a lot of astrologers are talking about her. for this reason i am hosting a FREE WEBINAR on Eris on saturday 1/25/19 at 12noon PST. i hope you will come! to sign up click here- https://divineharmony.mykajabi.com/goddesseris

i leave you with the insightful wizard ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree for this lunation. of course it is ON POINT- speaking of the Goddess in the earth and our capacity to birth new new worlds intact when we drop from head to heart to womb (go deeper). ellias says “Only as we get full and rounded and whole in our deep rooted earthiness can we provide a sufficiently hardy vessel for this wild future we face to stream through us and become that future we have always looked toward.”

this is why ENLIGHTENMENT must be balanced with EMBODIMENT. this is why ASCENSION cannot be fully realized without DESCENSION. this is why all LIGHT WORKERS must be doing SHADOW WORK. and this is why i offer my 6 week course Astrology & Your Shadow. it’s a 6 week deep dive into the map of your Soul (your natal chart) to illuminate and face the shadows and reclaim them so you can integrate them with your Light.

“enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light, but about making the darkness conscious” ~jung.

come join me and a growing community committed to making the darkness conscious so that we can embody more Light and be the change we wish to see in the world!
click here for more info and to register- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-and-your-shadow/

blessed be!

~divine harmony


by ellias lonsdale

Aquarius 5 Humans worshipping an obese nature goddess

She is in the earth, she is of the earth, she is that which could only be formed from within this earth in her feminine soul. And she shows us what it is about earth which we always miss and pass right over. If we do attune to her consummately, she shall correct that flaw and let us in on the fertile truth of earth-life, the one our minds could never grasp.
Her force of example is really tremendous. She carries this manna which pulls us right out of our heads and into the womb wisdom which bears new worlds intact. Just to be with her is to get down under and hearken toward mysteries which turn us inside out and upside down and never stop correcting for the missing pieces in the modern consciousness of the masculine dominant mind-set.
In once sense, all we can do with her is to look back to that ancient timeless place and touch in there and never lose that substantive feeling for life. In another sense, we are meant to take it further if we are ready.
This deep feminine earthly force also comes to meet us from worlds still unborn. There she is metamorphosed into myriad forms and guises. All of these say; the core nature remains to be tapped, it never has been lived in a true sense.
For she guards the mysteries of She of Earth, the Awakening One in our midst. She is more relevant than ever. Only as we get full and rounded and whole in our deep rooted earthiness can we provide a sufficiently hardy vessel for this wild future we face to stream through us and become that future we have always looked toward.
In the now, she comes in any and all forms and she promises a way of being which will bring us to our senses in a very profound union between Cosmic Core and Earthy Substance. That synthesis commands our best to conceive of what can be as New-Earth body.

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