grand earth trine full moon in virgo- bringing things into manifestation (3/18/22)

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the full moon at 27’40 virgo is exact on friday march 18th, 2022 at 12:17am PDT- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the amazing new moon in pisces conjunct Jupiter and neptune! if you have not read the lunar insight on this new moon you can do so here-

that new moon kicked off the fast approaching Jupiter/Neptune conjunction incoming on april 12th. the entire month of march and first two weeks of april is a build up to this powerful alignment. i wrote a lengthy blog on this conjunction which you can find here-

now onto the full moon chart!

this full moon forms a Grand Earth Trine with the north node in taurus and pluto in capricorn- a super auspicious and TIGHT alignment that shows us that amazing new things can be brought into manifestation right now. it is a very tight grand earth trine spanning 25’29-28’10 – making it under 3 degrees of orb which makes it very potent. with all 3 earth signs configured this is exceptional for work, career, health, finances and mundane/material aspects of life.

with the pluto and the north node involved we have an activation of the separating pluto/north node trine exact on february 11th. incidentally that day was the last of 3 mercury/pluto conjunctions, due to mercury’s retrograde- and they BOTH trined pluto on the same day. this full moon is an activation of what was happening then- so think back to conversations, communications, insights, revelations and deep awarenesses that were coming in back then and connect the dots.

from my weekly forecast that week about the pluto/north node trine:

“pluto in capricorn trine the mean north node in taurus, aligns the Lord of the Underworld with the node of destiny and evolution. pluto trine the north node happens every 6-11 years and is part of a pluto/north node cycle. on 11/27/2010 we had pluto conjunct the north node and this trine is the closing/waning trine to that cycle- with the next pluto/north node cycle being seeded on 11/30/27. so every 16-17 years or so we get a new pluto/north node cycle. that conjunction in 2010 was in the early degrees of capricorn- and now we have pluto at the late degrees getting ready to head into aquarius! the next pluto/north node conjunction will be solidly in aquarius- so right now we are in a cycle of releasing and transmuting what needs to be addressed before the next cycle.

pluto is exposing what is in the shadow in patriarchy, government, big business, corporations, the way we relate to authority (within and without) and more. with the north node in taurus heading to cojoin uranus late july- pluto is showing what needs to be brought into the Light of consciousness, what shadow work needs to be done- in order to pave the way for the new cycle incoming with uranus/north node. transformation of how we relate to money (taurus), the earth (taurus), work/career (capricorn), government (Capricorn), authority (capricorn) and more is incoming! with the recent mercury and venus retrogrades conjunct pluto three times- this has been up BIG time for the last couple of months. we still have one more venus and mercury conjunction with pluto incoming (on 3/3)- so the whole story is not fully in yet!

as we head to the USA’s first pluto return on 2/20- the north node is activating the USA chart, as well. destiny is at hand! if you have not seen my blog about the USA PLUTO RETURN you can find that here-

as you can see this is a deep transit and it is tied into the USA’s pluto return, the war in eastern europe and all the things that are going down collectively. but there is also deeply personal implications of this so tune into where YOU are in a massive evolutionary cycle- being pushed from within to embrace change, transform, release and rebirth yourself in some way (tune into horoscopes for personal insight).

the Grand Earth Trine forms a KITE when you add in the sun/neptune conjunction- bringing focus to our dreams, inspiration and empathy as well as reminding us to listen to our Higher Heart and Spirit to bring in the visions that we can then practically apply and bring into the 3d world via this grand earth trine full moon. the apex of the kite is neptune the planet of altruism, compassion and sacrifice- which means to make sacred. when we make the mundane sacred we bring heaven to earth. this is the Highest potential possible right now!

of course with the full moon opposite neptune we do need to be discerning, discriminating and not stuck in all Love and Light at the expense of the shadow. shadow neptune can wear rose colored glasses, see what it wants to see, or worse bury it’s head in the sand when what is visible is not something it wants to look at. shadow neptune governs addictions as means to check out, spiritual bypassing where we use spirituality to avoid facing our pain, and even archetypal inflation where we identify with being Divine so much that we avoid facing our own shadow and our own humanity. (be sure to read my jupiter/neptune blog for the full picture of what shadows we need to be aware of during this time)

in the full moon chart we have the approaching venus/uranus square – and the moon is opposite the midpoint of these two. wake up/shake up energies incoming! breakdowns precede breakthroughs! we need to be willing to let go of our creature comforts and things we hold onto out of safety and security in order to grow.

interestingly mean black moon lilith is at 26’56 gemini- within a degree of a tight T square with the sun/moon opposition. lilith is conjunct the anti Galactic Center and opposite the Galactic Center- which is the missing point in the T square that would make it a Grand Cross. these mutable degree gateways aligning with the center of our Milky Way Galaxy as well as the point at which we go beyond our Galaxy and out into the Greater Cosmos is a reminder to be willing to see more than just our own perspective, our own belief system or viewpoint. we must be willing to hear/see other perspectives in order to find common ground- otherwise we just contribute to the polarity and duality in the world in greater and more destructive ways.

mars is conjunct icarus- showing carelessness, impulsivity, danger or risk. saturn is conjunct nemesis- our undoing, our Achille’s heel, where we seek to blame others and scapegoat. with the malefics conjunct such intense asteroids we need to be super aware of these shadows- particularly as mars applies to saturn (exact 4/4). we need some healing restraint and healthy self-awareness so that we are seeing our own shadow and not allowing it to run the ship (personally but also collectively)

all planets are direct still- for 42 more days. including all the asteroids!!! WOW. this is like a train picking up massive speed- which is great for movement, but not so great for being able to shift or change direction once we get going. be very conscious of what you are setting into motion right now.

i leave you with the star sparks degree and sabian symbol for this full moon. the sabian symbol is quite disturbing if you ask me- ‘a bald headed man who has seized power’. it speaks to the need for radical and relentless change, decisions that alter the structure of society and traumatic decisions made. i cannot help but think of the war in eastern europe. on the individual level though- this speaks to the need for change NOW. no more resistance! which requires we tap into our full “power of the will’ in order to make things happen. which is honestly one of the best uses of this Grand Earth Trine full moon- as we can align our will and bring things into manifestation.

the star spark degree is more inward focused and mystical- speaking to a deep sense of self acceptance and finding the inner rock, inner center that can help us weather any storms. a beautiful degree to contemplate!


~divine harmony

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by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The sheer power of personality in times that call for decision.

Whether at the religious or at the socio-political and cultural level there comes a time when obsolescent patterns of order and cultural refinement have to be radically and relentlessly challenged. Catabolic personages emerge to seize power and dictate decisions that alter the structures of society; or within an individual life, an intense urge for cathartic changes mobilizes the will, and traumatic decisions are made. At such times, the issue has to be met and, ruthless as the power may appear, it must be accepted.

At this third stage of the thirty-sixth sequence we face the un-postponable necessity for decision and transformation. Existence is motion. No static formation, however beautiful and inspiring, can remain long unchallenged. Everything bows to THE POWER OF THE WILL — divine, executively human, or Satanic.

by ellias lonsdale

Virgo 28 Autumn leaves pressed in a book

Dwelling upon what we inwardly see and keeping this very much for ourselves in a seclusion that is impenetrable. Folding ourselves back into a private presence of steady and sustaining values and perceptions. Remaining at rest inside this dream vision without it ever changing or being disturbed by the slightest ripple of external events and dynamics.

Endowed with a certain strength of firm resolve to keep our own council and to reserve judgment for later. We chalk everything up to experience and are so blithely detached and removed that we could be taken as not there at all. In an emotional human sense, we are not.

But in our own mind’s eye, something fascinating and compelling is in the works here. For we are able, through our stillness and dispassion to observe and witness, ponder and behold. We value such activities by far the most. Our perch is inviolable. We know how to defend our turf, to be secretive and elusive. And we truly are purely on the inside, removed from events, with no response or reaction to most of what comes our way.

This is a maddening quality if life is all for passion and involvement. It is a refreshing space if we are here to move out of and beyond any and all special spheres of losing ourselves in the midst. And it is an indispensable ingredient when we are seeking to renounce what we had been swept away by, and we need to digest and metabolize all of those pasts in the form that is optimal for long range purposes.

Once we fully accept and honor our own need to be inside this frequency purely, the flow of it becomes much more whole and easy. Much of our process comes down to no longer falling for any version of guilt or shame. When we are at home in the personal soul and its impersonal reverberations, we do not judge and condemn our own process whatsoever. If fact, we come to stalwartly stand together with ourselves in solidarity, realizing we are just right for ourselves and nothing less.