Wednesday December 1st 2021

the full moon/lunar eclipse at 15’34 sagittarius is exact on friday june 5th 2020 at 12:12pm PDT (maximum eclipse is at 12:25pm PDT). this marks the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in gemini on may 22nd and this commences the TRIPLE ECLIPSE PORTAL we are entering into that carries us into summer (winter for those in the southern hemisphere). buckle up my friends- big energies incoming!

so the first 5 months of 2020 have been unprecedented and incredibly intense. this is all due to ERIS- the Warrior Goddess archetype and activist who pulls out the rug from underneath us so we can see what is toxic in the foundations we have built our lives on. from environmental toxins to racism to police and politicians abusing their power- we are seeing SO MUCH- much more clearly now. pluto squared eris for the first of 5 times on january 26th and her 2nd time will be june 14th and this month we have jupiter triggering her as well (6/2-6/29). add to this a triple eclipse portal and we can see we are heading into profound and powerful territory.

this eclipse portal is incredibly significant for several reasons. first of all we have the mean nodes of the moon changing on june 4th- with the north node moving out of cancer and into gemini and the south node moving out of capricorn and into sagittarius. due to the nodal shift we are seeing the last of the cancer/capricorn eclipses this eclipse season and the first of the gemini/sagittarius eclipses (the eclipses are always aligned with the nodes of the moon).

we also have all 3 eclipses activating incredibly significant points in the zodiac. the first eclipse is a south node lunar eclipse on june 5th and it is opposite the sun/venus conjunction. the second eclipse is a north node solar eclipse on june 20th and it is right smack on the solstice. in addition the new moon and maximum eclipse time are EXACT- which is rare- and makes this eclipse at the Highest Point of the Sun incredibly potent (come join an online SOLSTICE SOLAR ECLIPSE GATEWAY retreat 6/19-6/20 more info below). and last but definitely not least the third eclipse is a south node lunar eclipse on july 4th- the USA’s birthday- and it is opposite Sirius a powerful fixed star that is seen as the Spiritual Sun of our sun and this same star is about to get activated by mercury retrograde mid-june (more on that in future blog/video). so this is not your typical eclipse portal- and this is not your typical summer solstice either (or winter for those in the southern hemisphere).

so back to this full moon/lunar eclipse that opens the gateway of the triple eclipse portal…this full moon is at 15’34 sagittarius and is opposite the sun and retrograde venus who just aligned in inferior conjunction on june 3rd. the sun/venus conjunction marked the midway point of the current venus retrograde cycle we are in (which began may 12th and ends june 24th). it also marked the end of a previous venus synodic cycle and start of a new one. venus has many cycles to pay attention to- one of which is her 8 year cycle wherein she makes 5 retrograde stations and forms the beautiful venus flower/pentacle in the sky. 8 years ago we had the 2012 venus transit over the face of the sun and 8 years before that we had the first transit over the face of the sun (they often but not always occur in pairs- the next will not be until 2117 and 2125). there are many ways to look at the venus 8 year cycle and the way i look at it her new 8 year cycle commences when she makes her inferior conjunction to the sun while in gemini. from this perspective we just complete and began a new 8 year cycle- so it can be insightful to contemplate 8 years ago and what has come full circle since then.

with the eclipse opposite this conjunction and venus still invisible (she is too close to the sun to be seen yet)- we have magnification of what this venus descent into the Underworld means for us personally and collectively. venus retrograde is a time of reevaluating things- our relationships, our patterns of being in relationship, our finances and abundance, our values, self worth and self love. with venus in gemini we have also been given an opportunity to reevaluate our thoughts, perceptions, communication and ways of thinking which creates our experience of the world around us.

what is fascinating about this eclipse is it triggers a very significant configuration of planets unfolding from june 2nd through june 13th- the sun/venus conjunction squares mars conjunct neptune. this pits gemini planets against pisces planets- the sign of the linear, logical, conscious mind at odds with the sign of the intuitive but also irrational, fearful, fantasy based outer planet. a good way to summarize this configuration is NOT ALL IS AS IT SEEMS. this is a time that we must question what is going on behind the scenes in our own thinking and perceptions and judgments- and also in the world around us and the information we get from the media, our leaders and government.

on a personal level (best to start here as the Greatest Power we wield is the power to change ourselves)- our beliefs inform our reality and this full moon eclipse in sagittarius in the sign of belief (spiritual, intellectual, political, philosophical and more) is really magnifying what is BEHIND those beliefs. we all have unconscious motivations, childhood wounding and also the collective Unconscious experience we are born into that is running things from behind the scenes. we don’t realize this and will believe what we believe thinking we are right and our world view is accurate and all the while we may be missing a VERY HUGE piece of the picture. we must question our thoughts and perceptions. we must go deeper than our small self/egoic perspective. we have to see what/who is pulling the strings behind the curtain- very a la wizard of oz.

now extend this out into the world around us. who owns the media systems we watch or read? what is their belief and viewpoint and how would that inform what they post/share/show to the world? can we really take things at face value? within ourselves there is so much operating below the level of consciousness- anyone who has done deep therapeutic work or shadow work can tell you the shock they experience when they go deeper than their conscious self/persona. well the same can be said for the world around us. there is a lot going on beneath the surface that we may not be looking at. and now is the the time to do so.

the eclipses’ most tightest aspect is a square to mars- which will perfect by the moon 32 minutes after the full moon and by the sun just after noon the next day. mars is the will and drive- and he is an activating body. he will trigger things and he will also exacerbate things. interestingly he is in pisces the sign of the peace keeper but shadow mars in pisces is also passive aggressive, does things back door, hides true intention/motivation and manipulates emotion. the precise mars/neptune conjunction is june 13th- so the days after the full moon eclipse are important to pay attention to as this culminates.

we have a lot of planets retrograde in the full moon eclipse chart- venus, jupiter, saturn, pluto and pallas athena. on june 17th we have mercury going retrograde and june 22nd neptune will as well- so by then we will have SIX PLANETS RETROGRADE! only 8 of the 10 main planets can go retrograde (the sun and moon never do) so this is a lot of planetary energy in the Underworld. this can feel heavy and limiting but it is exceptional for shamanic journeys down into the Underworld- revisiting things from the past that need to be addressed.

with the nodes having just moved into gemini and sagittarius- this is the first gemini/sadge axis eclipse massively activating and illuminating what this nodal journey is all about. the north node in gemini is about COMING BACK TO BEGINNERS MIND. this is about cultivating the mind of a child- full of openness, curiosity and generosity. this is about saying ‘show me where i am wrong’ and ‘hmm i don’t know- what is the Truth here? show me the Truth Universe”. the Highest expression of gemini is OPEN MINDEDNESS.

the karmic south node in sagittarius highlights where we do the opposite of this. this is where we have hubris, self righteousness and dogma. this is where we think MY beliefs are the right ones and yours are the wrong ones- you just need to listen to me, i will teach you the RIGHT way of doing things/seeing things/believing. in any conflict if anyone is coming from this position i can guarantee you it is a no win situation. but cultivating an open mind and willingness to see other perspectives and work to understand other positions WILL open doors in communication rather than close them. the thing to remember here is when we listen to another’s perspective it’s not about right or wrong. it’s about understanding where another comes from. understanding another person’s world view and lived experience. ‘the mark of an educated man (or woman) is to entertain a thought without having to accept or refute it’ (loosely quoting Aristotle). can you entertain thoughts that are quite different than your own? can you go beyond right doing and wrong doing and find the field and meet someone there? (loosely quoting rum)

with the nodes moving into gemini and sagittarius we have them heading to align with the Galactic Center (june/july with most precise alignment in mid to late july). the Galactic Center is the center of our milky way galaxy- seen as the womb of the Great Mother out of which everything in our galaxy was born. this is a Source Point and it possesses High Frequency Light, Elevated Consciousness and Greater Truths we can have access to if we have eyes to see and ears to hear. add to this the fact that mercury stations retrograde PRECISELY on Sirius the Spiritual Sun of our sun mid-june and we can see that some very powerful COSMIC FREQUENCIES are incoming (and Star Gates opening!)

lest we think this is all Love and Light- we must remember the Brighter the Light, the Darker the Shadows that get illuminated. Great Light illuminates shadows we didn’t even know we had personally and collectively. it does so from a space of Greater Love- as until we can see what we cannot see we will be controlled by it. this is the meaning of apocalypse- the lifting of the veil of illusion. many feel 2020 has an apocalyptic feel to it- and it does for sure and if we use it to TRULY SEE REALITY and then do the work to change/heal what needs to be changed and healed- it will ultimately be the greatest year for humanity!

there is a lot more i can say about this eclipse but i am trying to keep this lunar insight digestible! one last thing i will say is that vesta is conjunct the north node – drawing us forward to our Sacred Focus and Greatest Devotion. the north node is in gemini but vesta is in cancer- the sign of the Great Mother. one of the great necessities of this time is to honor and reinstate the Divine Feminine. i was raised born again christian and i remember when i first heart of the Divine Mother it was like a lightbulb went on in my head. OF COURSE!!! of course there is a Divine Mother counterpart to the Divine Father- DUH! seeing and reclaiming Her rightful place in my heart has been the Greatest spiritual journey of my life.

the denial of the Mother has had horrific ramifications on our planet. the feminine elements are earth and water- body and soul, physical reality and emotion. to reclaim the feminine means to stop going up and out (air/fire are masculine and they ascend) and come down and in (water/earth is about descending). we need to heal our disassociation from our emotions and empathy (water) and our detachment from and abuse of the body (earth). if we were fully connected to these elements we could NEVER harm another person, dump toxic poison in the water or air, abuse a child, kill, murder or go to war. if everyone’s heart chakra was fully open we would FEEL what we do to another and we would never be able to do the horrific things happening on the planet right now. reclaiming and restoring the Divine Feminine to her rightful place is NECESSARY and the summer solstice eclipse on june 20th magnifies this. (and to be clear- this is not about men vs women- as men and masculine identified beings have an inner feminine just as women and feminine identified beings have an inner masculine)

use this sacred eclipse portal to question your assumptions, beliefs, attitudes and ways of perceiving the world around you. use this time to anchor more deeply into your heart, compassion, empathy and love for all beings- human, animal and non-human- everywhere. use this portal to open up to Higher Truths that go beyond ego-mind perspectives. see beyond the veil of delusion/illusion/manipulation so you can get to the Truth. start with yourself (do your shadow work) and then extend that inner work out into the world around you. we are the ones we have been waiting for!

blessed eclipse portal to you- may it be filled with grace and ease <3 ~divine harmony SOLSTICE SOLAR ECLISPE GATEWAY RETREAT- i am co-hosting an at home retreat with sianna sherman and masood ali khan on 6/19-6/20 to help you rise up to the meet the Highest Light descending at this incredibly powerful Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse (winter for those in the southern hemisphere) and support you in doing the work to anchor and embody this Light. this retreat is full of astrology, yoga, ritual, sacred music, mediation and community connection. this is a very powerful solstice eclipse and it is the pre-cursor to the even more powerful Winter Solstice happening in december 2020 (more shared on this during the retreat) for more information and to register click here-

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