lunar eclipse in capricorn- honoring death (metaphoric and otherwise)

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the partial lunar eclipse/full moon at 24’04 capricorn is exact on tuesday july 16th 2019 at 2:38pm PDT, marking the midway point of a VERY POWERFUL eclipse portal we are in the midst of that began with the total solar eclipse in cancer on july 2nd. that eclipse was conjunct the north node of destiny and opposite saturn the Lord of Karma. this full moon eclipse is conjunct the karmic south node and pluto the Lord of the Underworld. the “Capricorn Confluence” as i have termed it is being HUGELY triggered by the eclipses this month- making it very clear that which is toxic, stagnant, stuck, karmic, patriarchal, old paradigm and/or no longer working in our lives. where this plays out for you personally is determined by your chart- so check the weekly horoscopes and lunar horoscopes for personally-applicable information (if you are not a member you can sign up to be on here-

with this full moon conjunct pluto there are going to be BIG TIME emotions up right now. all our feelings that have been repressed, stuffed, ignored are likely to arise during this time. capricorn is stoic and reserved. yet the north node is in cancer- calling us into deeper intimacy with our emotions, our vulnerability, our feelings, needs and feminine aspects of self. the old toxic patriarchal way of dealing with feelings (ignore them, rise above them, ascend past them, deny them, wage war on them) is NOT WORKING. what this world needs is education in shadow work and how to work with all that arises so that repression and projection of that which we deny does not take us down. wars without reflect the war within- the split between masculine and feminine, Spirit and Soul, mind and heart. these eclipses are helping us come back into connection with the feminine, the Soul and the heart- as without this connection we are on a quickly downward moving spiral of destruction not just for the human race but for all sentient beings on our beloved planet.

most dominant religions do not acknowledge a feminine aspect to the Divine- but this was not always so. thousands of years ago there was a deep understanding that the Divine was both masculine and feminine, Great Father and Great Mother. it was their Union that produced everything we see on this planet. we have cycled many times back and forth between patriarchal dominance and matriarchal dominance. we actually need both united together for wholeness and healing. now is the time and any and all relationships we engage in are the vessels by which this Divine Union is anchored and embodied here on earth.

we are in the midst of the sun and venus aligning with the destined, fated north node- and the north node itself is heading to align with Sirius the Spiritual Sun of our sun in september (9/7 and 9/25). this very sacred fixed star was revered by all ancient mystical cultures. it was seen as a star of High Frequency Love, Light, Truth and Wisdom. yet we have also had pluto opposite sirius and saturn opposite sirius- exposing what blocks us from anchoring and embodying these Higher Frequencies. this eclipse season is a great time to really tune into where you are stuck, stagnant or blocked so you can do the work to clear things out, bring things to completion and be prepared to move into something massively new come september!

in addition to the sun and venus’ alignment with the north node and sirius- they are also both in the midst of opposing saturn and pluto, bringing some heavy energies into the mix. saturn is the Lord of Karma and the Father of Time. he is the planet of get real. he demands we take responsibility and he pushes us to grow up spiritually, emotionally and materially. pluto is the Lord of the Underworld and governs the often traumatic experience of death and rebirth (metaphorically but also literally). neither of these bodies are light and carefree- and with the oppositions to sun and venus there can be some intensity to navigate in relationships, finances, family dynamics, with authority figures, in career and more.

what is interesting is that in the full moon eclipse chart there are zero bodies in air. the other elements are pretty balanced but air is missing. when an element is missing we can either overdo or underdo the energy it expresses. overdone air keeps us stuck in our heads and disembodied. we relate to everything through our mind and we can overdo the mental energy in anxious, ungrounded ways. underdone air expresses as not wanting to figure things out, doubting our intelligence, fearing asking questions and feeling like we cannot make sense of things. healthy air helps us rise above and get perspective. healthy air is like the sword of Truth cutting through any BS and helping us see very clearly with discernment. this is an important power to cultivate right now- in a world where many people want to bury their heads in the sand and many others are doing nebulous or deceptive things behind the scenes!

we have ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess at a standstill in the eclipse chart. she stations direct 21.5 hours after the full moon eclipse- and her lack of motion brings to focus all the things she symbolizes. ceres governs mothering, nurturing, care taking, children, fertility, women’s bodies and women’s health, Mother Earth, the environment, the food and water supply, and she also governs grief and loss as we move through death experiences in our lives. she is in sagittarius- in search of Greater Truth. she mothers and nurtures beyond borders, boundaries, cultures, genders, religious affiliation or class. she stationed retrograde in april on the Great Attractor- a very powerful point in the cosmos that many billions of galaxies are rapidly moving towards. if you see the Galactic Center as the womb of the Great Mother (she who birthed the galaxy we are in)- you can see the Great Attractor as the womb of the Great Grand Mother. massive mother matrix energy is activated by this alignment and in the coming months (now through mid november) she will cross over both of these powerful points in the sky (GA and GC). no doubt a few personal and collective home Truths will be incoming (stay open and pay attention!).

the sun/moon midpoint of the full moon is 24’04 libra which is exactly opposite eris who is square the sun/moon opposition, stationary and about to go retrograde at 24’20 aries in 4 days time (exact 7/20). eris is the Goddess who threw the apple of discord and caused the trojan war (google her story for more info)- but she is not all bad as she is often made out to be. she can only cause discord when there is unrest underneath that is not being acknowledged or dealt with- and her role in mythology is to bring to Light that which others don’t want to see but need to look at in order to evolve. being willing to look at what you don’t want to look at and call out in yourself and others that which is hidden is powerful medicine that must be held with much consciousness, awareness and compassion.

this is likely going to be an intense lunation- with pluto dredging up repressed emotions and the karmic south node forcing us to deal with our past. the key is in how we walk through the fire. i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 25 capricorn- a lovely reminder of the visible and invisible worlds we inhabit. lest we be caught up simply by the outer reflection- which is so easy to do in this 3d world dominated by selfie culture, faster/quicker 5g wifi speeds and enough superficiality to drown in- this degree reminds us to look deeper. do we really want to waste away all our energy on keeping up with the jones’ and making sure out outer self is perfect so our highlight reel on social media can reflect that? or are we ready to go deeper? life on planet earth can be visualized as an iceberg. most of us live on the surface- not even aware that 90% of the iceberg lives beneath the surface of the water. this is a symbol for the Soul and the jungian concept of the Self. yes we can live on the surface and in the shallows- but the depth and richness truly possible will only be tapped if we dive deep. but to do that we have to ‘see through (our) own proud stature and pierce (our) own disguise’. this level of Truth can be ruthless and revealing but it is what will ultimately set us free!

blessed eclipse portal to you…

~divine harmony

by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 25 A woman wearing a mask made out of butterfly wings

We are visible creatures. As such, we are captured by the visual field. Everywhere we go, somebody is tracking us, stalking us, assessing who we are based upon how we seem, what impressions we give in an outer way.
If our driving purpose is sufficiently ruthless and stark, we can take the world of appearances, of personalities and politics, of semblance’s and images, and we can get on top of this scene and be the one who knows how to handle herself when all eyes are on her. In fact, she comes to life for the limelight, to only be there when it counts to be the public person’s representative.
She can take this very far. She can get away with the most outrageous poses. For she has this inward fiber of guts and presence of mind, that quality which often makes for greatness. And even when she falls short of that mark, she will impress, she will beguile, she will persuade, she will win.
There is another dimension that can be attained in this sphere. First, she must see through her own proud stature and pierce her own disguise. Then a different world dawns, one that diverges hugely from anything previously expressed.
She becomes the archetypal embodiment of a greater way of being. She is still disguised, still veiled, still a stranger, an outsider. But now her structures are here for a real purpose. She is doing the work which is critically needed if we are all to evolve from here.
Her special capacity is to do impossible tasks and to bridge seemingly forever polarized worlds. Nothing stops her. That peculiar charm is metamorphosed into utter self-composure of an authentic kind. She means business and it’s a greater business. The one we all benefit from.

***please note the star sparks are NOT the inside degrees by ellias. there is some cross over but the star sparks are a separate text with longer meditations and i prefer them so i quote them here instead of the inside degrees.

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