lunar eclipse in taurus conjunct algol- the Fierce Feminine is on the rise (11/19/21)

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the full moon/partial lunar eclipse at 27’14 taurus is exact on friday November 19th, 2021 at 12:57am PST- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the powerful new moon in scorpio exactly opposite uranus on 11/4 (you can read the Lunar Insight on that new moon here- ). this looks to be quite the lunation- being the longest partial lunar eclipse since the 15th century- lasting for 6 hours and 2 minutes. in addition it is fully visible in all of America and the peak point falls close to hawaii- so it has big impact on the USA.

this is the first of the taurus/scorpio eclipses due to the nodes moving into taurus/scorpio on december 22nd. we are about to move into a new cycle of eclipses and this one will magnify what areas of life- personally and collectively- are in the spotlight for change, endings and new beginnings. from now until the next new moon/solar eclipse on december 3rd we are in the eclipse portal- which can be high intensity but also wonderful for bringing things to completion and starting anew.

this is a north node eclipse (north node is still in gemini) so pay attention to what destiny, growth or evolution is opening up for you in the taurus/gemini part of your chart (listen to horoscopes for more info- to sign up to be a member click here- north node eclipses point the path towards growth- but with the full moon part of it what is being brought to awareness may be what is holding us back from doing just that.

this powerful eclipse is conjunct the pleiades and algol the Fierce Dark Feminine star and is trine pluto. the capacity for transformation, evolution and empowerment is HUGE but the key is to work with your emotions and do the work of embodiment (scorpio/taurus axis). freedom comes from within, not without. much insight and illumination is possible if you focus on the Source.

algol is called the demon star- but that is patriarchal re-write. pre-patriarchy medusa was a much revered goddess who was beautiful, wise and powerful. with the transition to patriarchy powerful goddess got married off and their power given to the male counterpoint OR they were demonized, repressed and erased.

everything about medusa is symbolic. the snakes in her hair represent wisdom, the Great Goddess and kundalini energy. her ability to turn man to stone is the ability of the Dark Goddess to see beyond the ego facade and shatter it. her wisdom and power is one of seeing in the dark clearly- and teaming her up with the 7 sisters (the Pleiades) there is much Goddess wisdom incoming during this eclipse!

the eclipse is in the same sign as uranus- which this 7 year transit is bringing with a revolution in embodiment (read my article here- this is wake up shake up territory. what values, things, ways of being and doing that are focused on security, safety and resistance to change are you holding onto but they are holding you back?

with the ruler of this eclipse being venus in her front end shadow (as of november 17th) and trine uranus right after she entered shadow- we can see this upcoming Descent of the Goddess is about restructuring the way we relate to the material world. what are we doing that is patriarchal and old paradigm. what things have we been told we must do but they are actually horrible for our well being and perhaps for the well being of the planet? what needs to change from the bottom up? or completely released/destroyed so the new can be built? i will have a venus retrograde blog out soon- stay tuned! (it will be posted here-

other significant aspects in the chart include mars separating from the saturn/uranus square (mars/uranus was november 17th) and heading to trigger the eclipse degree december 9th. mars is in rulership in scorpio and his journey is intense. he reveals the shadow, brings things to the Light of consciousness and demands we deal with things.

we also have jupiter sextile eris on november 18th for the 3rd and final time- bringing amazing energy for collaboration, community, activism and taking a stand! eris is the guiding archetype for the 21st century and she reveals what no one wants to look at. rather than bury our heads in the sand- the key to working with her is to be willing to face things within and without. if you want to learn more about Eris check out my Eris Masterclass here-

there are SO MANY asteroids involved in this chart i don’t even know where to begin. vesta, the Priestess asteroid Goddess of focus and devotion is on the karmic south node exact 12 hours after the eclipse and asteroid aesculapia is involved. this is asking us to question the things we are devoted to and particularly around health matters and healing- we are being shown where something needs to be addressed. we have some of the last triggers of the south node in sagittarius happening since the nodes change right after solstice- so use the next month to real root out what beliefs, hubris, self-righteousness or avoidance of shadow is blocking you. is your commitment to being right greater than your commitment to the Truth?

venus is with astraea- the last of the Divine Beings who stayed on earth until it got too painful for her to stay and witness the loss of consciousness and people devolving into war, anger, hatred and depression. she speaks to blocked closure and staying until the bitter end. part of venus’ upcoming descent is about questioning where you are staying when you should be going. where is something way past the expiration date?

mercury is opposite kassandra- the prophetess who saw what was coming but no one listened! if you dig into her story more the version we know today was predicated on the transition from matriarchal to patriarchal values. she was a priestess of the Goddess and an oracle at delphi- but apollo the god took over rulership there so she became a priestess of apollo. he found her beautiful and wanted to sleep with her. she said no and he got mad. so he cursed her and said ‘you have the gift of prophecy but no one is going to believe you’. with mercury opposite kassandra listen to the oracles and prophets and trust your intuition. and questions those who are trying to silence or oppress.

we also have pluto opposite demeter and eris opposite proserpina (the roman version of persephone)- so the pluto/eris square is triggering the demeter/pluto/persephone triangle. pluto’s current myth is patriarchal and controlling. he abducted (raped) persephone and forced her to stay with him by being manipulative and giving her food he knew would make it so she would not be able to leave. eris involved let’s us know this patriarchal power play story is CHANGING.

when women and those who honor the feminine claim their power, hone their boundaries and use their voices- the world will change. with eris invoved- anger and rage can be sacred IF AND ONLY IF you express it through the heart and with compassion. chiron is conjunct asteroid lilith in aries- so healing around rage, anger and fire is key. it’s important to know that rage and anger often are a cover for deep grief. if you are not intimately connected to your grief AND your rage- you are using the later to avoid feeling the former (or vice versa). with this ALGOL lunation we can tap into that sacred rage and feminine power but we want to wield it wisely!

a few quotes to inspire you:

“The older I get, the more I see how women are described as having gone mad-
when what they’ve actually become is knowledgable, and powerful and fucking furious.”

~Sophie Heawood

“The Dark Goddess is no lightweight. She promises trouble, an end to form as we have known it, the death of the ego… She is impersonal, yet she erupts from deep within the human psyche with unexpected passion and rage. She is transformation in the extreme, and her power is regenerative and healing. Like a trickster, she frees us from the trappings that bind us to our tiny personal worlds; like a knife she cuts away all that is unessential and not truthful. She shatters structures, disintegrates the personality, destroys form. She liberates and saves, heals and frees.

Now is her time and women are her vessels.”

~Vicki Noble


i leave you with star sparks degree & sabian symbol for this lunation- they are both powerful!

sending so much love for the deep and transformative times we are in…

~divine harmony

p.s.  i learned my asteroid interpretations in part through my own study of mythology and also martha lang westcott’s work on asteroids


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: Man’s (Woman’s/Being’s) capacity to rise in consciousness and feelings above biological limitations.

After having stated the youthful and the aged approach of the human individual to the use of what his culture has brought to him, the symbolism stresses man’s capacity to rise above the limitations which both biological nature and the “normal” social pattern of behavior have tried to impose on him. As in many of the preceding symbols, a “woman” is pictured, because at this early stage of the cyclic process the individual consciousness still has a receptive or “feminine” polarity — as was indicated in the very first symbol of the entire cycle (Aries 1°).

Whenever this third stage of the twelfth sequence is brought to a person’s consciousness, the indication is that he or she should freely open his or her mind to the possibility of always new RE-BEGINNINGS. Ideally, the new beginning should imply a more mature response to the new possibility of experience.


by elias lonsdale

Taurus 28 A man making candles out of beeswax

Harnessing the power of creation for the sake of ordinary life. Knowing how to tap the greater worlds for whatever we need in our basic existence. Being granted a very special aptitude for getting on with the spirit life in forms which makes it so very serviceable and legitimate on worldly terms.

The task of mediating between spirit purposes and earthly service. A great range of possible levels to do this on. Most will tackle the outermost layers and become adept in the application of spirit laws and principles to the most commonsensical situations. But there is a lot more to it than that.

The esoteric understanding that we are building or forming in the Earth something which needs to be authentically like unto spirit realms and not just expedient or externally constructed. A craft or guild of those who know how to manifest spirit without much lost in the translation. The earnest, sincere endeavor to make these training’s and understandings real and helpful in this world now.

A certain tendency to lose heart when the intentions are not recognized and the outer reflection is focused upon unduly. A deep pride in what one is doing and what it takes to be so committed. A vulnerability to despondency at times of lowest ebb.

The drive here is to keep coming back from all such soul moods to once again be clearly, steadily on the beam. Immense reserves of life force and of core capacity. A truly remarkable depth of participation within the earth dance in its spiritual essence.

A need to be needed. A sense of fulfilling a greater destiny or else being crushed. More here than meets the eye. A lot to carry and bear, a whole lot to offer.

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