lunar eclipse in gemini- 11/28/2012

by | Nov 25, 2012 | Lunar Insight

we are in a powerful eclipse portal that began on november 13th with the first total solar eclipse in scorpio in over a decade. that powerful eclipse initiated us into the scorpio realms of learning and growth- a focus for the next 3+ years as both the north node and saturn traverse scorpio and uranus squares pluto (the ruler of scorpio). looking into the shadow and seeing what lies beneath the surface is where it’s at right now- personally and collectively. on wednesday november 28th the lunar eclipse in gemini is exact at 6:46am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle. although this eclipse is not total, it sure packs a punch and energetically is likely to be the most powerful of the two eclipses happening this month.

the lunar eclipse happens at the time of the full moon- in this case the sun in sagittarius is precisely opposite the full moon in gemini. with the conscious self fully illuminating the Unconscious we have a greater ability to see what lies beneath the surface or the facade and get to the truth. yet if we have been ignoring the pull towards the depths, the shadow and the Soul the full moon can bring Light to what we don’t want to look at in crisis-oriented ways. it is interesting to have this full moon straddle the sagittarius/gemini polarity in the midst of all the scorpio/pluto energy at hand. both sadge and gemini are lighter energies that prefer to learn, explore, be free and independent. they both like to see the silver lining and be non-committal, as it leaves them open to move about and be free to change. scorpio/pluto energy is precisely the opposite: it is deep, intense, passionate, jealous, possessive, powerful, underworldly, and at times full of revenge and rage. it is about as opposite of light, airy and fun-loving as you can get!

what is exceptional in the lunar eclipse chart is the amount of Dark Goddess energy that can be found all over it. black moon lilith is conjunct the full moon, dark moon lilith is conjunct the north node and asteroid lilith is conjunct neptune. in addition the south node is conjunct algol the Dark Feminine fixed star and venus parallels persephone, another face of the Dark Goddess. with so much Dark Goddess all over the chart there is potential for deep reservoirs of power, mystery and magic to be accessed, with equal potential for deep reservoirs of pain, rage, sadness and suffering. anyone who knows the Dark Goddess’ plight knows that her journey is one of reclaiming power by facing all the wounds and pain that centuries of repression and demonization of her power and sovereignty has done to her. and just in case you are wondering- we each have her within us, no matter if we are male or female. she is an archetype and therefor she permeates consciousness, and in our case today it’s more in the Unconscious that she is more readily found.

one of the most powerful aspects in the full moon chart is a yod- also known as a finger of God (or Goddess as i prefer to say). the finger of God/dess forms when two or more planets harmoniously aspect each other by sextile and they point to one or more planets they are in tense aspect to (quincunx). in this case we have venus conjunct saturn in scorpio harmoniously aspecting mars conjunct pluto in capricorn- and they both point to the moon/black moon lilith/jupiter conjunction in gemini. this yod is potent for many reasons, the first of which is the fact that so many planets are involved. the Divine Lovers, venus and mars, are in sync with each other- but they are each conjunct a heavy hitter planet (saturn and pluto) bringing either a grounded, empowered energy OR a controlled, dominated and violated energy (it can go either or both ways). saturn and pluto are in sextile aspect throughout next year, showing us the potential to align our will and power in unprecedented ways. this can be great for focus and manifestation but it can also exacerbate the powers that be and their forms of manipulation and control- so be aware! with venus, mars, saturn and pluto all pointing to the full moon conjunct black moon lilith and jupiter we have a disparity of sorts highlighted. where scorpio is deep and intense and capricorn is controlling and traditional- gemini is light, airy, carefree and even superficial. the chasm between the depths and the heights, the shadow and the Light can be felt right now. with so much scorpio/pluto going on it can feel as though we are over our heads, sucked into a swamp that won’t let us up for air: enter airy gemini who can help us breathe and get perspective. yet this is a full moon/lunar eclipse, so we need to be aware of the shadow and Unconscious expression of gemini. if we are glossing things over, staying on the surface, avoiding dealing with reality and/or generally just staying incredibly immature about the intense, shadowy things going on underneath the surface of our personal and collective lives- then we can expect this eclipse to blow things up in our faces. as jung says ‘enlightenment is not about imagining figures of Light but about making the darkness conscious’. if we are erring too far on either end of the spectrum (too much shadow or too much Light- either one can be an addiction), this eclipse can be a tipping point that shows just how far off from center we really are.

the Dark Goddess is actually the key to the lunar eclipse. she is associated with the full moon, that which is Unconscious being brought to Light. she is associated with the north and south nodes- our path of growth/evolution as well as our karmic past. and she is associated with venus and neptune- the lower and Higher hearts. we need to acknowledge our own depths and Souls- and moreover the Soul of the world. if we all realized the world had a Soul, could we destroy her, abuse her and use her as we do today? we also need to acknowledge our own shadow and potential to be destructive, manipulative and controlling. the unhealed/unwhole Dark Feminine goes to one of two extremes: she either gives away her power/has it taken from her and goes into victimization OR she becomes full of rage and anger and takes it out on the masculine in the form of sexual, financial and emotional control and manipulation. either way the Dark Goddess is not in her power when operating in these ways. she is in one case giving it away and the other abusing it and falling prey to darker forces that use her anger against herself. ultimately she will have to journey to her center to find that the only way to be in one’s power is to be centered in the Self- aware, conscious, tuned in- not tuned out. this powerful lunar eclipse can bring Light to those places that we are not that aware, not that conscious, and tuned out. it can also bring Light to where we need to lighten up if we are overdoing the ‘world is going to end’/shadow drama OR where we need to deepen and stop being so superficial and immature and find our Soul and grow up.

pay close attention to the energies present for you this week- particularly in the house that gemini falls in your natal chart (check the horoscopes- be sure to read for your sun AND rising sign). and if you are one of the lucky ones that has a natal planet or angle being hit by the eclipse (6-7 degrees of gemini, virgo, sagittarius and pisces) then you will feel this eclipse more powerfully than most.

it is good to remember that eclipse portals are periods of powerful change and evolution. eclipses take us very quickly from point A to point B- with no rest stop on the journey in between. the degree to which we are hanging on to the old/the past/karmic patterns is the degree to which we can experience eclipses as anxiety producing, fearful and just plain not fun. but if we can open up to the energies present, tune into where the change/evolution needs to happen and then do something to facilitate it- we take back our power and that is when we start to own it. we then become the agent of change, rather than the victim of it.

yours in the shift!

~divine harmony

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