Saturday January 23rd 2021

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the full moon/lunar eclipse at 13’38 capricorn is exact on saturday july 4th, 2020 at 9:44pm PDT- marking the midway point of the lunar cycle we are in that began with the very potent and powerful summer solstice solar eclipse on june 20th. this is the last of the eclipses in the triple eclipse portal that began with the june 5th lunar eclipse in sagittarius. i don’t know about you but it honestly feels like this eclipse portal has lasted for MONTHS!

this eclipse and the solstice eclipse are the last of the cancer/capricorn eclipses as we are moving into gemini/sagittarius eclipses now (with the first of these having happened on june 5th). so this lunar eclipse is the LAST HURRAH for detoxing and purging the patriarchal, old paradigm, toxic, stagnant, stuck situations, relationships, beliefs and attitudes we are being asked to fully let go of. where capricorn is in your chart is where you have been having the Roto Rooter (aka pluto) and the Great Pruning Shears (aka Saturn) expose what is toxic and/or beyond it’s expiration date- and now it’s time to deal with any last residues of the past before you can fully move into a new trajectory into the future. (be sure to listen to horoscopes for a deep download on where this is playing out for you. if you are not a member you can sign up to be one here-

this eclipse is on the 4th of july- which is the birthdate of america. as we make our way to our country’s pluto return (in 2022)- all that is undigested and unacknowledged in the shadows is coming up and out to be addressed. we are in the midst of the most powerful exposure of racism in our country. now that there is social media and everyone seems to have an iPhone or recording device- what has been happening for decades and centuries is now able to be recorded, uploaded and viewed by millions in a matter of seconds. what was hidden behind closed doors is coming out to be seen by all! this is the true meaning of apocalypse- it literally means lifting of the veil of illusion. all the areas of life- personally and collectively- where we have chosen comfort over Truth and/or turned a blind eye- the astrology right now is forcing us to SEE.

this eclipse is in capricorn the sign of the patriarchy, big business, government and corporations. shadow capricorn wants power and control- and will resist change out of fear of collapse or loss. on a personal level there can be big changes for many happening regrading career, life path and purpose. if the work you did was not feeding your soul or was lining the pockets of corporations who see you as expendable- you may be questioning your path right now. if you were doing something out of expectation and obligation rather than the Truth of your Soul and desire of your heart- you may find yourself in big question mode at this time.

this eclipse is opposite the sun conjunct vesta and Sirius- the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus and the Spiritual Sun of our sun and Source of Spiritual Light. this is a time to DEVOTE YOURSELF TO WHAT IS SACRED- within you, in your community and in the world. Sirius is sending some amazing Light filled cosmic downloads- but you have to have eyes to see and ears to hear so be sure to take time to drop in, meditate and pay attention to your dreams.

this eclipse is conjunct jupiter and trine uranus- bringing amazing opportunities for growth, shift and new vision to come in- materially, financially, career wise and more!!! and yet the Grand Cross formed by sun opposite moon with Chiron and juno reminds us that we need to be very conscious of our commitments and partnerships and make sure they are serving our evolution and expansion and not holding us back or dragging us down.

the ruler of this lunation is saturn who is at the 29th degree of capricorn- the karmic completion degree. the sabian symbol for this degree is ‘a secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs’. i don’t know about you but i am over ominous men running the ship- as they are running the (earth) ship into the ground! we need women making these decisions (or men that honor the feminine)- as women tend to be more relational and think of ideas that are good for the all, not best for the few (at the top). (not all women are like this and not all men are like that- but in terms of essence the feminine is more relational and inclusive).

saturn is opposite the asteroid atlantis- the karma of the past coming back to haunt us. the divine law of karma is that what you sow you shall reap. what you sent into motion has to find it’s final destination point. what has been done in the past- in our personal lives, in our collective lives and more- cannot just disappear. the karma must be ripened and fulfilled. the lesson must be learned and things must be addressed and atoned for.

i leave you with elias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for the degree of the full moon. this meditation speaks to how karmic and deep and intense this time is. this is a time to ‘outlast past customs and see beyond the way it’s always been’. and ‘once the record is cleared, the only thing left to bee is a substantive earth presence who helps everybody to get through’. so work on clearing your records (karmic, akashic) and then be the earth presence we need! we are the ones we have been waiting for!


~divine harmony


by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 14 – Beads carved from human bone

Karmic work taken on in earnest. Deep, fundamental, hard, and heavy duty.

Being up against such a condition of factors coming together in such a large way that it really becomes a total way of life to outlast past customs and see beyond the way it’s always been.

Tenacious thought forms. Powerful complexes which keep everything down. Somber, grim, and under it.

Turned against self implicitly. Facing our own basic perpetual stuff from a place of ironic distancing, previous commentary, immense judgment and harsh condemnation of that which perpetuates itself beyond its rightful time.

Not yet realizing that what holds things against the self never works. Trying everything in the directions of guilt, shame, and every kind of wrongness. Perhaps persisting in this syndrome to a very considerable extent for such a long time that it has to end.

The awakening, when it comes, is more than tumultuous. Their self is their own worst enemy and they are up against a soul record that is so very formidable that you can only move beyond it by seeing what you’ve done with a sense of humor and the permission to be this crazy, this stuck, this bent upon being right, being wrong, being “it”, being nothing.

A starker proposition than anybody can face until they have gotten very strong inside. Getting played out and reinforced till then. But once the reckoning comes, even this pattern shifts mightily.

What can arise here is a truly grounded and ultimately sacred sensibility. It was there all along underneath. The ancient ways are reborn without the burden of all the intervening cycles of repeat performances.

Once the record is cleared, the only thing left to be is a substantive earth presence who helps everybody to get through.

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